May 30, 2011

Sneak Peek Monday & Giveaway

Happy Memorial Day! We are having a cookout with friends today! I just love these summer time holidays.

Well, it's time for Monday's Sneak Peek and Giveaway. I have three, fun, new products coming out this week and I have something extra special going on. 1 of these products will be released on Wednesday at a store I'm guesting at for June! So keep an eye on my facebook page where I'll be announcing it on Wednesday morning and you'll be able to grab one of these a day early at 20% off. Oh and I'm going to have an awesome FWP at Scrap Orchard! So you'll definitely want to come back on Thursday to check out these goodies. Now for the giveaway. You have to tell me what you like better. Do you like templates or do you like masks that you can play with on your own layout design? I was making one of these sets of templates and I decided that one of the layers would be really fun to just play with as a mask. So that's what I did....there will be a whole set of paper masks that you can play with on your own layouts. So it got me to thinking and wondering if you all liked the full fledged template or if you like more of just a beginning point to work with. So let me know by midnight on Wednesday 6/1 and we'll announce a winner on Thursday's blog post.

I also have to tell you about some fun stuff going on at Scrap Orchard. I just don't want you to miss out on all the fun stuff and not to mention, PRIZES!

Make it Snappy is a fun challenge that goes on in the forum. They give you step by step instructions to follow and then in 60 minutes you have a finished digital scrapbooking page. There are always prizes given away too!

Then here's another chance to win some prizes from Lyndsay Riches and plus you get to have a fun chat with the Appletinis. I even show up occasionally!

Did you all know that we are planning another DigiscrapApalooza for 2012? It is going to be awesome. So if you missed out last year you won't want to miss out again and here's your chance to save $100! Grab this coupon now to save $100 on your ticket prices. There's only 1 more day to grab this coupon so you need to get it now if you are going to go!

I'm really hoping to see some of you all there next March but I'm not sure if I'm going to make it. I have some personal things that will be going on the beginning of next year that might prevent me from coming (you'll be hearing about this soon :) but I can't make plans for sure yet. BUT I am going to be part of the planning, prizes and more, even if I can't come. So either way, you won't want to miss it. It was a lot of fun this past spring and it's going to be even better next year.

That's it for now. See you on Thursday to announce the winner and show you the new stuff.

May 29, 2011

4x6 Postcards and Invites

Tiffany here, and I want to share with you some simple cards and invites for mailing.  I recently discovered that a 4x6 inch print is just within the size limits to be mailed by the USPS without an envelope, with a postcard stamp.  This is so convenient for me - I don't have to keep small envelopes on hand for mailing small cards, and it also reduces waste.

I have my prints made at Costco - I upload online, and they are usually ready to pick up at my local warehouse in about an hour.  They do have a little bit of text on the back of the print, but the placement of it nicely divides the back of the card into a message area and an address area - just like a traditional travel postcard.

Here is an invite I recently made.

A Little Variety Card Templates by Scrapping with Liz; Swoon by Laurie Ann;
Sweet & Simple Kits by Gina Marie Huff; Cardstock by SuzyQ Scraps
This Little Piggy by Kristin Aagard; SO Lil Dreamer font by Irene Aleexeva

And here is the back.  Right in the middle you can see two faint lines of text (running vertically in this picture) - that's what Costco prints on the back.  Since all the invitation info was on the front of the card, my sister did not need to add a message on the back - she just wrote in the delivery address on the right.

I've also sent a postcard thank you note in the mail without envelope.
A Little Variety Card Templates by Scrapping with Liz; Sweet & Simple Kits #
4 and 5 by Gina Marie Huff; Spring Fever by Jazzmin Designs

And here is the back, with the message area filled in with my note of thanks.

In both of the examples above, my sister and I used first class stamps, although that wasn't necessary.  They really only require a post card stamp.

