September 24, 2014

Loving and Learning Flickr

I joined Flickr over a year ago...and I love it! I still have a lot to learn, and I'm hoping you all can help me out. I wanted to share a few things I love about it and maybe get some input on some of the other things I should be using it for.  I know there's a whole lot more I probably could be doing.

The #1 reason Flickr is my favorite photo sharing (or in my case digital scrapbook sharing) site is because of the way my pages look and can be organized. It just looks so pretty! Take a peek at my Flickr page. It's just so pretty took look at with all those big, crisp pages. Take a look at how I have my albums organized. It's so organized. I love it! And it's super easy to share with others.

The #2 reason I love Flickr is because of the ease of uploading and sharing my photos to other digital scrapbooking groups. I can upload as many pages as I want, add the title and description, easily add the individual pages to whatever album I want to and then, with a simple click of the mouse, share those pages with other groups.....I don't have to upload to each individual group.

Here's a screen shot of what the upload screen looks like. After I add the title and description, I can click on each page (notice the 'With Matthew' page has a pink box around it) and choose which album I want it to be a part of.

Then if I want to add them to the different groups I belong to I can highlight all of my pages (just hold down 'Ctrl' as you click them all), and I can check the groups I want to share them with.

You can also change the privacy settings on your photos when you upload them. Some people also use Flickr as kind of a back up for their full-size digital scrapbook pages. I haven't gotten into that, but I definitely need to check it out.

The #3 reason I love Flickr is being able to follow others. I can follow friends and fellow digital scrapbookers and see their beautiful pages.

Now, I know there must be more to Flickr. Please share with me any tips I just need to know!


Jenny said...

I love Flickr! I upload all of my blog images (which are usually scrapbook pages), and then use the html link code they provide to add the images to my blog. I do it that way because it's easy to make them appear a custom size on my blog (for example, I make all of mine 900 px wide, which I don't know how to do using the blogger uploader). Anyway... Also, I love that if you add the digi scrap credits to the "File Info" data in Photoshop before you save it as a jpg, then Flickr will recognize that data and display it as the image description. Makes giving credit very easy. :)

Liz said...

Oh, thanks for that tip about the "File Info". I'll definitely start doing that!

Unknown said...

I love the File Info thing. It's saves me so much typing!

You could make a SWL group, and we could add our pages to your group:) Then we have a lot of pretty inspiration!

As far as backup, technically if you upload the full resolution you are using it as backup. You can download any layout that you uploaded.

I use Flickr the same way you do. And because it's easily my most complete gallery :)

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