September 3, 2014

Make Your Own: Simple, Easy & Cheap Announcements

As you may know I recently brought my son home from China. The other night I sat down and decided that my family and friends should have some kind of photo announcement of our new family. It's only been 7 weeks. I think it's about time!

Since I needed something cheap and easy I decided to make my own. I also knew that I couldn't spend a lot of time on it.

Here's how I quickly made my own announcement:

1. I opened up a recent family photo in Photoshop. It was most definitely not a professional picture, just a random photo taken after our first Sunday at church. Again, I needed something quick and easy. No time or $$$ for professional pictures right now.  

2. After I opened my photo I added a new layer.

3. I drew a rectangle shape on the bottom of my photo with the Rectangle Marquee Tool.

4. Then I used the paint bucket tool to paint the rectangle white.

5. After I painted the rectangle white I played with the opacity of the rectangle layer. I think I set it to around 50%.

6. After that it's all about adding the text. I chose to keep it nice and simple. I used 3 different colors for his name and 2 different fonts. I'm not really going to give you a lot of typography tips because I'm definitely no expert. But I do have a lot of free fonts pinned on my Font Pinterest Board, and there are even some tutorials pinned there on how to combine fonts. 

7. I saved it as a .jpg and then uploaded it to Wal-mart (since I wanted cheap and quick). I ordered 5x7's. Did you know that Wal-mart will also give you envelopes? Cha-ching.

Here's my finished version with an edited name spot. 

See, not a professional photo. Those are random clothes and funky hair. What can I say?

And a 2nd version just for fun. I made this one with a circle instead of a rectangle. I also added a little heart stamp to it.

There ya go. 

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