October 24, 2012

Worksheets - Digital Scrapbook Style

Since I love digital scrapbooking and I homeschool, I try to incorporate some of my photoshop skills and digital scrapbook products into my homeschooling (it just makes it a little bit more fun!).

Have you ever incorporated your digital scrapbook products and know-how to make something for your everyday life? If you haven't, you should. It's fun!

Here are some worksheets I made for my girls. I needed to get our homeschool schedule more organized so I decided to make check-off worksheets for my girls. That way they can look at the list and know what they have to get done every week. Plus it gives me a quick glance to see what we still need to work on each day. I've been using them for over a month now and they are great.

I made an original template for each of the girls and then I saved the .psd file, and I just edit it each week and update what they need to do. To make it more personalized I'll go through my digital scrapbook kits and find some cute little things to put on the pages for the girls. They always like to see what kind of message or pretty things they might find on their pages. It makes planning their school week a little bit more fun.

Here's the first worksheet I made for my daughter who loves horses.
I used the felt horse from Chelle's Cowgirl Up Kit.

For my older daughters I try to make a more personalized note.
I've found that Word Art packs are the best place to find some nice things to put on the worksheets.
I hope this encourages you to use some of your digital scrapbook skills to everyday use. If you have any projects like this I would love to see them. I'm always looking for new ideas to incorporate my digital scrapbooking kits into everyday life.


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Barbara said...

Oh, this brought back memories! I home schooled my kids, now all grown up, and made endless charts, graphs, and lesson plans, all in Word. I tell you, I *mastered* columns! They still tease me mercilessly...ungrateful young 'uns. Perhaps if I had pretty digi supplies, they would have enjoyed the charts as much as I did!

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