Most of Liz's card templates are sized at 5x7, which is a different aspect ratio than 4x6, although they are close.  When you order a 4x6 print from a 5x7 image, Costco's software will automatically crop the image to 4x6 for you (although you can also crop it yourself on their site).  The automatic cropping trims a small amount along the long edges of the card.  The pic below shows how much - the shaded areas at top and bottom are cropped to create the 4x6 ratio.  And the whole image is sized down to 4x6 inches.

For most cards, this auto cropping of the 5x7 into a 4x6 will probably be ok, but if you have any text really close to the edges, you may want to crop it yourself before uploading your jpg. On my niece's birthday invitation, I wanted a uniform border all the way around, so I oversized my canvas a little, and when I was done with my card, I cropped it at 4x6 myself.  For the thank you note, I let Costco auto-crop it.

Here are some of Liz's card templates available in the Scrap Orchard Market

A Little Variety Card Templates

Spring Card Temps

Fun Card Temps
4x6 and 5x7 Card Templates

Small 4x6 cards are a great size for birthday and other party invites, and I could even see them used as an informal save-the-date type announcement. Plus, Liz just makes amazing card templates.  I personally prefer cards without a photo, and I can always find one of her templates to match what I have in mind. If you have a party coming up, I hope you will find this post useful, and don't forget that just a couple weeks ago, Liz placed several hybrid party projects in her shop.  Happy party planning!

May 26, 2011

Double Page Album Templates

If you love 2-page layouts you're going to love these new releases.  Not one, but two sets of double-page (12x24 inch) templates. Not only do these have lots of photo spots, but they feature substantial journaling areas as well.  They are great for event and holiday scrapping or for those everyday times when you just couldn't stop taking pics of the cute ones in your life.  Both sets are licensed for CU/PU/S4H and are 20% off through May 1.

And Tuesday's Giveaway winner is Denise! Congrats Denise. You should be hearing from Liz soon! Be sure to read Liz's sneak peek post early in the week to have a chance to win her new stuff. She does a giveaway every week.

Here's the new stuff!

The CT really had fun with these.  Aren't these great?  The ladies have used kits that can be found for sale at Scrap Orchard. You can click on any of the images to see a larger version.

By Dagi
By Carrie
By Carrie
By Liz
By Jenn
By Knautie
By Tami
By Heather

The 12x24 templates can also be cropped into two 12x12 templates. (Liz had a video tutorial on Tuesday with a quick cropping technique). Here's an example:
By Judie

Thanks for stopping by!

May 24, 2011

Double Page Video Tutorial with a Sneak Peek & Giveaway!

So Monday's Sneak Peek didn't happen yesterday but it didn't happen for a reason. Yes, I had it all planned out. I didn't run out of time. I didn't procrastinate. It was all part of the plan! Okay, okay, maybe not, BUT, it is working out nicely for you guys anyway because you get to have a sneak peek in today's video tutorial!

These video tutorial are going to show you a little bit on how to edit a 24x12 finished page and template. Hmmm....24x12 you say, why would I need that? Well, just wait until you see Thursday's releases. Then you'll understand. In fact the template you see in this video tutorial will be one of the templates in Thursday's releases.

So without further ado here is the 1st video. It will show you how to take a finished 24x12 jpg image and crop it into 2-12x12 pages so that you can send them off to your favorite print shop and print them. The beautiful kit I used for my page is from Tracie Stroud and Jennifer Barrette called Walking on Sunshine.

This second one shows you how to take the 24x12 layered psd template and crop it into 2-12x12 layered psd templates. That way you can use each side of the page individually if you want to.

I just love 2 pagers, great for lots of photos and recap pages. Okay, now for the giveaway. Just tell me if you like to do double page spreads or if you think you would be more likely to use 24x12 templates individually. Don't worry, you won't hurt my feelings if you would use them's why I wrote the tutorials. :) Then I'll pick a winner and announce it on Thursday's blog post. You'll win my 2 new template sets that will be coming out this week! You won't wanna miss them.

