March 31, 2011

Cut Out Templates - Free with Purchase and Freebie too!

Have you noticed the cut-out trend in all of the galleries?  You know the look - layered background papers with shape cutouts, peeking through to the gorgeous patterned papers beneath?  Liz's releases this week will make it easy for you to create your own pages in this style!

But before we begin I just wanted to let you know the winner from Tuesday's giveaway, it's LRaewoo. She won the 2 new sets this week! Congrats! There will be an extra special giveaway next week, so be sure not to miss it.

Before I show you the products in detail, let me give you the scoop on a great Free with Purchase offer available:  If you buy the Cut Out Templates, you can have the Cut Out Masks free!  The new releases, as well as the rest of Liz's store, are marked 35% off through Tuesday, April 4th, for Scrap Orchards 3rd Birthday. And remember if you spend $10 you'll get the exclusive Digiscrapapalooza Vegas Kit for FREE!


Now, on the the products in detail. First up is the Cut Out Masks. You get ten masks with shape cut-outs: circles, squares, hearts, and even swirls. Some are very clean with straight lines, and some are a little more quirky - a great mix for all of your needs.
If you know me, you know I love a simple page, and I think those swirl masks are genius - swirls like those can be all the embellishment a page needs!

And here are the Cut Out Templates. These give your photos a little peek-a-boo effect with photo blocks layered behind the papers.

Do you want to see what the CT did with these?  Of course you do! All of these layouts are made with kits available at Scrap Orchard.
By Heather
By Knautie
By Dagi
By Sarah
By Sarah

By Carrie
By Dagi
By Carrie
Now, don't leave without your freebie - a bonus 12x12 Cut Out Mask!
pssst.... You're subscribed to the newsletter, right?  There will be another freebie waiting for you in your inbox soon!  Thanks for stopping by!

March 29, 2011

Fun Stuff - Sneak Peek & Chance to Win!

Today's post is gonna be all about some fun stuff that's coming up....for me and for you!

First off, in case you didn't know it, the DigiscrapApalooza convention is coming up in just a few days. I'll be flying to VEGAS to meet some of you all! There are going to be some awesome prizes, classes & games at the convention. But no worries if you can't come because there will be some fun stuff going on over in the Scrap Orchard forum while some of us are away. We have lots of fun stuff planned for you. So be sure to check it out this Friday and Saturday. Lot of freebies, coupons and more!

Plus it's Scrap Orchard's big birthday sale! 35% off the entire store! So you definitely don't want to miss that while I'm away. Plus I've got some new goodies planned for you that you'll also be able to snag at 35% off! *there's a sneak peek below*

PLUS, if you purchase over $10 you'll get this kit for FREE! You can't beat that!

Now onto a few more details that you'll want to know about for the month of April. There might just be something special  in the Scrap Orchard newsletter next month from yours truly. So be sure to be signed up.....otherwise you will miss out. ;-)

PLUS to go along with all the fun I'm going to have an exclusive freebie in each of my newsletters for the month of April. PLUS I'll have some exclusive freebies on my facebook fan page and I will have a freebie each week on my blog! PLUS (I know, the list just goes on!) I will be doing some extra fun you'll need to keep eye out on my blog....just sayin' (the most overused phrase of 2010 - in case you didn't know
Now onto today's sneak peek! I have 2 new products coming out on Thursday. A new template set and some new masks. These are super fun to play with. Plus with the Birthday sale that will be going on this weekend you'll be able to snag them for 35% off! If you want a chance to win these goodies just leave a comment here telling me if you've ever met any of your digi-scrapping friends in real life. Oh and let me know if you are coming to Vegas, I wanna be sure to meet you!

March 24, 2011

More Recyclables - templates, stamps and more!

This week Liz has three "recycled" releases - items that were past freebies or portions of collabs that are no longer for sale.  If you are new to Liz's designs, this is your chance to grab these!  All of these releases are licensed for PU/CU/S4H and are 20% for the first week.

But before we move on. Liz wants to announce the winner of Tuesday's giveaway. It's Ashly! If you want to read Liz's comment about the winner just go to Tuesday's post and view the comments from there. Now onto the goodies....

First up is Recyclables III - a large and varied, somewhat quirky, collection with 5 single-page templates, 1 double-page template, 2 photo arrangements, and 2 sets of journal strips.
I remember that "VS" template during the Super Bowl festivities at Scrap Orchard, and there were some amazing layouts posted to Liz's gallery using that template.  That one is definitely a "must have."

Next up is Christmas Recyclables - with two single page templates, a Christmas card, and two Christmas-inspired layered shapes.
Those paper-pieced Christmas trees are beautiful in layouts.  If you still have Christmas scrapping to do, these are a great choice.

