DIY Hybrid Tray

I have a little digital scrapbook home decor DIY project for you. I saw this little wooden bowl at Wal-mart for $7 and I had a genius idea. Okay, not exactly genius, but still it was like one of those lightbulb moments. I thought that it would be cool to customize the wooden bowl with scrapbook paper.

There are two ways you can do this:
1. Use traditional scrapbook paper and just cut a circle out and mod podge it in there.
2. Use digital scrapbook paper. Either print out a page of your favorite digital scrapbook paper or make a 7.5" circle mask in photoshop and clip your favorite digi-paper to it and mod podge it in there.

I chose to use digital scrapbook paper because I live in a small town and there just isn't that much selection when it comes to scrapbook paper In the digi-scrapbook world you can find anything you want, no matter where you are. Woot! Love digi!

I used some paper from an old kit from DeCrow Designs. She is no longer a digital designer but I always loved her papers, especially for home decor projects.

I put my oldest daughter to work mod podging. She loves doing things like this so she was more than happy to help out.

Before you start mod podging make sure the circle fits in the bowl. You'll mod podge the whole bottom side and then stick it in the bowl, making sure you smooth it out.

Then you will mod podge the top part of the paper. We tried not to get the mod podge on the edge of the bowl just because I didn't want the edges to have that shiny look that mod podge will give it.

I'm using the tray in the bathroom to hold some of that basic bathroom stuff that just ends up being placed all over the counter. It makes it look a little more organized and neat.

You'll see the color of the paper turned a bit darker after the mod podge dried. So you will want to take that into consideration when choosing your paper. I don't know if that will happen if you use traditional scrapbook paper.

So, here's another reminder that you can put your scrapbooking skills to use making personalized home decor projects.


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