July 19, 2014

Scrap-lift 2014: Week Three

I'm loving all the layouts in Week Two; you all did a excellent job of scrap-lifting!  Our winner chose to lift Liz's layout by color theme and same template pack, Recyclables 27.  The week two winner is...
Michele Lynne

Now let me tell you about Week Three!

Week Three

Due Date: Thursday, July 24th at 11:59 pm EST post in the contest thread

Lift Option 1: Create a layout using the same template pack, It's All in the Angle Templates.
Lift Option 2: Create a layout using the same color scheme: white, pink, yellow, and turquoise.
Lift Option 3: Create a layout having a single photo expressing much joy.
Lift Option 4: Create a layout about a person(s) enjoying the pool or other water feature (i.e., running through sprinklers).

Challenge Rules: 

1. You must scrap-lift the layout posted above using one or more of the four specified scrap-lift options; you may scrap-lift in ways other than the four provided but it will not count towards qualification.

2. You must post the image of your layout and a link to the public gallery (where the layout has been posted) into the contest thread located in the Scrap Orchard Forum, here, by the deadline above to qualify. No exceptions will be given including web, internet, thread issues outside your control - we recommend you post early.

3. Your layout must contain a template/product currently available for sale in Liz's store; you will be required to post a store link to the product used to qualify for the weekly and grand prize.

4. This challenge is being hosted and ran by Liz and the Scrapping with Liz team and is not a Scrap Orchard/store challenge. You will not receive any points or discounts from Scrap Orchard for participating in the challenge and you do not need to use Scrap Orchard products outside the product requirement above. You do need to follow Scrap Orchard's gallery posting requirements if you post your layouts in their gallery.

5. All decisions and layout disqualifications made by Liz and her team are final. Once a layout has been disqualified, we cannot allow changes or corrections to be made.

6. Each layout must be brand new (created specifically for this challenge) and can only be submitted once during the challenge.

Here is the layout Kimberley (greenmother) created for the challenge, she choose to lift using Option 2 (Color Scheme) and Option 4 (Enjoying a Water Feature):

Not yet familiar with the challenges?  Here is the scoop! Liz has chosen four of her favorite layouts. Each week your challenge will be to scrap-lift the selected layout using one of the options given. We'll have a random weekly winner drawn from all qualifying layouts for a prize of $5 to Liz's store. At the end of the four weeks of challenges, for those participants that had a qualifying layout in each of the four weeks, they will be entered into a grand prize competition where Liz will select the participant whom she feels best met the weekly challenges. The lucky winner will receive $25 to Liz's Store - that's $45 in prizes overall!!

Additional information visit the contest thread including kits that match the color scheme go here.



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