March 16, 2010

Then and Now - 12 Years of Scrapbooking

I thought it would be fun to show you all a little bit of my scrapbooking history. It all started 12 years ago when my college roommate started a scrapbook for me. She had been scrapping for a while and it looked like so much fun. So to get me started she started a book for me (thanks Janna!). Then I continued from there.

Here's a photo of a few pages from my very first album. Warning: It's not very pretty! But none the less, last night when I was going through some of my old albums, my husband and I had a great time looking at some of the old photos and reading my journaling.....that's the whole point of scrapbooking anyway....remembering and enjoying those memories. It doesn't matter how good the pages look, right?

Here's a photo of one of my last "traditional" pages. Yes, once I started digi-scrapping I have not looked back! I did this page about 2 years ago. You can see that I "evolved" a little in my scrapbooking from some of my first pages.. I think you can still see a little bit of this style in my digi-scrapping pages. I like clean, simple pages that allow for lots of photos and definitely some journaling.
Now onto my first digi-page. This was made about 2 years ago when my friend Laressie introduced me to digi-scrapping and I fell in love instantly.....although learning photoshop was a little frustrating. Thankfully I have a husband who helped me a lot along the way. You can see the page is very simple and a lot like my traditional layout above. This page was done with all "freebie" stuff that I found. I'll be honest, when I first started digi-scrapping I used all "freebie" stuff. I didn't understand why people would buy stuff when there was so much free stuff out there. Believe me, my views have changed on this dramatically and not just because I sell stuff. I think freebies are great to help you try out different designers or styles....but you are limiting yourself so much if you limit yourself to "free" stuff.
Here is one of my more recent digi layouts and one of my more favorite ones. I did purchase stuff for this page ;-) It's so much fun to play with all the elements and papers that you get with a good purchased kit. Another thing that I always do now that I didn't do when I first started digi-scrapping was edit my photos. I edit all my photos, I think it really does make a difference. And I also like to play around with dropshadows. When I first started I just used the standard dropshadow but I've found that it can really make your page pop if you add some different dropshadows. As you can see I still use lots of photos and always do a little journaling on my pages.
Using Chasing Rainbows and the Clearly Trimmed Set over st Sweet Shoppe.
Alpha from Shabby Princess (okay, I must admit this was a freebie!)While my scrapbooking has changed over the last 12 years I hope that I will always remember the main reason that I scrap......for the memories.

March 13, 2010

Just for Fun

Just thought I would stop in and share some pics of my day. We decided to go waterfall hunting today and enjoy some of God's beautiful creation. It's one of our favorite family things to do and since the weather is getting a little bit nicer, or so we thought, we decided to hop in the van with our waterfall book and see what we could find. Lets just say that things didn't really go according to what we had planned, there were road closures, rain, and even some snow. So after 3 hours of driving we finally made it to one of the waterfalls. I must say the 3 hours that we spent driving was on a beautiful road with lots of pretty views and even a few little waterfalls that we could see while driving. So I would say overall that it was worth it.

Here's a pic of my hubby and 3 girls enjoying the view of the waterfall.
I used my Weekday Masks to frame this pic.
Here's the waterfall. It's a pretty spot. If it was warmer I'm sure the girls would have jumped in the water. I used my new Date Seals to "stamp" this picture.
Here's a little freebie for you tonight. I thought maybe you might want to try out my new Date Seals. So here's a few pieces from the set. Just click the pic to download. Hope you all have had a great weekend so far!
Oh and one more thing. I was going to let you know that I finally gave in and joined Twitter. Sally, one my of my CT, talked me into it! But if you follow me I have a special coupon for all my Twitter followers. So join me here. SWL_Templates
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