May 30, 2012

My May Pages

It's time to show you the May pages that I scrapped this month. I've been doing okay this month with keeping up with my 2012 goals. I did get all my 2011 May photos scrapped (which is one of my goals for each of the months of 2012 - to scrap the current month's previous year's photos) but I only got one page scrapped of May 2012 (which is another goal - to keep current on my 2012 photos). So as you can see I'm not doing that great with the latter part of my goal. I did scrap the most important photos from 2012 though, Mother's Day!

If you would like to see what I've scrapped for all of 2012 then just click here. Posting my pages each month on the blog is really helping me to stay accountable. So I hope that maybe this will inspire you to keep on top of your scrapping goals too.

Okay, here goes. First I'll show you the pages I scrapped this month from May 2011.

Using Animal Attraction by mle Card and Faith True
Simple and Sweet Album Templates II

Taste of Spring by SuzyQ Scraps
A Life Expressed Mega Alpha Stash by SuzyQ Scraps
Recyclables 7

Splash Zone by Dream Big Designs
Simple and Sweet Album Templates II

My Own Backyard by Allison Pennington
Simple and Sweet Album Templates II

Using Made Anew by Faith True Originals and mle Card
Gasp - I didn't use a template on this one!

Say it with Spunk by Laura Banasiak
Using Simple and Sweet Album Templates

Using Animal Attraction by Faith True Original and mle Card
Simple and Sweet Album Templates II

Sweet Spring by WM Squared Designs
Lots of Pics Temps

And my one lone page of May 2012, from Mother's Day.

Hey Girl by Laura Banasiak
Recyclables 10

One thing I learned from this month's scrapping is that my "go to" templates are my Recyclables and my Sweet and Simple Templates. I know I can always find something in those sets that will work.

So, what did you scrap this month?

May 25, 2012

Mix and Match Double Templates 3

I've loved making several double-page layouts lately, so I was so excited to see Liz's new products.
Mix and Match Double Templates 3 were designed so you can combine the pages to create dozens of different two-page spreads. These designs have a combination of large and small photo spots and are decorated with large paper strips and pretty floral clusters. The individual templates can be used for single page layouts as well.  Priced at $4.80 (20% OFF) through 5/31.

 Here is inspiration from the team!

May 24, 2012

FREEBIES You Might Want to Know About!

I'll admit, I'm being lazy tonight. I had this super awesome blog post planned about a "scrapbook" I made when I was 12. My mom found it while she was unearthing some old photos and such. I was going to take photos and share it with you all.  But, alas, it's almost the middle of the night right now (as I'm writing this) and just not a great time to take pictures (plus I'm a little too tired and lazy to go get my camera!). Every night I say to myself, "I'm going to take pictures tomorrow when it's nice and bright in here." Every day, I forget. So here I am...wondering if I should just skip a blog post this week....but I'm a creature of habit. I. just. can't. do. it. I have to stick to my routine (hmmm, maybe I should scrap about my silly routines).

Back to the purpose of this blog post. Right around this time every month (about the 3rd week into the month) I have a couple of freebies floating around in digi-land and I thought this might be a good time (since I didn't have anything else to blog about) to make sure you are aware of them. After all....I don't want you missing out on anything free!

Here's one that you can grab for free right now. It's available on the Scrap Orchard blog. I don't know if you are aware or not but they have a new blog feature called Template Tuesday. Each Tuesday you can run over there a snag a free template! So make sure you aren't missing out on that.

Here's another one that's free. You can grab this one over in the Scrap Orchard Challenge Forum. You can even play along with the challenge if you want to. Oh and um, I think I left some personal journaling on this page. Just ignore it, delete it....or read it, I guess. I made this template after a created a page....and I RARELY do that. I usually create the template first and then make a page.

There's also another way you can snag another template....but there is a little bit of work involved. As some of you know I have a Template Make It Snappy on my Facebook page and in the Scrap Orchard Forum on the first Saturday of every month (which will be coming up next weekend). We are changing things up a bit starting in June. There is still going to be a Template Make it Snappy but you won't get the free template unless you participate in the challenge. No worries though, it's still going to be a lot of fun and it will be super easy for you to participate. Grab one of the FREE templates above or make sure you have one of my templates handy so you'll be ready to play. Plus there will be a $5 prize to one winning participant.

Be sure to be tuned into my facebook page for other freebies, coupons, etc...that I might just randomly decide to post.

Oh and about that super awesome blog post about the "scrapbook" I made when I was 12. Yah, um, I'll get to that next week....if I remember to take pictures!


May 21, 2012

It's that Time! Sneak Peek & Giveaway

It's late Monday night over here...but not too late for my normal Monday sneak peek and giveaway! Right? If you are familiar with some of the templates I've made recently then you might know what these are. I'm addicted to these. I love making them and I really love using them!

So take a guess. Let me know what you think they might be. You have until 5/23 at 11pm EST to enter. I'll announce the winner here in the comments and on my facebook page shortly after 11pm on Wednesday.

Just a little reminder about Scrap Orchard's Make It Snappy. This week is sponsored by Captivated Visions. Go play along and maybe you'll get a coupon to her store! 


