May 21, 2014

Guest Book Inspiration

Recently I released a set of Guest Book templates inspired by one of my Creative Team members, Jenn.

You can read about her guest book and see some of her pages over on Chelle's blog. Another one of my team members, Dawn, had a great idea to use these templates and make a guest book for her child's school.

It got me to thinking about some other ways these could be used. I asked my team for some input too.

Here's a list of what we came up with:
-A guest book for your kids: Sleep Over and Play Dates
-Special Birthday Parties
-Retirement Parties
-Moving Away or House Warming
-New Years Resolutions: They have to record a resolution.
-Family Reunions
-Vacation Journal
-Baby Shower
-Wedding Shower
-House Guest Book

Ever since I created these templates I've been wanting to make a Guest Book for our house.  I really need to work on that!

Do you have any other ideas for these templates that I should add to my list?

1 comment:

Kim G said...

These would make great beach (or vacation) house guest books.

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