February 5, 2014

It is Printed: My Instagram Album

I have my 2013 Instagram Album printed and in a book. Yay! I do need to make a title page though. It's on my ever growing to do list.

I decided to print my pages in 8x8 size and slide them into an 8x8 traditional scrapbook album. I wanted to keep it at a smaller size, mostly because it's more cost effective, especially since I'll probably be printing out an additional 2013 family album with all of my other photos. 

I ordered an 8x8 SEI Preservation Series Album and then the page protectors to go with it. While I really love my album I'm almost wishing I would have printed it into a book or gotten a slightly heavier duty 8x8 album. I searched high and low for a good 8x8 traditional album, but this was about the best I could find. While it was a great deal and it is nice, I don't see the cover lasting through the wear and tear of my kids looking through the album. Any good ideas as to where to get good traditional albums in the not typical 12x12 size? 

See the blank cover page. I really need to get to that.
 I love the two page spreads.

Even though it's 8x8 all the text is easily read.

And while the pictures are smaller they are still definitely big enough to get the feel of our normal, day to day life.

Here's the spine and the way it lays. I definitely like that about the more traditional albums.

I was very happy to slide this 2013 album onto my bookshelf. While I'm still behind on the 2013 pictures taken with my camera, I at least have a 2013 album that we can look through. It's a great recap of our year. We all had great fun looking over our past year, and I know we'll enjoy it for years to come.



Rachel Hewett said...

i love the look and layout but wouldn't the pics be tiny? i was thinking they were small in a 12x12 format. but 8x8 seems really small.
just an observation.
i use 12x12 and pocket pages for my instagram pics. i use the 9 pocket 4x4 We R Pages put a journal card in the middle and journal about each pic, but that works for me not everyone.

Elizabeth said...

Hey Rachel,
The pictures were small but still easily seen. I tested out an 8x8 when I first started this project & I was happy with the way they looked....even the journaling looks great.The pocket pages would work great too.

This year I decided to do a project using photos from my camera as I did want something with bigger, clearer photos (I have a droid & the pictures weren't cutting it for me). I think it will be fun having some different style albums.

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