How to Change a Template - Video Tutorial

I decided to make a really quick video tutorial to show you how to edit a digital scrapbook template. Sometimes there is a template you really want to use but there are too many photo spots or maybe the photo spots are too small and you need to change it up a little bit. This little video will help you do that. I realize, after already making the video and uploading it to YouTube, that I totally forgot to show you how to add photo spots....that will have to wait for another post (very soon) but this should help you get started.

I've finally learned the proper way to upload videos to YouTube, and I'm going to work on uploading some of my older video tutorials to YouTube so that they will be better quality....yay!

That's it for now folks.


grambie said...

I really thank you for the template and the video tutorial. You make it oh so easy to adjusts the sizing within your template. This template is perfect for a two pager. I viewed the two pager within SO's gallery, but I was thinking in terms of 1 or 2 photos on the opposite page. Just another idea.

atoalgnaoh said...
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Thanks for the detailed tutorial.

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