April 23, 2014

Using Styles with Scatters

I recently released some Scatter Starters.

They are a great addition to your stash. There are so many ways to use these scatters. You can clip paper to them, add styles, layer them to make a nice pile of scatters, etc... I thought I would show you what they looked like if you added a photoshop style to them.

Here's what they look like as is. I just opened up the .psd  star scatter and placed the 3 star layers on my page.

Then I went to my layers styles in photoshop and tried a few that I thought might look good on my stars. You can see I have some shadow styles, plastic styles, epoxy styles and metal styles (more about them below).  If you don't know what styles are or how to use them then check out this post at Creative Market. It'll show you how to install them and give you some tips on how to use them.

I did end up tweaking one of the styles to make it look right on my stars. I went into bevel and emboss and just played with the slider until I liked the way it looked.

Here's my finished page. I used a Transparent Epoxy style (the green stars) from Chelle's Creations and Metal Styles from Chelle's Creations (the silver stars). I also just clipped a paper to the third set of stars.

Triangle Inspired Templates by Scrapping with Liz
Cowboys Chase the Cowgirls by Etc. by Danyale

I hope that gives you some ideas. And by the way, isn't that a cute cowgirl and cowboy you see on my page? I took that picture 2 years ago...I can't believe I didn't scrap that cute photo earlier.

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