Lastly, these fun Paisley Stamps.  I love the simple geometric fills on these - a modern break from the usual intricate paisley design. You get the eight stamps shown in ABR & individual PNG files.

Here are some lovely examples from the creative team, using Recyclables III.  All examples use kits that can be found at Scrap Orchard.
By Sarah
By Dagi
By Knautie

And I made a page using the Paisley Stamps.
By Tiffany

 Thanks for stopping by, and have a great weekend!

March 22, 2011

I Scrapped! Sneak Peek & Chance to Win!

I needed to take a break from "work" know, laundry, cleaning, cooking, homeschooling, taking care of sick kids (yup, my kids are sick, AGAIN!). So I decided to scrap a few pages tonight (well, technically it is 12AM on Tuesday morning)...but who's looking at the clock?!?

I happened to take some great shots of my kids this weekend so I decided to scrap those but I needed a little help. Sometimes when I want a little extra help I check out the challenges over at Scrap Orchard. I found a few that I wanted to play along with. It kind of gives me a boost, gives me some ideas on how to scrap my photos. PLUS for every challenge you participate in you earn points and then those points can be redeemed to get coupons! And for the month of March all points are doubled!!!

The first challenge I chose was the Say Cheese Challenge. We were supposed to scrap about the "beginning" of something. Well, I had the perfect photos. The girls and I made our first ice-cream run of the spring/summer time season. It's like our kick-off to spring. We go bike riding, get all hot and sweaty and then go get ice-cream afterwards at a local little ice-cream shop called Peppermint Patti's. So here's the page I made for that challenge. Oh and can you believe I used a patterned paper for the background!?! I'm getting out of my comfort zone here but I think it turned out pretty good.

I used my Spring Temps and Summer's Last Kiss by DeCrow Designs.

For the next one I chose the Lift a Layout Challenge. You look at the layout they chose and you do your own interpretation of it. This one was a bit harder for me because I didn't start with a template. I learned one thing while scrapping this page: I do much better with a template.....or maybe it's just that I'm faster with a template! Oh and I struggled with the clustering once again. If you go look at the layout they gave us to interpret, it had some beautiful clustering on it....but I'm just no good at it, I tried and as you can see I did very minimal clustering....but I did try to do a little bit.

I used Captivated Visions new kit Fantasia

Now onto the fun part of the post. I have 3 new products releasing this weekend. Well, they are kind of new. I don't know if you are familiar with my Recyclable Templates but it's 2 new sets of those (previous freebies & collab templates) plus one new Stamp/CU product coming out. So leave a comment here and tell me if you like to participate in challenges and what your favorite types of challenges are and then tomorrow night I'll come back and choose a WINNER! I'll announce the winner in the comments section here and on my facebook.

Well, I better get to bed! Hoping and praying that none of my kids wake up sick tonight! Have a happy Tuesday!

March 17, 2011

Crafty new releases!

Liz has some fun and crafty new products this week.  These templates are licensed for PU, CU and S4H.  They can be used for scrapping, and can also be used by designers to create quilt-inspired papers.  I can see these being used by quilters, sewers and crafters, but they are also a great choice for family and heritage layouts.

Quilt Shape Templates
Quilt Shape Templates II

These templates are priced at 20% off for the first week, but here is a special offer for you: Get an extra 20% off the Fresh Fruit Price if you purchase both sets together.

Liz and the CT had fun playing with these. These layouts are all made with kits that you can find at Scrap Orchard. Take a look:
By Knautie
By Liz
By Carrie
By Dagi
By Judie
By Knautie
By Sarah
By Heather
Thanks for stopping by!

March 15, 2011

Life with Liz - My Weekend, Sneak Peek and Chance to Win!

I had all these grand ideas for today's blog post but I'm sorry to say that I'm just too tired to do what I had planned (maybe next week) I'm just going to show you a few pics from my weekend.  Hope you don't mind. We had a quick trip to Atlanta to visit my MIL who was in town and we took her to the Georgia Aquarium.  Let's just say it was a bit crazy and we almost regretted our decision to go but when we got in our van after a very long and tiring day we asked the girls if they had fun and they all said they had a I guess it was worth it in the long run. Here are some of my favorite pics. Oh and no, I don't have 4 girls....we had an extra friend tag along for the weekend. The 3 blondes are mine!
Apparently Emmie saw something pretty awesome!

Then we had a roller skating b-day party to go to on Sunday afternoon. My 3 year old daughter pretty much skated non-stop for 2.5 hours! It was her first time skating and we really thought she would last only a few minutes and then be done with it. NOPE! She did not want to stop. She loved every second of it....except of course, when I tried to take her off of the rink! Yah, and see these pics of, that's pretty much what I did for the whole 2.5 hours. I chose to forgo my Sunday afternoon run because I got enough of a work out doing this! Oh and that little purple girl in the background, is my other daughter who didn't want to stop either (even though she kept falling down, as you can see)....guess they are determined just like me!
I'm going to have fun scrapping these photos!

