September 12, 2013

Week 36: A Confession

Before I show you this week's page, I need to announce the winner of my new template packs from Monday's Blog Post. It's Meagan! She won my new Double Monthly Challenge Templates 9 and Weekly Project Templates 10. You'll be hearing more about those tomorrow on the blog....but you can always go check them out now in the store.

Weekly Project Templates 9 by Scrapping with Liz and various Capture Life Products by Tracie Stroud Designs
Let's see. This week we had our first homeschool co-op sewing class. It was a big success. I'm even learning to sew a little bit along with my daughter. There was fun with cousins, some nice (almost fall-like) walks, food (once again), some yard sale shopping with a fabulously dressed 5 year old, a fun hike with friends and then there's always the relaxing times at home (that tend to be my favorite).

I do have a confession to make. Maybe you can see it there on my page already. I didn't take any photos on Sunday but I took two on Saturday. I really wanted to include both pics from Saturday so I just skipped the Sunday pic. This is what makes doing a daily photo challenge and scrapping the pages hard for me. Sometimes I take multiple photos in one day and I want to share them all on my page and the other days I forget to take any at all. This has caused me to really think about what kind of photo/scrap challenge I want to do next year. Not that I haven't like my Weekly Instagram Challenge because I'm really loving that I'm going to have a finished 2012 album with daily (well, almost daily) photos at the end of the year. It's going to be so fun to look back on but I do think I want to do something different next year. It's giving me something to think about....and plan for!



AJ said...

It is very interesting to see you say you didn't take a picture one day. I take so. Many. Pictures. Sometimes it is overwhelming. I use Photo365 on my iPhone. All I have to do is pick one and put it in the app. That might be a good alternative to a scrapbook page. Then I have seen people scrap a whole year of photo365 screen shots on one double page layout. That was the first app I bought for my phone, LOL! The editing at the end of the week just kills my mojo. Especially with my big camera. Have fun picking a project for next year!

Stephanie said...

I'm doing a Project Life type of challenge this year and, like you, some days I don't take any pics but other days I have lots. I've just decided that for me, it's not about getting the "1 pic a day," it's more about capturing the small things in my life. Like tonight when I used the "I <3 You" stamp on my family's BLT's :)

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