2016 Calendar Cover Template
              Guided Templates

Joy to the World Template

Go here to grab these
Cake Pops/Cupcake Toppers.

Go here to grab this Fun Fades Mask.

Go here to grab this Fun Fades Mask.

Go here to grab this
Hybrid Cupcake Card Template.

Go here to grab this
Faded Mat and Mask Freebie

Go here to grab this
word art (in layered .psd) form.

Go here to to grab this


Kelley said...

Thanks, Liz. I just downloaded the Travel Mask freebie. It looks very cool.

bekfek said...

Thanks so much for the freebies! I got two of the masks :)

Scrapping With Liz said...

So glad you guys like these!

amelia said...

Hi ive just joined you blog and was wondering if you do tutorials on how to make your own blog background, my name is Amelia and i would really love to do it, thankyou xxx

Elizabeth said...

Hey Amelia-
Sorry, I'm just now seeing this.
I do have a tutorial in my blogwear set. I can get it to you if you still need it!

Nancy said...

Thank you for the goodies! I especially love your hybrid templates and masks.

Cindy said...

Thanks very much for sharing your lovely work!

Gypsy Chaos said...

If I tried really hard I *might* be able to remember how I stumbled onto your blog. But trying that hard makes my brain hurt.

Anyway - just wanted to let you know I've downloaded a bunch of your freebies. I'm just putting my toes into the digi pool, and I'm b-r-o-k-e, so I hope you'll understand why you don't see me purchasing any of your lovely work.
Thank you for the wonderful work you are providing freely to one and all. It's appreciated.

Elizabeth said...

I hope my freebies can give you a good start!

carmen said...

tysm for these wonderful freebies kind generous lady...they r AWEsome...U R like

Sandra said...

Just found your blog, thank you for all the freebies!

Elizabeth Albers said...

You're welcome!

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