Now onto the sneak peek part of today's post. I have something a little special for you today. Here's an actual page that I made with my new set of templates. Yup, I actually scrapped (I had it done before this crazy weekend).

So I think you can guess what the theme is! And there are 2 template sets coming out this week. I used Tracey Howard's new kit called What's Your Story.

So look for these new template coming out on Thursday and if you want a chance to win both sets ($8 worth) then leave a comment here letting me know if you did anything special this weekend and if you plan on scrapping about it.

March 13, 2011

Why Digital??

Hey there! Helen here to chat a little about digital scrapbooking. This post was supposed to be a tip or a tutorial but after days of trying to figure out what tip or tut to post I am throwing in the towel. However, I am awaiting the arrival of my new Photoshop CS5 Extended program as well as a book, Photoshop CS5 For Dummies. I have a feeling I will have lots to share with you as I learn the program.

I thought we could talk about why we chose to go digital in our scrapbooking hobby. For me personally, it was a hard choice to make....going digital. I should probably use the word "scary" vs. "hard". I could not wrap my brain around the whole concept of scrapbooking on my computer. Literally, I had NO clue about the any of it. Fear and lack of knowledge can keep you from trying new things all the time.

A year or so of pondering "digital" went by when one day I was in Archiver's browsing the latest and greatest tools, stamps, ribbons, etc. I stopped at the shelf of magazines and was thumbing through them when I saw one titled "Digi-Scrapping 101". I was intrigued to say the least. I soon realized this was just what I needed to make the leap into digital. It was a magazine with step by step instructions on loading the provided 30 day free trial of Photoshop Elements and creating your very first page. I mean, it was very detailed and precise, but that was what I needed. The CD with the trial offer for PSE also included all the digital papers, photos & elements needed to create the pages they walked you through. My favorite part was how they shared many websites where you could go and buy digital scrapbooking kits. It even explained how to make your purchase, download & unzip your new files.

That was about four years ago and I have never looked back. A few hours after installing PSE and working my way through the tutorials provided in that magazine I had a basic knowledge of what it was all about. From there I slowly honed my skills with the program by finding other online tutorials or just clicking on things within the program to see what it did.

My reason for going digital was merely curiosity but my reasons for staying digital are many!

1. It is SO easy (once you learn the basics of your program).

2. I can scrap on my laptop from my recliner!

3. No mess to clean up unless I spill the snack I am munching on as I create my page.

4. Much less expensive when you compare the average price of a digital kit ($4-$7) and the fact you can use digi papers, elements, alphas over and over and over again. Granted, you have printing costs & the cost of your program but seriously, overall, it is less expensive.

5. It used to take me hours & hours to do one page some days but with digi, it takes me on average, an hour to create a layout.

6. Scrapbooking forums & new friends!!! This is something I never even imagined was out there! I have made so many amazing friends by getting in to the forums and trying out for creative teams. I even met our very own eLIZabeth last year IRL while vacationing very near where she lives! When I think about all the other ladies I am going to meet in a few short weeks out in Vegas....I just want to squeal!

I am not saying I don't still enjoy going to my scrapbook room and getting out the scissors, glue & all my "touchable" ellies to create a cute card now & then. However, I am a digi-girl through & through now. I love the digi community. I love the designers I work for. I will never stop digital scrapbooking of my own free will.

So, tell me, why did YOU start digital scrapbooking? I would love to hear your experience. Leave a comment and share your story :)


March 10, 2011

New Release: A Juicy Collab!

This week Scrapping with Liz has teamed up with Designs by Kat and Designs by Julie Bullock to bring you a fun kit AND a matching template pack.

The kit and the templates are a separate purchase, but as the ad above says, you get the word-art free when you buy the kit.  Here's a closer look at the templates.

Aren't they fun?! They're full of the special touches that Liz includes in her templates - faded masks, doodles and a custom text box. Liz said this one of her very favorite sets to date. And I guess the CT agreed! Look at these temps (and the Juicy Fruit Kit) in action:

By Helen
By Carrie
By Tiff
By Sarah
By Dagi
By Heather
By Tami
By Knautie
By Dagi

Also now available are the individual contents of the Grab Bag from last week. You can check the New Release Post from last week for CT inspriation.

Spring Temps

Spring Brag Book Temps

Spring Card Temps

Spring Clusters

Don't forget that a Template Challenge with a free template was posted earlier this week! If you participate, you could win $10 to the shop!  Woo hoo!  Happy scrapping and thanks for stopping by!
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