August 14, 2013

Modifying a Digital Scrapbook Template

Have you ever changed up a template to help it fit your photos? Well, if you haven't you really need to. It will help you stretch your stash and help you look at digital scrapbook templates in a whole new way. Jenn, one of my Creative Team members, always does an awesome job of modifying templates to work with her photos. I'm going to share a few of her pages with you today.

The first one here comes from my 2 in 1 Templates.

She took that top left template and rotated it to the right. You can check out a video tutorial here on how to do this. I think it looks great this way and works perfectly with her photos.

Two view full credits please click on the images.

She took the top right Template from That's So Retro and rotated it to the left.

It works great for her landscape photos.

Rotating isn't the only way to change up a template. Jenn took the top right template of my IS - East 2 set and grabbed all the template shapes and moved them down. An easy way to grab all the shapes easily is to go to your Layer Palette and grab the bottom layer, hold down your shift key and grab the top layer. Then you can move those layers around as you wish.

She then added a big photo to the background using some fun filters and blends for her big photo.

Then one of Jenn's favorite things to do is to re-size the template shapes so that she has a border around her page. She does this mainly for printing purposes but I also love the look it gives her pages. In this example she used a template from my Double It Up Set.

She used the bottom left template. She took the right part of that template and grabbed the 9 squares and re-sized them. She also made her page even more simple than the template which I really love.

To re-size shapes on a template just grab the parts of the template you want to re-size (just like you did above to move the shapes) and then use your Move Tool to re-size them all at the same time. You can she used this technique for both sides of the template and it will end up being a lovely double page spread in her printed album.

So, take a look at your template stash and see how far you can take it....not that I want you to stop purchasing templates but I do want you to get the most for your money!

What's your favorite way to change up a template?


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lsquaredstudios said...

Great tips! I'm always looking for fresh ideas on using templates. Thanks for taking time to post these ideas. I also love seeing how people use larger photos on the background.

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