December 7, 2013

Moving Along....

Just a few little updates for those of you who are following our 2nd adoption journey. This past Monday we received our I800a approval....basically saying the US has approved us to bring home a little boy to the states. Yay! Within two hours of receiving it in the mail we had it signed, notarized, and mailed off for state certification. Once it is state certified then we mail off all the paperwork to China and wait for our official letter of approval (LOA). It can take anywhere from 30 to 100+ days for approval. With Lydia it was an excruciating 110 day wait! I'm really hoping we make up for that in Matthew's adoption and only have to wait about 30 days. After that it's basically just planning travel with a few other steps in between. #gettingcloser

And guess what? On Thanksgiving night I happened to get in contact with a mom who had just recently picked up her daughter from the same orphanage that Matthew is in, and she had met my son! She even had pictures and video. What a great surprise....but it makes me want to go get him all the more.

Remember this little boy?

Well....he has a family now! Yay. So all of Matthew's buddies have families coming for them. That makes me happy. I'm hoping to connect with them and keep the boys in touch.

On a side note...sort of....My husband and I just watched this documentary a couple nights ago and it's VERY informative.  It'll answer a lot of questions you might have about international adoption...but a warning: it will make you cry, it will make you might even make you want to do something. Right now you can watch the documentary on Netflix.

There are so many things I want to scrap about right now....all of Matthew's pics, the I800 approval, the joy I felt when I found out Matthew's friend has a home, my anxious thoughts about bringing a little 5 year old boy home, the love I feel for this little boy that I long to hold in my arms....I need to make time!



Mary @Capturing Magical Memories said...

We just got word that we have a court date in Korea for January to hopefully bring our son home in February. We were matched in May of 2012 so the wait has been painful as we have watched him grown through a handful of photos.

Hoping yours moves along quickly!

Elizabeth said...

Mary - I can't imagine having to wait that long. Once we were matched with Lydia it took 7 months to get her and every day seemed like it took forever.

It's taking a little bit longer this time because we were matched before we had our documents to China....but no where near that long!

Chippi said...

This whole post is so wonderful. Wonderful news for you, wonderful news for Matthews friend! I hope it all happens quickly for you!!

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