January 25, 2011

Life with Liz - Video Tutorials, Sneak Peek & Chance to Win!

Well, it's another almost normal Tuesday. My household has been sick on and off for the last 2 weeks and we are finally having a somewhat normal week.  It's been tough getting back into a routine but we are getting there, slowly but surely.

Anyway, on to today's blog post. I'm a visual learner. If I see it it's so much easier for me to learn and remember. So with that said, I thought I would maybe start a series of vidoe tutorials for all my blog followers. Here's just a short one to show you how to change up a template. Simple but I hope it's helpful.

Here's a video I posted on my facebook fan page a few days ago showing how I scrap (this one is higher resolution). It's fast forwarded about 8x.....I didn't think you would want to watch a 30 minutes of me scrapping! I had music with it and it was WAY cooler with music but I didn't want to do anything illegal so I took the music maybe turn up your iPod while you watch it, it might be more fun that way?!? It's just supposed to kind of give you an idea of how I scrap. I had already kind of picked out the pictures, paper & elements I wanted to use, and I added a few as I went.  I used the awesome grab bag from Flergs, Ziggle, Suzy Q & Laura Banasiak and a template from my Recyclables 1 set. Enjoy.

So what kind of video tutorials would you like to see? I'll be trying to make a few of these each month for you, if you like them ;-) So leave a comment here letting me know what kind of tutorials you would like to see, and as usual one of you will win my new stuff that is coming out on Thursday. Here's a little sneak peek for you. Do you see what has been on my mind lately?

Oh and by the way....GO PACKERS!

January 18, 2011

Life with Liz - My Fave Digi Blogs & Chance to Win!

I've recently been helping my sister-in-law start digi-scrapping. It's taken me almost 2 years to get her hooked and I think I'm almost there! She's done quite a few digi-pages already and they look great. Once she got used to the whole digi-scrapping thing then I introduced her to some of my fave digi blogs and other places I think digital scrappers should know about (besides Scrap Orchard of course!). So I thought I would share with you some of the places I shared with her. They are my go-to places for tips, inspiration, & just other places I use for printing, fonts, photos actions, etc...

Here they are in no particular order.

1. The Daily Digi

I love this site because they have some great information about digi scrapping and great inspiration. Plus they have the Digi Files each month. Each month they gather a group of digital scrapbooking designers from around digi-world to bring you a grab bag of sorts. It's only $5 and it allows you to try out a variety of different designers for 1 low price. I love reading their blog posts everyday. There is such a variety...sometimes inspiration, sometimes just everyday posts, somtimes tips & tutorials, it's really great!

This place is a must for getting your photos looking AMAZING. She has some great actions, a lot of freebies and now she even has some great tutorials! I highly encourage you to become a fan of hers on facebook because she randomly posts coupons & tutorials. If you've never used a photo action before I encourage you to try it out, they do wonders to your photos. You do have to have Photoshop CS to use her actions.

Have you ever seen a scrapbook page with a wonderful handwritten font and wondered how they do that? Well, at Kevin & Amanda's Fonts for Peas Blog you can pick up a ton of FREE handwritten fonts. The have over 300 fonts to choose's wonderful! Plus there blog is super fun to read & they have lots of yummy recipes too!

Printing & Costs? Those are the two things people always ask me when I start talking about digi-scrapping. Where do you print your pages & how much does it cost. I've recently discovered Persnickity Prints and I LOVE them. I don't think I will ever print anywhere else again. 12x12 prints are $1.99 and I've even snatched up coupons where I've saved 30% off the $1.99 price. The quality & color of the prints are amazing. I've NEVER had a problem with them.
Those are my top places. I asked my Creative Team what there favorite spots were and so I thought I would share with you what they like too.
Sarah, Heather, Christine all suggested The Pioneer Woman. I must admit that I frequent this blog too. She has some great photo actions and photos tips....and I really love her homeschooling section & oooh, her recipes are wonderful too!
Heather also likes SuzyQ's blog. She has lots of tutorials and an awesome freebie section.
Tami & Heather also like TheCoffeeShopBlog. There are some great photo actions there too.
Tami also suggest the GalleryStandoutsBlog. This is a place I frequently visit too. They go around different digi-galleries and pick out some of their faves. I love looking at all the beautiful layouts. I get so inspired when I go there.
Christine also suggested Ali Edwards. I must admit that I frequent this blog too! She is mainly a paper scrapper but such great ideas that you can easily adapt to digi-scrapping.
Judie loves DonnaDowney. I must admit that I've never been to this site before but I just had to check it out....I must say that it's pretty cool and I just "liked" her on facebook! Lots of idea that you can apply to digi-scrapping.
Another great place that we kind of all agreed was a great spot was JessicaSprague. She has some great classes and inspiration. I've been eyeballing a few of her classes....I just need to find the time to take one!

The way I keep up with most of these blogs is by "liking" them on facebook and then when they post updates it'll come through my facebook wall. You can also subscribe to their RSS Feed.....I'm just so bad at checking this, but I know some people love it.
So, those are our favorite spots....I'm sure I'm missing some other good ones. Do you have a favorite place to get ideas or tips? I'm not talking about digi-stores or galleries here, but blogs. Share your favorite place with me & you'll have a chance to win this weeks newest releases! Do you see a trend here? I've decided that every Tues. in my blog post I'm going to give you all a chance to win my newest stuff. I have 2 template sets coming out on Thursday with a total of 10 templates in each set! Some you've seen before and maybe some you haven't.....hmmm, are you curious? Plus a hybrid template! No sneak peek today but you definitely don't want to miss out on this chance.....3 new products valued at over $18!
I'll be announcing the winner on my facebook fan page at midnight on Wed.
So go ahead and leave a comment telling me your favorite digi blogs. I can't wait to see your favorite spots.

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