March 27, 2014

Long Blocks and Daily Life 4

Two new products are in the Market:  A new installment to the Daily Life line and a fun new set of templates with narrow clipping masks. These new products are 20% off through April 3, 2014.

Long Blocks Templates feature narrow clipping masks - use them with photos for some artistic cropping, or use them with papers to have some fun with those digital supplies. You will also find some distressed stamp patterns, scattered elements, and journaling strips.

Daily Life Templates 4 is a new installment in this year-long project for scrapping your week. Each double page has about 7-10 photo spots and simple embellishments to keep the project doable. If you aren't working on a project, these make for great stand alone pages too.

The winner of this week's Monday Sneak Peek & Giveaway is.....Tammy D. Make sure you all come back on Monday. I'm going to have a LOT to giveaway!


Michele said...

Love the Long Blocks Templates. Do you by chance know how to use them in Artisan/SBC when you want to use one picture for all the strips?

Elizabeth said...

Michele, I'm not sure. Let me ask my SBC guru, and I'll get back with you.

Leslie said...

Liz, you have a blog post about that. Here's the link

Leslie said...

Easy way: insert the photo into each of the spots and eyeball it for zoom and location.
More precise but more difficult way:
1) Flatten the photo spots you want to put your photo into across multiple photo spots.
2) Insert a new photo spot and size it to match the grouped photo spots by using the SBC resizing tools.
3) Insert your picture into the empty photo frame that that you just made.
4) Manipulate and zoom the photo as desired.
5) Save the photo using Right Mouse - Save Selection - Export to Image File as a jpg and highest quality. Save the photo into a location you can find easily in the next step.
6) Now go to Photos - Get Photos and navigate to the location new photo was saved.
7) Select the photo spots you flattened in step #1. Fill this with your photo by going to Photos - Right Mouse - Fill the Selected Element with this Photo.
8)Delete or hide the photo spot you made in step #2.

Michele said...

Okay - well I'm going to give it a shot. If I get it accomplished to my liking, I'll post it in my album in the SWL Facebook group. Thanks!!

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