May 17, 2011

Baby Shower & Hybrid

You know how I said I made those new hybrid temps just for me? Well, I REALLY did and I'm going to show you what I made with most them (besides the chore temps, which I'll show you in another post). I threw a baby shower for a dear friend of mine a couple of weeks ago and I made the Hybrid Party Tag TempsThe Bingo Temps and the Mini Hybrid Banner Temps all so that I could make stuff for the shower. What better way to customize a baby shower and make it unique then to use some of those cute baby kits you can find all around digi-land? So that is what I wanted to do. The first thing I did was plan a theme. I decided to go with 2 Peas in a Pod (she's having twin girls!). So the first place I went was to Scrap Orchard to see if I could find a cute kit to go with my theme. I found this one from Lyndsay Riches and Laura Banasiak (aren't those peas just adorable?):

But I wanted a lot of pink because my friend has 5 boys and 1 I thought with her having twin girls she needed a LOT of pink. So I found this kit by SuzyQ which has a LOT of pink....a perfect combo with the peas.

Then I made invitations. I didn't use or make a template because I wanted it to be pretty simple.
It's edited for privacy.

Then I commissioned my sister to make a cake for me because she's awesome and can do almost anything you want! Plus they always taste super yummy! I know we are in a small town in Western North Carolina but if you want to "like" her on facebook you can see all of her wonderful creations and get some inspiration....or if you live close by I'm sure she would love to do a cake for you! She's Creative Confections by Amanda. Anyway, look at this cake she made! Isn't it adorable?

And here's the top. All edible in fondant!
Once I had that all figured out I needed some games to play and that's where the Bingo Templates came in. I researched baby shower games and Baby Bingo came up. So I thought I could make up a template and just make my own game. I made the template and then decorated it with cute little digi-elements and pink and green paper (notice the 2 little peas in the middle for the free spot?). For each bingo card I just switched the elements around saved the JPG and then printed them out. At first I thought it was going to be a lot of work but once I got the initial bingo card done it was super easy just switching around the elements and saving the JPG'S. Plus it's a super unique game that you can make for any party. For this particular game I had everyone take a card and then when the guest of honor opened her gifts everyone would mark off the item that she opened. I really wanted to have green m&m's or jellybeans to be the markers for the cards but I forgot that minor detail when I went shopping to get stuff....and I ran out of time to go shopping again. Either way it was a fun game (although nobody really wanted to mark on the pretty bingo sheet!).

Then it was time to plan a few decorations and that's where the mini-hybrid templates came in. Now I do have a full-size set of banner templates in my store but I wanted something smaller and something that I could print on one sheet of paper from my home printer. The party was originally going to be in my home so I didn't really want to overdo it with a big banner. So I thought a cute little banner would be fun. So of course I made a template for it and then clipped some of those pretty pink papers to it, printed it out and the used hot glue to glue the green ribbon to it.

You can see them here in the background. Aren't they cute? And look at all that yummy food. Oh and I must add that I had some great friends help me out with the food. I didn't have to do a single thing with food!
Then I made those Hybrid Party Tag Templates to use on one of the tables. You could also use them for food labels or water bottle labels....well for anything really. I didn't go too crazy. I just made two little signs that I framed. Here's one of them. You see that cute little scrapbook on the right with the 2 peas on the window? I found the pink book at Hobby Lobby. Oh and I must say that I first discovered hobby lobby when I was shopping for this baby shower! My life will never be the same. LOL. It is over 1.5 hours away so I won't be going there too hubby is thankful for that. Anyway, back to the pink book. I took and printed a pic of the 2 peas and put it in the front of the book and then I had everyone write an encouraging note to our friend and then later I added pics from the baby shower to it.  Now back to the tags (man am I getting sidetracked). I digi-decorated one of the tags (with the kits above), printed it up, put it in the frame and set it next to the book. I also decorated another one to put next to the party favors I had for everyone.

Now that's it with the digi-stuff I used but I thought I would show you some of the other things I did. I made these cute vases with little green candies. I thought they looked like little peas. Everyone who won a game got to take home a vase. You can see the bingo games in the background.

Then I made a banner out of baby clothes. It was cute and useful.

Sorry for the ultra long blog post. Hope you enjoyed reading it and got some party #1 tip...get people to make the food so that you can do the fun part!

