October 24, 2013

Week 42: A Confession

Weekly Project Templates 11
Capture Life: October by Tracie Stroud
Hard Candy Alpha by Tickled Pink Studio

A few things about week 42 - I forgot to upload 4 of my instagram photos. There they were just sitting on my phone, guess I got sidetracked by four little cuties. Also, I'm glad I carry my phone everywhere. I'm sure I said to my husband (at least a dozen times this week), Awww man, I forgot my camera! Every picture I took this week was with my phone. I didn't pick up my DSLR once. Oh well....I did manage to get 7 photos from every day of the week. That's all that matters, right?

This week included my 2 youngest playing together a lot (as their older sisters were busy...with older sister stuff), my 6 year old making huge leaps in her reading skills (yay!), some snuggles (always snuggles), a beautiful moon, a 5k with my two older girls to benefit our local Pregnancy Care Center, some cows taking a bath in the river and lastly, my 2 youngest, once again, showing me that they are best buds when their two older sisters aren't there to interfere. What are they going to do when Matthew comes along? Memorable times...and I have it all down on a scrapbook page to help me remember it all.


P.S. The winner from Monday's giveaway is Patty Rm. She won my new Keepin' It Real Double Templates 2. Be sure to check them out in the store. They are 20% off for the next week.

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