June 30, 2011

Guest Products come home to Scrap Orchard & Retirement Sale!

News: Scrap Orchard is having a product retiring sale starting today and running through Tuesday, July 5th. Liz has over 20 products retiring! Grab them now while you can because once they are gone you won't see them again! Lots of templates and CU products. If you want to browse through Liz's products just go here and search in retiring products and manufacturer: Scrapping with Liz. But you won't want to miss out on all the other Orchard girl's retiring products....there are over 12 pages! Just go here to browse them all!

Giveaway: Monday's winner was teresaj. Liz used to pick the winner. Teresa, email Liz at lizatscrappingwithlizdotcom so she can get you your free templates! Be sure to come back next week for another chance to win. Liz has some awesome stuff up her sleeve for next week.

New Products: Last month Liz had a guest shop over at Polka Dot Plum, and today she is bringing those products back to the orchard. These two releases are very different from each other. Chopped Paper Templates are very playful with a lot of bold paper stacking layers filling up the page.  Focus on the Photo Templates are more elegant with soft faded masks, dainty swirls and lots of white space.  These are licensed for CU/PU/S4H and are 20% off through July 7th.

Chopped Paper Templates
Focus on the Photo Templates

Team Creations: using kits from Scrap Orchard

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June 28, 2011

Birthday Time!

This past week we celebrated my baby's 4th birthday! *sniff sniff* As I was scrapbooking a page about the special birthday girl and party I began thinking about the birthday pages I've made over the past few years. So I dug through my EHD and found some of the birthday pages I've scrapped over the last 3 years. Wow! It brought back lots of fun memories.....and maybe a few cringes as I looked at some of my first digital scrapbook pages.

I thought I would share some of them with you. The first one I'm going to show you is the one I just made. I wanted to show you one of my more recent pages before you see some of my older ones. I'm afraid if I showed you my older ones first you might not even bother scrolling through my pages!

So here's the one from this weekend. I made a double pager because I had lots of photos. I'm actually working on another double pager with more pics but I'll have to show that one to you later. Not quite done with it. You can see the first page, 2nd page and then it all put together.

Double Album Templates II - By Me
Birthday Boy - By Faith True
Perfect Summer - Designs by Kat
Now this one is of my baby girl on her 1st birthday. I made this page just a few months after I started you'll have to forgive me. I was really into using big photos on my pages. That was one thing that drew me to digi-scrapping. I made this a double pager too....I love double pagers.
I honestly can't tell you if I used a kit for this page. I know I did make a template based on this page......a LONG time ago.
This is a birthday page I made for my hubby on his 30th birthday. I still kind of like this page.
And again I don't know what kit I used to make this page. I know I made number templates like this but they are no longer available. But I do have lots of other alpha and number templates available in my store.
Here's a birthday page I made to celebrate my oldest daughter's birthday (who will be 9 in a few months!).
I, again, don't know what kit I used for this one. It's been 3 years!

Here's a recap page I made to celebrate my middle daughter's 5th birthday. I just love seeing all those pics from her birth to her current age. And as you can see I'm improving on my digi-scrapping skills just a bit.
I used my Cut Out Number Templates and a kit from Zoe Pearn called Chasing Rainbows.

Here's a page I made last year after celebrating me and my brother's 30th birthday!
I used my Scrap Strip Templates and a kit from Tracie Stoud called Pocket Full of Sunshine.
Hope you enjoyed looking at my old scrapbook pages as much as I did.

June 23, 2011

Here and Now

Giveaway: Wow! Liz had over 70 comments on Monday. You guys are awesome! Since she had the most comments ever she decided to choose two winners! Liz used to pick the winners and we just have initials to go by so if you are AJ & JP you are Monday's winners! If you could send Liz an e-mail at liz at scrappingwithliz dot com she'll get you your template packs.Come back Monday for a chance to win next week products!!!

News and New Releases: Tomorrow, Dagi will post a template challenge as part of the Scrap Orchard Daily Challenges - and it comes with a freebie from Liz. Be sure to check that out in the Scrap Orchard Challenge Forum.  Also, make sure you go on over to Free Digital Scrapbooking Templates and sign up for their newsletter (on the right) because Liz just might have something special for you in their newsletter this Saturday!

Here and Now Templates are full of bold paper strips and photo masks. They have a very hand-made paper-scrapping feel to them and are perfect for capturing your life right now.  Like many of you, I have a busy summer schedule, and I appreciate that these templates focus on the photos.  These designs do incorporate journaling spots, but the text is minimal, enabling you to scrap your summer quickly, allowing the photos to tell the story.  They are inspired by the Here and Now Kit by Tracie Stroud and Captivated Visions, but of course can be used with any kit you choose. This set is licensed for CU/PU/S4H and is 20% off through June 30.
Here and Now Templates

Here is Captivated Visions & Tracie Stroud Kit
Isn't it gorgeous?

Team Creations: Some with the Here & Now Kit and others with Scrap Orchard kits.

Thanks for stopping by, and have a great weekend!