May 16, 2011

Sneak Peek Monday and Giveaway

Happy Monday! I don't know about you but I actually really like Mondays. It's one of the least busy days of the week for me. I do school with my girls (along with some laundry). Then they have gymnastics for 1.5 hours while I sit with my laptop (maybe this is why I like it so much). Then it's time to come home for dinner together (usually something I've thrown in the crock pot - tonight it is chili) and enjoy the evening with my family.
So that is my day today....don't know why I just told you probably don't really probably just want me to get on with the sneak peek.
Oh and before I get to the sneak peek. I want to say that Thursday's blog post totally got messed up when blogger went down. I haven't had time to go back and fix it and PLUS when blogger was down it erased some of the comments from last Monday's post. So the winning comments was erased. So I'm announcing again, here, who the winner was. It was kramer...if you are out there please comment here where I can e-mail you the coupon codes!
Well, here goes with the sneak peek. I have 3 new products coming out this week and I'm  really excited about them. My CT actually suggested them and I was like, duh! Why didn't I think of that? Thanks Jenn (Jenn's a guest this month in case I haven't told you yet and she's doing fabulous work!) and Christine. So here's the sneak peek and if you want a chance to win them then just leave a comment here telling me a little bit about your Monday. Tiff will be announcing the winner on Thursday's blog post.

Oh and before I leave you to get back my lovely Monday I thought I would make sure you guys know about some fun stuff going on at Scrap Orchard...there are lots of great prizes.

May 10, 2011

My Mother's Day

Before I begin today's post I'm going to announce winner #2 of my $25 giveaway to my store. Everyone who purchased more then $5 from my store during the sale was entered into the drawing and the winner is Adriana (order #158319) Congrats! Thank you all for supporting me and I hope you enjoyed shopping and grabbing the freebies I had for you. There is still one on facebook right now and I'll also leave my template from my challenge up for a few more days in case you missed it. Oh and don't forget about my sneak peek & giveaway from yesterday....Tiff will be announcing that winner on Thursday.

Now, on to my Mother's Day......
My Mother's Day began on Saturday morning, celebrating iNSD alone, at home, by myself! Thanks to my wonderful hubby, I spent most of the morning shopping, designing and scrapping (although I only got one page done!) and then I even got to do a little bit more on Saturday afternoon while the kids played outside. I did get some templates designed....well, actually A LOT (and you'll be seeing them over the next month). It's amazing how much I can get done when I just have a few hours to focus.

Here's the page I scrapbooked on Saturday. Oh and I used the exclusive template I have on my facebook page right now. I posted it for iNSD and it will be there until I have another one for you! I used DeCrow Designs Amiable Kit.

Then on Sunday I told my hubby that I really wanted to go hiking. So he found a new spot that we had never hiked and we went hiking after going to church together. It really was the perfect Mother's Day. When I got home, after the girls were in bed, I scrapped a few pages about it. I chose a template from my Miscellaneous set I that had spots for big photos. Then I wanted to make a double pager, so I used the same template and rotated the layers. I kept the pages pretty simple. Since I had so many big photos on the pages, I didn't need a lot of elements (although it is hard not to use all those beautiful elements). I used the kit Seek Adventure from Tracie Stroud and DeCrow Designs and the word bits are from Tracie Stroud's kit Beauty in the World. I also used a screw from Julie Bullock's Stainless Alpha.

Here's the journaling if you are interested in how our hike went.
 For Mother’s Day I really wanted to go on a hike with my family and so that is what we did. Our destination was Glen Falls (about a 1 mile hike) but it was under construction when we got to the trail. There was another trail leading to the left called Chiquapin Mountain Trail. It did say that it was 3.6 miles round trip and “more difficult” and we debated on whether or not we could do it with the girls. We started it and figured we could turn around if we couldn’t do it. We ended up hiking the whole trail with a stop to play in the creek. The girls did awesome and we only heard, “I’m tired” a few times. I did end up carrying Kyla almost the whole way, with a few breaks to carry Emmie and yes, even Ashlyn! Oh and not to mention the 1 mile I ran with Kyla on my back because of a potty emergency (this is the part I will probably remember the most from our trip!). It was a beautiful trail with lots of fun things for the girls to see and then when we got to the top we got to see an amazing view. Even the girls agreed that it was worth the hike. It was a BEAUTIFUL Mother’s Day! Thank you God for giving me these precious children and for the beautiful world you’ve given us.

