My June Pages

It's time to show you my June pages. I did pretty good this month.  I finished scrapping all of my June 2011 pictures (Yay!). As far as my June 2012 pics. Well, we won't go there (Boo!), but I did catch up on a few of my May 2012 photos (remember, last month I didn't do so hot on my current photos). So at least I'm still working on getting my 2012 pics caught up and I'm still on track to finish my 2011 album by the end of the year. Look at the positive, right?

So here goes. This is what I scrapped this past month.

These are pics from a trip our family took to Charlotte with my hubby while he was on a business trip. The girls and I had all the fun while he had to do all the work. Really though, I would have rather had him enjoying it with us. I used the one template and rotated it to make it a double pager...although I didn't take the time to put it together as a double. You'll just have to imagine it as a two pager.

Left Side

Right Side
Using Fan Templates
And Leavin' On a Jet Plane by Laura Banasiak and Jenn Barrette

Here are some photos at Chimney Rock. We stopped on our way back from Charlotte. I actually scrapped this for the June Challenge that was on my blog.
Using Fan Templates
 and using Captivating May 2012 by Captivated Visions
 And more photos of our trip. We did get to go out one night with the whole family. This was made with my 2 in 1 Templates. I thought this template was perfect for showing day/night photos.
Using 2 in 1 Templates
and Scrap Orchard May 2012 Mega
and Foliferous Full Kit by Captivated Visions
Oh my. More pictures from our trip! I'm beginning to think I should have made an album just for this trip. I caught my oldest daughter being the little photographer. She must have seen her mamma taking all these pics and wanted to get in on the action.
One of my templates from a recent challenge. It will soon be in one of my Recyclables sets.
Using Perfect Shot by mle Card Designs.

Finally! Something other than our trip. Actually, these pics are from May 2011, not June, BUT I just scrapped them this month because I was waiting for this kit to come out from Chelle and mle. I knew that this gymnastics kit was coming and I just had to wait for it to scrap this photos. Now my May 2011 pics are officially done!
Using Yin and Yang 2 from Fiddle Dee Dee and me!
And then the kit I was waiting for!
Gymnastics Bundle from Chelle's Creations and mle Card Designs.

Once I got my June 2011 pics done I decided to go back and try to get caught up on some of my May 2012 photos. So I made this recap page. I still want to do some more pages about some of the individual events. Look how the girls have grown in just one year!
Using my Perpetual Calendar 12x12 Page Templates
and Captivation May 2012 by Captivated Visions (I really like this kit!)
And then my one lone page of pics from June 2012. At least I got one done! I actually scrapped this for the July Blog Challenge that is on my blog right now. Go grab the FREE template and you can scrap one kind of like this....if you like it.
FREE Template here on my blog.
Using My Chances by Amanda Heimann

Just another reminder to keep on scrapping even if you are behind on your goals!

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Jay@CraftySpices said...

Love all your work, getting back into my old scrapbooking passion. Thanks for sharing.

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