Same Pics, Different Scrappers, Different Styles

Back in August my team and I played a little game. It was called the CT Match Game. We had a lot of fun behind the scenes scrapping the same pictures. I loved how all the pages turned out, but I especially loved how each page showed the page maker's own personal design style. So I thought I would do a little recap showing them all to you.

I gave my CT some pics from a hike that my family had taken back in May and they were free to scrap them however they wanted to.

So here goes. Before you click on the link to see full credits can you guess who scrapped what? The creative team members who played along were Kimberley (greenmother), Jenn (jk703), Lenka, Tiff,  Rebecca (aurian) Tracy (tpbuffy), and yours truly.

So, what do you think? I hope you aren't sick of the photos of my family.

I seriously love all of these pages and I want to print them all for my scrapbook. I loved seeing my photos scrapped in different ways and to know that my team took their time to design such lovely pages with my photos makes me a happy person. If you ever get in a funk maybe try switching up your photos with a fellow digital scrapbooker and see what you can come up with.


8x8 to 12x12

Last week I released my new 8x8 Album Templates. When I designed these I wanted to focus on photo sizes and journaling spots that would work for the smaller digital scrapbook page.

But I also want you to know that these are great for the 12x12 scrapper as well because they are easy to convert to 12x12's. There are a few different ways you can use these if you want to get a full 12x12 page out of them.

I made this quick little video tutorial showing you how you can use them. I think I'm coming down with a please forgive the little sniffles.

Here is the double page layout I made with these. I converted the original 8x8 template to a 12x12 (by adjusting the image size) and scrapped the left page. Then I took the same template, converted it again and rotated it 90 degrees and scrapped the right side. Then put it together into this double pager.

8x8 Album Templates
Hey Sweetie by Ziggle Designs and Lyndsay Riches

And here's a page Tracy made demonstrating how you can take the 8x8 template and make the canvas size 12x12 and just delete that 8x8 background. Pretty cool, huh?

8x8 Album Templates
Pumpkin Patch by Suzy Q

I hope this gives you some ideas on how to use these templates.


DIY Travel Journal - Digital Scrapbook Style

By the time you all will be reading this blog post, I'll be in the sky headed to China to pick up our little girl! I can't believe this is actually happening. We have waited 19 months.

I wanted to take some sort of travel journal with me to keep track of my thoughts/feelings. Plus I wanted it to be able to hold papers, brochures, tickets, etc. that we might pick up along the way. I will definitely be scrapping a book for her but this is something I can do along the way to keep track of certain things I might not want to forget, and I can add some of the stuff from the travel journal to her scrapbook pages.

I searched all over our small town for something I could take with me and I couldn't find anything suitable. Then I began searching online at some of my favorite places: Pinterest, Etsy, google images and I began seeing some DIY journals. Perfect!

Since I'm a digital scrapbooker I went through my stash and gathered some papers and elements that I thought might look cool in a travel journal. 

I used digital scrapbook products from these kits:
Everyday Extraordinary Journaling Bits by Tracie Stroud
Leaving on a Jet Plane by Laura Banasiak and Jenn Barrette
I'm Outta Here by Captivated Visions
Great Escape the Bundle by WM Squared
Great Escape the Journaling Bits by WM Squared
Delightful by Design by Megan Turnidge

I took the different elements and papers and put them on an 8.5x11 canvas in photoshop and printed them and cut them out.

Then I took 3 - 6x9 inch manila envelopes and folded them in half.

Then I took a cereal box and cut two pieces out just the size of half of the envelope.....

...and slid the two pieces into the front envelope so that it would fold nicely and have a sturdy cover.

Then I cut cardstock just the right size to put in between each of the envelopes.

Then my husband came in and decided to be "helpful" and start snapping some photos. Lovely. Now you can see the true me: work out shorts, sweaty (because I had just gotten off the treadmill), ponytail. Yup, that's me pretty much all the time. My kids each made a travel journal too. Although they aren't coming with us, I thought it might be nice if they could journal a little and keep track of what they do while we are traveling.

In this photo, I'm punching holes in my envelopes and card stock.  I punched a hole in the top part of the crease and in the bottom.

Nice. Another photo.

Now my husband is actually being helpful. He took a picture of me tying my book together with twine. 

Then I took my book and glued some of those different papers and elements I printed inside of it.

I took all of those extra elements and stuck them inside one of the envelopes in my book to be able to use later as I journal in my book. I can take the pieces out and glue them wherever and whenever I please.

The front cover.

We are coming to get you, Lydia!


Organizing.....papers, art, tickets, etc....

Do you have a bunch of random papers laying around your house like me? Art projects, birthday cards, brochures, concert tickets, etc. I've just recently started organizing them in this expandable pocket organizer from Wal-mart. 

It has 18 labels by month. 

My goal here is to have quick access to all the stuff I might want to include in my digital scrapbook pages. I have always had these grand ideas of taking pictures of or scanning in papers to include on my pages, but when they aren't organized and the stuff is hard to find I don't even want to try. I'm hoping this will make it a lot easier for me to include all this miscellaneous stuff on my scrapbook pages.

We'll see how it goes. I'll keep you posted.

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