October 18, 2009

Something a Little Different

Here's a project I worked on for myself this weekend. It's called the Imperfect Family Rules. A friend of mine showed me this idea from a blog she saw - The Pleated Poppy. It was originally done on a really big canvas, I think about 30" x 40". I thought why not turn it into something digital. So mine is a smaller version. I decided to do it on 8x10, I'm going to print it and then frame it in a really nice frame and hang inside by our front door. I researched what it would take to get it printed on a really big canvas but it looks like it would take a couple hundred I decided to stick to the mini-version at least for now. You can see my sample in the photo. All you have to do is clip different papers to the different layers and then edit your rules. (a tip: use light colored papers not a lot of contrast so that the rules stick out and use a dark color font, I just used black) Each of my rules is on it's own layer. You can edit them as you please. I did steal some of the rules from The Pleated Poppy but had my older girls each make up their own rule. My oldest daughters was hug everyone in the morning and my middle daughters was be creative - make things for others. I just think this was such a fun idea. Thanks Erin for showing this to me and thanks to The Pleated Poppy for the original idea. If there is a demand for different size template I'll be happy to make some other sizes just let me know what size you would like. Once I get this framed and hung up I'll take a pic and show you all what it looks like...I also have a few other digital "projects" I've done that I'll take pics of and show you. Anyway, click here to download and enjoy!

I forgot to mention the papers I used in this project. I used a little bit from all of my favorite stores, vera lim, shabby princess, and sweetshoppe designs...I hope I didn't leave anyone out.

October 7, 2009

Announcement Freebie

In honor of my first niece I'm giving you all a template made out of the birth announcement I made for my sister. You can see mine above in the preview (I edited some of the typing out). It's 4x6 size so you can easily print it just like you would a normal pic. I printed my announcements at Wal-mart and for some reason it always cuts off a little bit of the right side of the photo. So I adjusted the template borders so that it will print just right at wal-mart. I'm not sure about other printing places but I know it looks nice printed at wal-mart. You can't beat an announcement at .19 cents each and that's for 1 hour, it would be cheaper if you can wait. Of course you can use this template for lots of other make a Christmas card, birthday invite, thank you, etc....Just click here to download.

Be sure to come back for tomorrow's freebie. Remember a freebie every night this week in honor of my 200th template. Check out all my templates here in my store.
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