May 18, 2012

Comic Templates

Liz has some really fun new templates - inspired by comic books!  Comic Templates  are multi-photo pages decorated with captions, speech and thought bubbles and action bursts.  These are perfect for scrapping your own little super heroes, conversations, or just a fun way to scrap your everyday life. On Sale 20% OFF through 5/24.

Here is some inspiration from the team.
 Have a great weekend!

May 17, 2012

Digital Scrapbooking - Video

I spend a lot of time explaining to people what digital scrapbooking least what it is in my eyes. I wrote a blog post not too long ago about what it is but I thought for some of you visual people out there I might show you in video form. Actually, this is a good add-on to my What is Digital Scrapbooking post. So if you want to show your friends what it's all about, have them read that blog post and then come back here to watch the video I put together. This video will show you the process I go through to scrap a page, from picking out the photos, picking my template, picking my kit and then finally scrapping it. The first few minutes of the video I'm explaining what I'm doing to get started and then the last part is just a fast-forwarded version of me scrapping a page. I didn't think you would want to watch me scrap for an hour! So here goes.....

This is my finished page made with a Recyclables 10 Template and Laura Bansiak's kit Hey Girl.

See now, wasn't that fun? Don't you want to do it?

Now for a little announcement. The winner of Monday's blog post giveaway.  She is going to win my new Comic Templates. Are you ready? It's Cheryl, Cassie and Mark! She said...
These look great...can't wait to see them!
Don't be fooled by the name, there is only one winner. That's just her blogger profile. Cheryl, make sure you send me a message so I can get you your free templates!

May 15, 2012

May GSO Winner!

Please join me and congratulating Sandra (sberkan) on winning this month’s special Doubles GSO!  Sandra competed against some double-ly awesome layouts but you the voters chose her gorgeous layout of new baby as the best. We love this layout's contrast of the black and white, the close-ups of the hands and feet and the amazing clustering by color groups. 

We got a chance to ask Sandra about herself and this is what she said... 

How long have you been digi-scrapping? I have been digi-scrapping since 2008. I was never a paper scrapper and discovered this hobby while creating photo books. I didn't think I'd continue after I finished the book I was working on (ha ha!).

What is your favorite thing to scrap? Well, my favourite things to scrap are a toss up between my kids and vacations. I'm working on books for both of them (my 6 yo's baby book, in fact) and they are both such fun topics to work with.

What is your favorite Liz product? Oooo, I have to pick a favourite Liz product? I love templates and she makes such fabulous ones that it's so hard to pick. I especially love that she creates templates with so much variety. But, if I had to pick, I guess my favourites (for now) would be her Wall Templates and her Fun With Envelope Templates.

If you were a digi-scrap item, which one would you be? Let's see...if I were a digi-scrap item what would I be? The first thing that popped into my mind was a template but I'm not sure why :) Maybe because I love to use them or possibly because they are organized and planned out and I am definitely a planner!

If you love this layout check out Liz's Wall Templates and create your own gorgeousness.

May 14, 2012

Sneak Peek Time, Giveaway & Freebies!

I'm pretty excited about these new templates but I'll be honest, I can't take full credit for them. My husband gave me the idea. Actually, this happens quite a bit. In fact, last night as we are sitting on the couch next to each other (him on his computer, me on mine)  he actually said to me, "Okay, now we gotta think up the next ultimate digital scrapbook template set!"  I just gave him "the look" because I didn't know if he was being serious.  He is always giving me suggestions....some I take, some I don't! But this one I did, and I LOVE them. They are going to make some really fun pages and I think they will be able to tell a story in a really fun way.

If you want a chance to win this set just leave a comment here and I'll announce the winner in Thursday's blog post (doing things a little different around here). Leave a comment here by 11pm 5/16 EST to be entered into the drawing.

And here's the info on the next Make It Snappy over at Scrap Orchard. These are a ton of fun. I can actually say that now since I participated in on during iNSD! I might actually go on over Wednesday night and play along.

I have something super special for you guys over on my facebook page. During iNSD I reached over 3000 fans and to thank everyone for their support I made this free pack of templates. It's available on my facebook page. All you have to do is "like" me and then go to the "freebie" tab and you can download this whole pack. It's only going to be available until 5/20 so grab it now while you can.

I do appreciate you guys so very much. You don't know how much this little business of mine has blessed our family and others!


May 10, 2012

5 New State Templates + iNSD Templates

Liz has added to her line of US State templates with five customer requested states. These are great for scrapping the places you've lived, your travels or just your home town pride.

Here are all of the State (and country) Templates in the Market.


Also new in the market are Liz's templates from the iNSD Scrap Orchard Olympics.  If you weren't able to participate you can still have these templates.  They have a great mix of large and small photos and are decorated with stitching, scallops and clusters.

Here are some inspirational layouts from the team using the iNSD templates and various State Templates.

May 9, 2012

SwL Creative Team Projects

I've seen a few of my Creative Team Members making some awesome personal projects with some of my templates. I thought I would take some time to give you a little peek at what they have made and then you can check out their own blogs to see the whole project. Maybe you'll get some inspiration, I know I did!

