December 17, 2014

Year In Review Round Up

Can you believe it's almost the end of 2015! It's time to start thinking about making some Year in Review pages. I love looking at pages that highlight favorite photos from the year or even series of photos showing how children have changed (I really need to do that myself!). I have used some of theses templates to showcase favorite digital scrapbook pages that I've made throughout the year.

I thought I would do a little Year in Review Template Round-Up to show you what I have in my store. I love these Round Ups. See my Newsletter and Card Round Up here and my Calendar Round Up here.

*Take note: Some of these do not include .page files for those of you who use Artisan or Storybook Creator.

This first set I made 4 years ago, but they are still great! I designed these with album covers in mind, but they would be great for making a Year in Review page. You could scrap a bunch of favorite photos or pages from through the past year. And that 2010 title can be easily changed to say 2014. 

These List Templates would make great re-cap pages. You could list your top 10 favorite events, photos, memories, etc...

And this Through the Years set would be great for highlight a photo from each month of the year. You could show how your children have grown and changed over the year.

And this bundle will give you options for reviewing lots of different things throughout the year. You can get each set separately if there is one set that catches your eye:

Project Year in Review: Journal Templates
Project Year in Review: Templates
Project Top Ten: Templates
Project Year in Review: Top Ten Templates

I guess I was Year in Review happy in 2010 because I made 2 sets. I specifically remember using that bottom left template to create a page to highlight a page each month from my album. And again, don't let the 2010 titles stop you. Easily changed. Even though these were created 4 years ago they can still make some great Year in Review pages today.

And just to get you going on your Year in Review pages all of these sets will be 40% off until 12/23/14.

Happy Scrapping!

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