November 25, 2014

Newsletter & Card Round Up

It's about that time of year when you start thinking about sending out Christmas cards or Newsletters, or maybe you are on the ball and you've already finished yours. Good for you! If you are like me it's kind of in the back of your mind but you are waiting for Thanksgiving to pass before really getting down to business. 

I thought I would take a look through my store to see what I have released in the past that might help you with your Christmas newsletters or cards. Some of these are oldies but still goodies.  I've marked them all down to 40% OFF until December 1st. That way, instead of just thinking about doing it (like me), you can actually be proactive and get started.

I created these quite a while ago, but they would still work for 2014 Newsletters.

I created these last year. These are fun for an infographic type newsletter. Just think of all those fun facts you could include on your card.

And look at these. All the way back from 2010! These are classics. Great for writing that traditional newsletter and lots of places for photos. (just remember, these do not include .page files....for you .page file users)

On to cards. Wow! After browsing my store I realized I need to be working on some more card templates. I did find two sets that could work as Christmas cards or even invites for Christmas parties. (again, the 2nd set does not come with .page files, but it does come with .png files that you can use)

Now is the perfect time to start thinking about those Christmas letters and cards. Remember, grab any of the sets above at 40% OFF through December 1st.

And just a reminder that I have my $1 sale coming up tomorrow...and there might be some more newsletter/card style templates for you to grab during the sale. There's also still time to enter the giveaway to win all 8 of my new products!


1 comment:

kathy nunes said...

Thx for the opportunity to win these templates. I make very few cards but I use them as cluster type events on scrap LO :)

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