Dagi made these adorable flashcards using my Preschool Flashcard Templates and some other delicious digital scrapbook products. Read her blog post to find out more. Oh and you might want to check out the design on her blog. I do believe she used my Blogwear Templates. ;)

Jenn just got her first digital scrapbook album printed! It's beautiful. Go on over to her blog The Typative Scrapper and take a look. She's taken lots of photos so you can see what it looks like printed. It's simply beautiful. She used a lot of my templates plus some other digital scrapbooking goodness.

You'll want to take note of a couple other things when you are checking out Jenn's blog. She used my Blogwear Templates to decorate her blog and she is a Radvocate for Totally Rad. It's a great tool for editing your photos. Go on over to her blog and check it out (the info is at the bottom of the post) and then go on over and get the 30 day trial. I did and it's awesome....I might just be buying myself a Mother's Day present! Oh and Jenn has some GREAT tutorials. Be sure to check those out while you are over there.

Tiffany has put together an AMAZING Life 356 album. Instead of taking a photo a day, she decided to take several photos a week and then scrap them in this calendar form. It's such a great way to really remember the day to day stuff. She used my Background Templates with a mix of other digital scrapbooking stuff. Go on over to her blog Dotted with Dots to see more pictures and to read about what other products she used. What I love about Tiffany's blog is that she shows you full albums she is working on. It's a great place to get some inspiration.

I love seeing what people make with my products. If you have something special you've made please link me up here in the comments. I might even do a special blog post about it (if you don't mind!) and if I do you'll get a little prize.


May 8, 2012

May GSO -- Special Doubles Edition

Were doing something special this month that's twice the fun -- a Double Layout GSO! April saw a lot of double layouts in the gallery and we wanted to celebrate these special layouts. Double layouts are perfect for scrapping those big AND small events in life. Take a look at these gorgeous layouts and pick your favorite. Vote Here! Then come back on the 15th and see who won!

Melissa (prettypeaches) created this fun and cheerful double layout of her child's favorite song using the Simple and Sweet Album Templates II.  We love the yellow stitching as a border, the paint title, the farm theme (those duckies are TOO cute!) and the journaling font.
Sberkan created this precious layout of her new baby using the Wall Templates.  We love the contrast of the black and white, the close-ups of the hands and feet and the amazing clustering by color groups. 
Shari created this sweet layout of her son gardening using the Facebook Freebie for both sides.  We love the banner across the top, the different color photo mats and the bright and happy photos that show his pride in a job well done.

Chrissy (Angel185gccca) created this double page layout with two totally different templates but it flows so great together. We love that she made one side mostly photos and the other side focuses more on the journaling.

May 7, 2012

Sneak Peek, Giveaway and iNSD Recap!

Wow! What a weekend! I hope you all had a fun iNSD this year. I know I did. I had fun at the chats, seeing all the new pages and I even participated in my first Template MIS. It was so much fun, definitely doing it again.

Well, I'm going to keep this short and sweet this week since I know we are already filled to the brim with digital scrapbooking goodness. I had some special requests for more State Templates. So I got to working and have 5 brand new sets for you! Can't wait to reveal them all. If you want a chance to win them just leave a comment here and I'll choose a winner on 5/9/12 around 11pm EST.

Oh and I'll be releasing one more thing!  Just in case you didn't keep up with some of the freebies I handed out this weekend, you'll be able to grab them this week in my new releases.

Here's a page I made for the Template MIS that I participated in. Kimberley hosted it on my facebook page on Friday night. I can't believe I scrapped a page in less than an hour! It was so fun scrapping along with everyone else. I'll admit, I didn't really like the first rule. 1. one photo repeated three times; you can change size, crop, color and angle differently I really wanted to use more than one photo with this template but I'm glad I stuck to the rules. I love how the page turned out.
Say it with Spunk Laura Banasiak

Well, iNSD is over but I hope you guys have a great big stash of digital scrapbook supplies to keep you scrapping for awhile.

Back to a normal week *sigh*.

May 3, 2012

iNSD and Farmer's Market $1 Sale

International Scrapbooking Day is here, and with it comes the famous Scrap Orchard Farmer's Market. All of the products in the Farmer's Market category are only $1, and that includes both old and brand new designs! This sale runs May 3 - May 6.

Liz has three new products, all at just $1. (All of the images below are linked for you.)

Mix and Match Double Templates 2 is a set of double page templates designed so you can build dozens of different 2-page spread combinations.

Tile Templates feature page-filling backgrounds with just a hint of decoration on top.  Create beautiful backgrounds with your patterned papers or use the clipping masks for LOTS of photos.

Recyclables 11 is new to the Market, but check your stash before you buy. This collection of past freebies features some full-page designs with overlapping layers as well as several templates featuring circles and scallops.

And here are the rest of Liz's Farmer's Market products - all just $1 each.  This is the lowest price you will ever see on these products! All of the images are linked for you.

Finally, here are inspirational layouts with the new templates.

See you at the Farmer's Market!
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