2 NEW Video Template Tutorials

I scrapped this page last week with my new Play a Game Templates.
Click on the image for full credits.

Here is what this template looked like before I started. Quite a bit different.

So I thought I would show you how I changed it up.
Here ya go! I'm using Photoshop CS3.

That's not it. I also made my Christmas Card. I showed you last week. With my new Christmas Card Templates. Here it is in case you missed it.

And here's the template before I started. As you can see I changed the photo spots a bit.
So here's another little video tutorial showing you how to do that. Plus I threw in a little tutorial showing you how I copy my layer styles.


Hope this helps you a little!

My Posters

I recently released a new set of Poster Templates. I actually made them so that I could easily make Christmas gifts for family, namely the grandparents. I also made one for my brother & sister-in-law. I did a little photo shoot with them a few months ago & I had all these lovely photos that I was dying to work with.

So I thought I should show you my finished products, printed & framed.
Warning: Mom, Tiff, & Nana, if you are reading this I guess you know what you'll be getting for Christmas!

I made an 11x14 poster for my SIL & got it printed from Persnickety Prints on their Metallic Paper. It is beautiful.

For this one I used Block Collage Poster Templates.
And Lemony Fresh Revisited by Tracie Stroud.

Right out of the package.

Then I framed it with a black frame.

The only thing I notice is that the pics are a bit close to the frame. It actually looks like little Joe's head is being cut off in this pic. I think it's just the angle of this photo. Next time I'll make sure that heads aren't too close to the edge of the page.

Now for the grandparents I made 16x20 posters & printed them with Persnickety on mounted black foamcore. I absolutely LOVE them. I should have got one printed for myself! This one is for Nana & I made another one for my mom that has all the grandchildren in it. I tied a ribbon around it & I think it will make a lovely gift.

For these I used Calendar Poster Templates and Taylor Made's Sense & Sensability.

Here's a close up.

And a little reminder that you can still grab my poster templates at 20% off until 11/24 & remember that if you purchase Simple Poster Templates,  Scrappy Poster Templates, or Block Collage Poster Templates you'll get Calendar Poster Templates for FREE! This offer is only good until 11/24. :)

Try something new this Christmas. There's plenty of time to get your posters printed!

Baby Shower - Digital Scrapbook Style

I hosted a baby shower for my wonderful sister-in-law this weekend. I love hosting baby showers. I don't know why, but they are my favorite kind of party. I think it reminds me of those special times when I had my babies & wonderful friends wanted to help me celebrate each time I welcomed a new little baby into our family.

You know me & my digital scrapbook love. So, of course, I had to incorporate it into the baby shower somehow. The VERY first thing I did before I planned anything was to go find a digi-kit to get some inspiration. I found this beautiful kit from Tracie Stroud. I knew that I wanted to incorporate blues, yellows & greys into my decorations so this kit was perfect!

Kit no longer available.

Then I made this invite with the kit. It's a 5x7. I got it printed from Persnickety Prints on their pearl stock paper. Let me tell you, it was gorgeous! It looked like I had made some fancy shmancy invites. I displayed the invite at the shower....mainly because it was supposed to be a surprise shower & my SIL hadn't seen the invites yet.

And look at that cake my sister made! It goes perfectly with the kit & invite.  I should mention that this surprise baby shower was all my sister's idea. She mentioned it to me & I ran with it (with help from her). Can't believe I didn't think to do it first!

Then I made a "guess the birth date" calendar. I made a 12x12 page in photoshop, had it printed at Persnickety. After I got it back I decided it needed a black border. So I trimmed off a little bit of each side and matted it on 12x12 black cardstock. Then I punched out little some little circles. Thank goodness I kept my Creative Memories Circle Punchers back from my traditional scrapbooking days! My idea was that people would write their name & then stick their circle (I even had some leftover Creative Memories double sided sticky things that I put on the back of each circle) on the day that they thought the baby would be born. So I made this page, got it ready a few weeks early & guess what?!? To our surprise little baby Sawyer was born 5 weeks early! Thank goodness everyone is doing well. Mom & baby were both at the shower! So needless to say I didn't even need this....but you know what? I put it out at the shower anyway just because it was so cute!

We played guess the clothespins.

I made these up with Tracie's kit. Everyone filled one out & mommy can save them for the baby.
I found this idea here at Babble.com. And don't look too closely or you might notices the I repeated one of the phrases....& it's pretty ironic the one that I repeated!

A game I made with Tracie's kit! Another one found at babble.com (the internet is a wonderful thing!). Everyone filled out the phrases & whoever matched the most phrases with the mommy won a little prize.

 Some decorations. Banner made with Tracie's kit & my mini-hybrid banner templates.

I found these at Hobby Lobby. Cute!

Food. What's a party without food? This is the area where I like to delegate! Lots of people helped me make food. Thanks to all that helped!

This was also supposed to be at the party. I found this cute idea on pinterest. I kind of put my own twist on it & it turned out really cute: a bouquet of flowers, diapers, socks, onesies, etc... I ended up bringing it to the hospital when my SIL had her baby. He came early & I didn't want to go empty-handed. I already had this made for the shower so I thought it would be perfect to take to the hospital.

Anyway, I just HAD to share all the fun hybrid digi-stuff (& other stuff) I made for her shower.
Hope it inspires you to personalize your parties with some digi-scrapping supplies.

Video Tutorial: How to Add a Photo Spot

It's time for another video tutorial. I know I promised this one a while back. This is a basic tutorial that will help you add a photo to a template. Sometimes you have a great template, with a great design but you just need another photospot. Well, this will help you do that.

I'm using Photoshop CS3 in my video tutorial & the template you see is a new template that you'll see in my store this weekend!

And here's my finished page with the four photo spots. Look at all those fun photos!
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