October 1, 2015

Swirl Templates and October Calendar

Liz has two new products in The Market - some fun swirl templates and your October calendar page. These new releases are 20% off through October 8, 2015.

Swirl Templates have some cool custom clipping masks that look like wavy swirly shapes. They remind me of waves on the ocean or water flowing in a stream. One of them makes me think of a shutter device on a camera.

2016 Calendar Template 10 is your October calendar page. Are you scrapping your calendar each month? I think I'm a couple months behind! But I am inspired to get caught up because I know it will be great to have all the work done when I'm ready to order my calendar.

Here is a little head's up: Tracy will be hosting a Make It Snappy this Saturday, October 3rd, at 7pm eastern time in the Designer Challenges Forum at Scrap Orchard. I haven't seen the participation prize yet, but I'm sure it is awesome.

And the winner from Monday's giveaway is....Anna F! (I'll be e-mailing you later today!)

And thanks for all your sickness tips. Rest and water is usually what helps me, but rest is sometimes hard with kids. Thankfully I'm feeling better. Another one of my kids got it, but I think we might be through it all by now. At least that's what I'm hoping.

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