October 5, 2013

Matthew's Room in Progress

We received our completed home study in the mail last Saturday and promptly sent it off early Monday morning to start the I800 process (immigration). Next, we'll have to get fingerprinted and then wait for approval....which could take several months. Ugh. So, to keep myself busy (not that I really need to keep myself busy with 4 girls, homeschooling, working from home, etc...) I've been working at putting Matthew's room together. Several months ago, we changed up some of the girls' rooms and moved the office into our bedroom....just in case. Consequently, we had an empty bedroom just waiting to be made into a little boy's room. Putting his bedroom together has been kind of a slow process because 1. I don't really know a lot about decorating for boys...I mean, do boys even care if their room is "decorated"?  2. Not surprisingly, we have no boy things whatsoever. So I've been repurposing things to make them work for a boy. 3. We do not have unlimited funds - which means finding the best deals and being careful where I spend my money.

This is what I've gotten done so far. I created framed word art for his wall. I designed the words in photoshop by typing them out, arranging them and then clipping a digital scrapbook paper to the words. Using a digi paper for the background then adding scatters behind the words (you can't quite see them from here but it looks pretty cool) gave it just the right oomph! I had it printed at Wal-mart as an 11x14 but I had to trim it to fit the weird size frame that I found at a thrift store. The frame was in great shape but I used spray paint (on hand) to match the color scheme we've chosen. Amazingly, the whole project cost less than $3.00 and it's the exact colors we want! The second framed piece (the initial M) was equally easy to do. I found the square frame from Target a while ago on clearance, I think I got it for a few bucks. Just like the word art I made the M in photoshop. Because it is small and fit on regular sized paper, I printed that on my home printer. The little dry erase board was also a Target find and just a couple of dollars! The cute little lamp camp from a thrift store (only a few bucks as well) and we already had the dresser. Spray paint to the rescue once again! The paint cost was my most expensive item at about $20. So this section of the room was pretty inexpensive.

The banner is homemade. It's simply some solid colored scrapbook paper, cut into different size circles and sewn together on my sewing machine. I'm learning to sew....that's a whole different story, let's not talk about it. The map you see on the left hand side just came from our old school room. I like that it gives a classic and international feel to the space. And I love that we could repurpose so many things and keep to our budget.

The bedspread I really wanted was too expensive but I found this one at Kmart and I think it works perfectly. I actually sewed that polka-dot pillowcase! Go, me!! Okay, maybe I should talk about my sewing lessons. I hate sewing but my 8 year old daughter loves it. We are learning together. I must admit that while I don't like sewing all that much I do like making little things for around our house. 

The girls love to lie on Matthew's bed and do their schoolwork. I don't know if it's just because it's a different bedroom or because they like to think of having their little brother home.

Just yesterday my 6 year old (the one pictured below) said, "I'm your third baby and you know you  have 5 babies? Because even though Matthew is over in China, he's still one of your babies." I just love how little children think.  I think I need to scrap that quote.

I still need to hang curtains, find a shelf (for toys and books) and maybe a bean bag chair or something to put in the corner....but I have a while.



Rhadonda Sedgwick said...

You did great!!! Can't wait to see pictures of Matthew IN that room. Trusting God in His perfect timing. What a great home Matthew will have.

Leslie said...

I think you are done! It looks great. My two boys haven't ever said a word about their decorations in their room (paintings of trains and planes) and plaid curtains. They've never said word one about their clothes either! Boys are easy. But expect your homeschooling world to be rocked!!

Unlabeled Mama said...

It looks great!

Chippi said...

Awesome! It looks fantastic and very boy-ish! Well Done!
I love that the girls are counting him as their brother already, it is the sweetest thing!

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