February 25, 2014

ABC Album: Inspiration & Review

Recently I released my A-Z Templates. A couple of my Creative Team Members put together albums for their children. I printed them for my team members because I wanted to see them close up, and I wanted to test out the Shutterfly lay flat albums. Plus they worked so hard on their pages I thought they deserved an album. 

Here is the bundle. 

On to the books. The first one you see here is Donna's. I ordered an 8x8, hard cover, lay flat book with 26 pages. Shutterfly was having a sale last week. I saved 50%, and I received free shipping. The book cost me a total of $39.06. It was super easy to upload and order. I would definitely hold out for a sale or a coupon. They seem to have them frequently.

You'll notice first off that the front cover is off center. I talked to Donna about it, and she said her Shutterfly covers are usually off center. I would say that this is the one and only thing I did not like about the book. The quality and color of the pages were great.

All of the digital scrapbook paper and elements you see in the pages came from Scrap Orchard.
Here is the cover of Christine's page. I ordered the same 8x8, hardcover, lay-flat book with 26 pages. I paid an extra $5 for the Matte finish. I wanted to test it out and see if it was worth it. Honestly, I like the look of both. I guess you just have to decide if you like the glossy look or not.

You'll also notice that on the cover of Christine's book you can see the line where her digi-paper ends. Donna chose to go with a solid white background, and I think this is the reason why.

Here is the first page of Donna's book. When you open the Shutterfly book the very first page is white.

Here's the second page. I just love the color quality here.

More pages. They are seamless and you don't lose anything on the edges.

Here's the first page of Christine's book. It is awesome!

Then on the very back page, you have the Shutterfly logo.

This is the back of Donna's page. You'll also notice that she made a title for the spine. You can make a back, spine and cover page. They all worked well because she chose a solid white background.

Here's what the binding looks like.

And here's what it looks like opened up.

Overall I think the books turned out great. I think their families are really going to enjoy flipping through the pages and seeing the Alphabet in a personalized way.


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Anonymous said...

You can download templates from Shutterfly that you can use in Photoshop to make sure your pages and covers are correct. They are a little hard to find so here's the link if that's okay:

I've always used these and my covers are always centered. Sometimes my pages will be cropped more than they should be according to the template though.

Liz said...

Oh, Thanks! I'll be sure to try that out next time and post about it!

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