November 28, 2012

Combining Layers - Template Tutorial

I've had a few of you ask me how to place one photo on multiple photo layers on a template. So I thought it was about time for another video tutorial. I also posted some written instructions below and a few sample pages. I hope this will help you try something new with your digital scrapbook pages.

Combining Photo Layers

Here's the page by Lenka that I used in my video.
Label Templates by Scrapping with LizToday Makes Me Happy by Captivated Visions

Here's another page by Lenka. She combined some of the triangle layers together so she could easily clip one paper to make a pattern.

Santa's Little Helper Papers by Kristin Aagard Designs
Santa's Little Helper Elements by Kristin Aagard Designs
SO November Challenge Template by Scrapping with Liz
And here's a page by me. I combined three photo layers to clip this one photo to. This photo worked perfectly in these three spots.

Using Fancy Templates
and Beauty from Within by Megan Turnidge

November 23, 2012

$1 Sale!!!

I'm here for a special blog post today. I'm just going to show you all the products that I have in my store for $1! I don't want you to miss anything so I'm posting them all here so you'll be able to check them out. These will be $1 until Monday, November 26.

A few reminders:
-Just click on the image to go to the product in the store.
-Please read the product description carefully, as some of these are older products and some of them do not contain .page or .png files for Creative Memories or Artisian users (although my new products do).
-Sale ends Monday!

Let's begin......

That's it folks. Have fun shopping and I can't wait to see what you make with your purchases. Be sure to share them in my Scrap Orchard gallery.

November 22, 2012

Pinterest Gifts - You Can Make Digitally

Happy Thanksgiving! I hope you all have a wonderful day and I just want to say that I'm super thankful for all of you! Today's blog post is going to help you get some ideas for DIY Christmas gifts....before you do your Black Friday shopping.

I love pinterest, in case you didn't know. My favorite thing to use pinterest for is DIY projects...especially DIY projects I can make digitally. In fact I've found some pinterest projects that I'm going to use to make some Christmas gifts.  Photoshop + Gifts = Awesome! I thought I would share them with you just in case you need some ideas for Christmas gifts. It's a great way to personalize gifts and not to mention that it can be pretty inexpensive.

I've actually already made one gift. I saw this family tree a couple months ago floating around on pinterest and I thought it would be a great gift for my parents. This idea came from Lesley Grace Designs on Etsy. She has a ton of great typography prints.

Here's my finished tree. I LOVE it.  I used photoshop and Pea Mindy font. The font looks amazing on the printed page, looks just like real ink.  I also decided to add in some digital leaves and hearts. I used leaves and hearts from the SO November Mega kit to make my family tree. Each leaf represents a grandchild and each heart represents a marriage.  I hope my Mom and Dad like it. I'm pretty sure my mom doesn't read my blog and I know my dad doesn't. I would be surprised if he even knew what a blog was! So I hope I'm not giving anything away...and Mom, if you are reading this right now...well, you know what you'll be unwrapping on Christmas Eve.

I kept it a bit small for privacy reasons.

I saw this a while ago too and I thought it would be super easy to make digitally (especially with some of my Alpha Templates). I thought it would be a great gift for my Sister-in-Law who just got married. I can't give you a direct link or credit for this image since there was no link on pinterest.

Here are some of the alpha templates that I think might work well. It would be a little variation but still pretty cool.

Wow! These are old template sets....look at that old logo!
Well...this one isn't exactly all digital but you could use some of your digital scrapbook paper to create it. Just get a multi-photo frame, print out some of your favorite paper and mix it with some of your favorite photos and you have a quick, easy personalized gift. Click photo to go to original site.

I've just recently started using instagram (love it!) and these wold make some pretty cool bookmarks. I think my children might enjoy them if I used some of the pics I've taken of them. Click on image for full could easily do this all in photoshop and then just print them from your home printer.

These would be fun to make for my hubby. This idea comes from Bubby and Bean and they have a great tutorial on their blog showing you how to make these. Of course you could tweak part of the tutorial and make it all digital!

I hope this will get you using your photoshop and digital scrapbook skills to make special, personalized gifts this year!


November 21, 2012

New $1 Journal Templates, Banners, and a Freebie

I'm here with new products a little early this week because the $1 Farmer's Market at Scrap Orchard has opened!
If you are new to the Farmer's Market, here is the deal:  all of the designers select products, both new and old, to be sold for just $1 for a limited time.  And any product can only be in the Farmer's Market once, so this is the lowest price you'll ever see. This Farmer's Market is open November 21-26, and Liz has a total of 20 products on sale.  Two are brand new. An easy way to see all of her $1 items is to go to the Farmer's Market and shop by Designer on the drop down.