June 21, 2011

Scrapping Things

Happy Tuesday! I'm just here with a quick blog post to remind you to scrapbook about things. You know, the things you want to remember. Not people or places, but things. Here's a recent scrapbook page I scrapped about our first couch. We had this couch for 12 years and just recently gave it to my little sis who needed something to sit on in her apartment. It holds a lot of memories for me so I didn't want to forget it.
I used Happy When Skies are Grey by Laura Banasiak & Jenn Barrette
and Simple Square Templates by me.

Here's the journaling if you are interested:
Our first couch. We bought it shortly after we were married. It carries lots of memories with it.....hangin’ with our CCF friends in Orlando. Moving to Jacksonville and living in our first home. Making lots of new friends in Jax. Holding each of our girls after bringing them home from the hospital....lots of spit up, sleepless nights and snuggles were had on our 1st couch. Then making the move to North Carolina and saying goodbye once again to our friends. Now it’s time to say goodbye to our first couch. Passing it on to my sister who needs a couch for her apartment. 12 years of GREAT memories.

So here's a random list of things you might want to scrapbook about:

favorite book
earrings (this is on my list of things to scrapbook)
rooms in your home
favorite drink

Now go scrap some things!

June 20, 2011

Sneak Peek Monday & Giveaway

I was out of town last week so I wasn't able to have as much computer time as I normally do BUT I did have a super fun week with my girls in Charlotte while my hubby was there working. We traipsed all around Charlotte, checking out all the fountains downtown (my girls like fountains), hangin' by the pool, checking out some malls and parks. It was nice just to get away from the house, computer, schoolwork, etc... Only wish my hubby would have been able to spend more of it with us instead of being all responsible and working. :)

Even though I didn't get a lot of time on my computer I do have one new set of templates coming out this week that coordinate with a kit from two of my favorite designers at Scrap Orchard. YAY! The kit is gorgeous and I've already had a chance to scrap with it with some of the pics I took this past week. You'll get to see those pages later but now it's time for the SNEAK PEEK.

If you would like to win this new pack of templates just leave a comment here letting me know if you would like them. You have until midnight on Wednesday to comment. The winner will be announced on Thursday's blog post.

June 16, 2011

USA & CANADA Templates and Fancy Trims

Hello Liz fans! It's new release time. Yay!

First, Giveaway: Monday's giveaway goes to Sandra. Congrats Sandra. If you could email Liz at liz *at* scrappingwithliz *dot* com she'll get you the coupon codes. There will be another giveaway next Monday so be sure to check it out!
Second, News and New Releases:  Liz has some very timely releases this week.  Her US state templates have been popular, and she hinted that there have been many requests for USA and Canada templates as well.  And with Independence Day and Canada Day right around the corner, you'll be happy to see these! Great for scrapping your past travels and adventures, your patriotism, or even for scrapping your travel wish list.  These are licensed for CU/PU/S4H and are 20% off through June 22.

USA Templates

Canada Templates

And one more new release:  Fancy Trims, a set of 10 png images to be used as design tools, but are also great for scrappers too.  These are also licensed for CU/PU/S4H and are 20% off through June 22.
Fancy Trims

If the country and state templates are new to you, I thought I'd give you a complete list of the ones Liz has made so far.  There are 35 states available, plus Australia, Canada and USA.  You can also search for the state you want in the Scrap Orchard Market, or search the word "state," and you'll get them all.
ConnecticutMinnesotaSouth Carolina
FloridaMissouriSouth Dakota
IllinoisNew JerseyVirginia
IndianaNew MexicoWashington
IowaNew YorkWyoming
KansasNorth Carolina

Third, Team Creations: Here is some inspiration with the USA Templates, made with kits from Scrap Orchard.

By Helen

By Tami
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June 13, 2011

Sneak Peek Monday & Giveaway!

Dropping in real quick like to give you all a sneak peek of what's coming up. I think some of you will be so happy that I FINALLY made these!!! It's pretty easy to guess what they are from the sneak peek. I also have a new CU product coming out....well, all of my products are CU friendly but this one was made especially with designers in mind. The other two were made specifically with some of my customers in mind that sent me e-mails requesting these 2 products! There were a lot of you so I hope they are what you want! And if you would like a chance to win all these new goodies just leave a comment here telling me what you might use these templates for. The deadline is Wednesday at midnight and then we'll announce the winner on Thursday's blog post.

And as always here are some events coming up at Scrap Orchard that you won't want to miss out on. Images are linked.

June 9, 2011

Focused and Happy and Recycling ... and Freebie

I'm focused on my work and so happy to see the very fine templates Liz has for you today. There is a lot to show you, but ...

First, Giveaway: And the winner from Monday's Giveaway is Brynne Marie! Congrats Brynne. If you could e-mail liz at liz *at* scrappingwithliz *dot* com so she can send you your coupon codes that would be great!

