July 13, 2015

A Yearly Summary Page

A guest post from my Creative Team Member, Tiff:

I like to print yearly scrapbook albums. While I enjoy the feeling of having a book finished, I have to admit that sometimes it takes a while before that milestone is accomplished. More than half way through 2015, I now feel that my 2014 book is complete.

One of the last pages I make is what I call my yearly Time Capsule. I don't know if time capsule is the best term to use - it is actually a summary of the year's highlights - but it is the term I used in my first book in 2009, and I have stuck with it. Here is my time capsule for 2014:

Credits: 2015 Title Templates by Scrapping with Liz; Morning Story Kit by Digital Design Essentials;
Wired Alphabet by creashens; StraightLine Stitched White No. 3 by Anna Aspnes

My time capsule always has the same four categories, and I have some strategies to help me remember all the details.

Miller (my son).  Here I list any milestones, but now that he is getting older, mostly I list his current "obsessions." These are things like favorite toys or TV shows, or if he had certain clothing (or lack there of) that he wore almost every day. I generally scan through my photographs and scrapbook pages for the year to help jog my memory about these details.

Friends and Family.  Here I list important events from my immediate and extended family and close friends. I usually have to rely on memory for this, although scanning through photos helps too. If you blog, or if you and your family use social media a lot, I'm sure those would be great resources for finding these kind of events.

Headlines.  These are U.S. and World events that resonated with me. I can't possibly list everything important that happened in a year, but I try to remember the events that I found to be profound and interesting. I am horrible at remembering when things happened, so I refer to online resources. For 2014, I started with the Wikipedia 2014 entry, but it did not include some of the events that I remembered. I also used the Historical Events for Year 2014 from This list was much more complete, but took more time to read through.

Scrapbooking.  This is where I list some statistics about my scrapbooking - how many pages I made, what teams I was on. In the past I have also included things like how much money (yikes!) I spent on my digital supplies, and even how many photos were taken that year. This year I included details about my photography hobby as well.

What I like about the yearly summary list is that it gives me a very concise look at each year, and it goes beyond the everyday details. Every year has birthdays and holidays and vacations (the types of things I usually photograph and scrapbook). But there are those special, or even traumatic, events that happen once in a lifetime. I rarely scrap about current events, politics, and hot topics, so this is a chance to include those details in my book and see when and how they folded into my life. If you make a yearly summary page, and have some tips to share, please leave a comment below.

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