I know that you probably want to get right to browsing and shopping, so I'll get right to those new products.

Artsy Journal Templates have the look of stacked journal pages and photos on top of your desk. These are multi-photo designs with lots of journaling space, tabbed labels, and pieces of tape. You can do some wonderful storytelling with these templates.

Make Your Own - Banner Templates contains trendy banner shapes, either for the designer or for the scrapper to make your elements for your pages.

Here are some lovely pages from the team using the new Artsy Journal Templates.

Finally, here is a super fun Photo Strip Freebie #2. (Also check Liz's Facebook fan page, her newsletter later this week, and the SO forum for more freebies. Get them all and you'll have a whole set of photo strip templates.) Click the image or the link just above to download this one.

Download Expired

I hope you enjoy the Farmer's Market!

November 20, 2012

November GSO Winner!

Please join me and congratulating Cheryl (DigiCheryl) on winning this month’s GSO!  Cheryl competed against some gorgeous competition but her's received the blue ribbon by you the voters! We love this layout using the Mix and Match Double Templates 2 for its blocking - clean and neat. We adore how her photos span more than one photo spot and how those that don't are wonderfully placed. Definitely a layout worthy of being crowned GSO!

Thank you to all you voters! Random-dot-org selected number 15, Shannon (shanmomto4), as the winner of $5 to Liz's store in the Vote and Win drawing!

Click HERE to leave some love for Shannon on this fall fun layout!

November 19, 2012

$1 Sale Sneak Peek & Giveaway

It's that time of the year....time for the Scrap Orchard Farmer's Market Sale. That means lots of $1 goodies for you!!! I have a few new releases that you'll be able to snag up for $1 plus a bunch of older goodies you'll be able to grab for $1. You won't want to miss it. The fun begins on Wednesday (11.21.12) but I'm going to give you a little preview of my new stuff and some of the stuff that will be for sale just to get you ready.

Above is a little peek of my 2 new products. I really love them both and I think you will too. Enter the giveaway below to win both products!

Above is a sneak peek of the FREEBIES you'll be seeing this week. Not one, not two, not even three....but four FREE digital scrapbook templates! One will be right here on my blog, another one will be available on my facebook page, one will be available in my newsletter and one will somewhere'll have to keep an eye out for it.

Here is a sneak peek of some of the products that will be $1.00!
Woohoo! Are you ready to do some shopping?

Before the fun begins go ahead and enter the giveaway. You might win both of my new products. This week I'll be announcing the winner early on Wednesday morning right as the sale begins.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

November 16, 2012

12x12 Frames and Sample Templates

Liz has two new products this week, frames and templates.  Both are 20% off through 11/22.

First up is 12x12 Frames, which the CT just loved using. Each frame is made up of geometric patterns and is great for making a collage of photos or for layering with paper to create cutout effects.

Next is Sample Templates - two traditionally styled pages with blocked photos and papers, pretty scallops, and journaling presented on strips and tags.

Here are the pages from the team. I can't stop looking at these.

Have a great weekend, and thanks for stopping by!

November 14, 2012

Christmas Cards!

It's getting to be that time of the year! Thanksgiving is right around the corner and before you know it, it will be Christmas. I thought I would let you all know that I don't have plans to make any new Christmas Card or Christmas Newsletter Templates this year. I know, bummer. I just haven't had it in me. I've had too many other templates I've wanted to work on and since I have a variety of Christmas Cards in my store already I thought maybe it would be okay. Don't be too mad,  pretty please?

Since I won't be releasing any new Christmas products I thought I would take some time today to remind you of what I have in my store and maybe show you some digital scrapbook templates you can use to make your own cards.

Here's a set I created last year.

And here's a set I created the year before. All oldies but still goodies!

Here's a cute little set of templates that can help you out with your cards or pages.

Here are a few sets that aren't "Christmas" templates but you could definitely use them to make some beautiful Christmas cards.

These would work nicely too.


These are full 12x12 templates but you could easily take the top or bottom of the template to make a Christmas card. Just go into your template, grab the layers you need and copy them onto a new document the size of the card you want to make. You may have to re-size some of the layers to work with your card size but other than that they should help you out with your cards nicely.

Here's a little sample card I made using one of the templates above. I'm waiting to put my photo in since we just got family photos taken and I want to put an updated picture in there.

Using Holiday Traditions and the Word Art by Designs by Kat

You could also use my new Photo Mats to get you started on your card. Just place the mat on the size of card you want to make.

Then, for those of you who like to make newsletters each year, I have these templates.

I hope that helps a little with your Christmas Card needs. I'm sorry I'm not creating anything new. I'll be back next week to share some ideas on how to use your digital scrapbooking skills to make Christmas gifts.


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