December 24, 2014

Digital Scrapbook Album Round Up

I love scrapping with sets of templates that can easily all be used together to make a streamlined album. It seems to be the quickest way to really get some pages least for me. It's almost 2015, and I know we probably all have some goals in the back of our mind of what we want to scrap. Album Template sets can really help.

I though I would show you what I have in my store in the way of templates that could be used to scrap an entire album....yes, another round up!

By the way, I know what my scrapping goal is for next year and I'll be sharing that with you next week!

Let's get started....

I have 2 ABC Album sets in the store. These can make really nice albums. Check out some of the albums my team and I have made: ABC Album Inspiration and Review and My ABC Printed Album. The templates above can even be bought individually if you were just wanting to scrap a specific letter.

I made these Double Monthly Challenge Templates last year with the thought that you could make a page each week with them and scrap a whole year. Right now I'm actually using them to scrap my son's adoption album. And I love how the album flows. These can also be bought individually.

I made this set with the thought that you could scrap Instagram photos with it. You could easily use this for scrapping a years worth of Instagram photos....although you would probably have to double up no some templates.

This Number set could help you scrap an album of your kids through the ages. You can easily combine numbers if you wanted. I have a tutorial here. Be warned: I made it way back in 2008! But I think it still works.

These would be so fun to create an album showcasing your 'calendar'. You could share your everyday events, family birthdays, etc... I seriously want to do this one year. Not next year though. I'll be sharing what I'm doing next year on the blog next week.

I have these Recipe Book Templates that come in two sizes (8x8 and 8.5x11). These would make nice Recipe Albums. Ashamedly I must admit that I started and album a couple of years ago but never finished. Again, something I REALLY want to do.

These next three sets are probably my favorite sets of Album Templates. Simple and Sweet. I do believe that I have used every single template from the sets below. I know I made an album with the 1st and 3rd set. They were super quick and easy to make. In fact I have a little review here. I scrapped an entire album in under 5 hours. You can see the entire album here.

And this set I used to scrap my 2013 Instagram Photos. Check out my pages here and check out my printed album here. These are also available as individual sets.

After writing this blog post I realized how much I love Album sets....I need to make more!

And just for fun and to get you started on some albums you might want to scrap you can save 40% off on each of these albums until 12/31/14.

Happy Scrapping!

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