That was my Mother's Day. I hope you all had a wonderful day too.

May 9, 2011

Sneak Peek Monday & Giveaway

Before I show you this weeks Sneak Peek, I want to announce the from this weekend's template challenge. It's Ana Carol (I'll be sending you a PM soon). She won $25 to my store! Now don't worry if you missed out because I'm going to be doing a drawing tonight when the Farmer's Market Sale is over and everyone who has spends $5 in my store during the Farmer's Market sale (which ends today!) will also be entered to win $25 to my store. I'll be announcing that winner in tomorrow's blog post.

Now onto the sneak peek. I have a little something different for you this week. Lots of hybrid stuff! I'll let you in on a little secret....I actually made all of these template for ME and I've actually used every single one of them already! I honestly can't wait to show them all to you but I guess we'll just both have to wait until Thursday when Tiff shows them to you. Oh and when I say "hybrid"'s kind of a different kind of easy hybrid, because I like easy! But they are sooo fun too.

So just leave a comment here letting me know if you like hybrid stuff for a chance to win them all (4 products!). Oh and don't worry if you aren't really into hybrid, some of these you could totally use in your digital-scrapbooking pages.

May 8, 2011

Tips: Guides

HI Everyone!  I'm Jenn, aka jk703/The Typative Scrapper.  I'm getting a chance to stop in here on Liz's blog during my guestie month of May!  So excited!  I decided to share some info about guides and why I use them in my layouts.

Guides are a easy and smart way to be able to line up items on your scrapbook layouts.  They are non-prinatble, and available in Photoshop and Photoshop Elements.  In the Elements version, they are only available as presets. Whether you are working on a row of flowers, a title or keeping inside of the guides, they are a great tool to use.

For my example below, I used Liz's Blocked Templates (no longer available) and Jennifer Labre Designs, Color Me Happy Kit.  I am slowly working on my P52 album, and this is my week 4 double spread.

My own personal use of guides is for every layout, and help me to get my pages ready for printing - from before the page is created or the first paper placed! I know that when printing pages, approx 1/4 of the edge will be cropped on my pages.  So, since I create double layouts, I've created a template document with guides placed at a 1/2 inch interval at every edge of my page.  Here is what it looks like as I am creating:

See the blue lines on my pages... I try to keep everything inside of those lines that is important.  My journaling is just on the edge, but should be fine, since my guides are set at 1/2 inch.

By using guides, I can get my pages ready for an album upload right away!  I save a web version, and I also save an album version right after I've completed the page!  Saves me more time later on!

So, here is how you can add a guide to your layout. Click View > New Guide on the top menu bar.

Next, you can choose where you want your guide placed on your document.  Choose Horizontal or Vertical as well as the location using inches within your document. My guides are vertically set at  .5, 11.5, 12.5, and 23.5 for my double layouts. Horizontally, my guides are .5, and 11.5.

Click on OK... and you are done!!!

Another way to add guides is also just as easy.  If you have the Move Tool selected, as well as enabling the Rulers and Snap items, you can just drag a guide from the ruler to the spot you need one at.  Just click and drag... easy.  

 One last tip... If you work with guides and you are zoomed in close to your document, but need to see the whole document in your window, just double click on the Hand Tool. Instant  view of your whole document.

Hope you've enjoyed this!  I'd love to know what you think too!  :)  Now, head on over to Liz's store and check out all the Farmer's Market $1 items!  WOW... lots to get!  I'd better got some shopping done myself!

Have a great day, and thanks for visiting!
Jenn (jk703/The Typative Scrapper)
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