Second, News and New Releases: Liz's Polka Dot Plum release is Focus on the Photo Templates, a set of four templates with minimal embellishment to let your photo take the stage. Liz put in some foxy little swirls and her signature faded masks.  I love these templates, but I was bound to since she made them by request for me!
Focus on the Photo Templates

Back at Scrap Orchard, Liz's My Happy Place Templates are a perfect fit for My Happy Place Kit by Captivated Visions and Litabells Designs - she made the templates to coordinate!  I think she nailed the theme, too.  These templates are definitely confident and cheerful, with bold layering and a free-for-all of embellishment.
My Happy Place Templates 
Here's the BEAUTIFUL kit that Liz coordinated her templates with.

And there are two more sets of Recyclables - collections of past freebies that were given out here on the blog, in the newsletter, on Facebook or at Scrap Orchard.  These have a lot of variety, so if you happen to be new to Scrapping with Liz, it's a great way to check out her style and quality.  They've got her blocking style, the faded masks that she loves, and some of her fancy shapes and scallops.
Recyclables IV
Recyclables V

Third, Team Creations: The team made so many pages, I don't even know if I can show them all. They are all amazing, and made using kits from Scrap Orchard.

Using Focus on the Photo Templates
By Kristi

By Christine
Using My Happy Place Templates
Using Recyclables IV and V
Finally, Freebie: A multi-photo template for you! 
June Blog Freebie Download
*download expired

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June 7, 2011

Q&A Randomness - By Liz

I kind of ran out of time to do the planned blog post for today. It was a combination of procrastination & internet issues (yes, we've been having a lot of them lately).

So I decided to ask my facebook fans to ask me some questions to answer.

Q by Keisha: What kind of jam do you like on your toast?
That's a no brainer. My favorite jam is raspberry! I could literally eat it straight out of the jar.

Q by Tammy: If you could have dinner with any 3 people who would they be?
Hmmm, this one took a little bit of thinking. Jane Austen (my favorite author), my grandmother (she passed away when I was 17 but I think it would be neat to sit down and talk with her when she was my a young mother in the 1940's),  and then Ruth from the Bible.....I was just reading her story the other night and it really fascinates me.

Q from Jenn: What's one thing you would change about yourself from 10 years ago?
10 years ago I was 20, had been married for 2 years (I was young, but no regrets there) and living a fun, young married life with my hubby. My hubby and I talk a lot about our life before kids and things we would have done differently. We talk about how we should have taken advantage of those kid free years and gone on more missions trips & traveled a little bit more. We don't have as much of that freedom now with kids.
Oh and on a more vain note.....I would have gotten bangs. I love my bangs and I think I look hideous in all my older photos without them!

Q from Amy: How do I not get tired of "being on the computer"?
I actually kind of wish I had a bit more time on my computer. I usually don't get on my computer until after dinner time and a lot of times not until the kids are in bed. I homeschool and the only way I can stay focused on that is if I stay away from the computer! LOL! So I usually spend about 3-5 hours in the evenings on my computer.  I will admit that sometimes I do get sick of my computer and that's when I take a day or 2 off and then I come back refreshed and ready to go.

Q from Scrappin Gramma: Whos is your favorite designer?
Ohhhh, that's a toughy. When I go shopping I'm usually drawn to Traci Stroud or Captivated Visions. I REALLY loved Molly's (DeCrow Designs) stuff but she retired. :(  I usually like to try a variety of styles though so you just never know what you might see me using!

Thanks for the questions ladies. I'll be back into the swing of things next week.....hopefully ;)

June 2, 2011

Chopped and Broken Templates and Split Masks

I think I see a theme here - chopped, broken, split ... paper pieces!  You're really going to love these templates. :)

First, Giveaway: Monday's giveaway goes to Lahni. She'll be getting all 3 new products for FREE! Congrats Lahni. Liz will be e-mailing you soon. Everyone else, don't worry, there will be more chances to win next week!

Second, News and New products:  Liz has a guest spot selling at Polka Dot Plum for the month of June!  And to debut there she is releasing an awe-inspiring set of Chopped Paper Templates.  These are amazing!  Chopped Paper Templates are chock full of playful detail on just about every square inch of the page. These are sure to inspire the artist in you.  This set is licensed for CU/PU/S4H.  Liz made this coupon for you so you can save 20% off these goodies too. Just enter this code at checkout: swl_20offpdpct (Coupon good at Polka Dot Plum with the Chopped Paper Templates).

Continuing the theme of cut paper pieces, there are two more new releases at Scrap Orchard. These masks and templates are evocative of the peek-a-boo trend and with a very graphic and bold look.  I especially love the more free form pieces in these sets.  They are priced at 20% off through June 8th, and licensed for CU/PU/S4H. Oh and Liz has a FWP with these. If you buy the Broken Templates you'll get the Split Masks for FREE!

The masks are really versatile - each side of the pair is a separate file, so you can easily re-position them, spread them apart, or only use one side.

Don't forget the Free with Purchase!

Third, Teaser:  Next week Liz will have both a blog freebie and a newsletter freebie, and she is sponsoring a couple of challenges at Scrap Orchard toward the end of the month - both with freebies!  We'll keep you posted as those draw near.

Finally, Team Creations (using kits from Scrap Orchard):
By Dagi
By Sarah
By Kristi
By Helen
By Carrie

By Judie

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