We All Make Typos

Have you ever made a typo on your digital scrapbook page? No fear, I'm afraid we've all done it and I'm here to make you not feel so bad.

After I finished the above page and posted it on facebook I realized I had the date wrong (it's supposed to say 2012). While I would like to think I'm that caught up (scrapping photos the same month they are taken), I'm nowhere near that point. It seems to happen that most of the time I don't notice mistakes on my pages until I've posted them somewhere:  facebook, gallery, blog, etc... Sometimes I don't even notice until I have my pages printed...or my school teacher sister looks through them and points out all my spelling and grammar errors. Thanks sis.

One time I even had the layout printed as a big ol' poster for a gift. I did a blog post with pics of it and everything. I didn't even see the typo until the person to whom I'd given it pointed it out. Nice.
Do you see it? Apparently, I'm living 90 years in the future.
Check out the VERY FIRST page in Lydia's album. Not kidding. The very first thing I noticed when I opened the book was a spelling error, it stood out like a sore thumb. I misspelled accepted and spelled it excepted. Lovely. I took a pen and fixed it....well, sort of.

Then on this page in my 2011 album, I typed the wrong person's name. It should say Nathaniel, not Zach. When his mom saw this page she pointed it out to me.  Oh well, it's already printed. There's nothing I can really do except (see I used the word correctly here) make fun of myself.

Here on another page, I typed the wrong whether. Apparently, according to the online version of Merriam-Webster Dictionary, that spelling means a castrated male goat. Ugh! I think I might have to take a pen to that page as well.

And just to prove that I'm not the only one who makes mistakes my Creative Team shared with me some of their big boo-boos.

Here's a page by Jenn. Can you spot the mistake?

This page is from Donna. She's from Pennsylvania....and she promises that she knows how to spell it correctly.

This page is from Tiff. Can you spot the letter she left out?

So, don't feel bad if you've made a mistake on your page and it's already printed. We all make mistakes. It gives us something to talk about....and perhaps laugh about. There you go, you're making more memories!


mnJenL said...

Love this post!! When I first started scrapbooking my MIL would point out my grammar and spelling errors. I finally asked her to stop because they were already done and it was what it was. And what I am is a terrible speller! LOL I love digi, because the computer will tell me I spelled something wrong. ;) I am sad about a book that just had printed, though. Lots of the journaling somehow got tucked under elements and photos when the page was saved as a jpg. :( Proofing was definitely required with that one.

Heather said...

Ugg. This is no fun. I just finished (book is on it's way to me!!!) our last year's vacation book. I made the mistake of being tired while journaling. When I proofed it, there was a mistake on almost every page. I had to go through it two more times plus have my husband go through it before we were satisfied -- finding mistakes every time. We will likely find another mistake when the book arrives :) Lesson learned. Don't journal when sleepy.

Helen said...

Ha! Your timing couldn't have been better! I was just showing 60 pages of Project Life layouts to my mom who's visiting. I found 4 pretty glaring errors as we read through them together and was feeling frustrated that just YESTERDAY I ordered actual prints, which are now on their way. I should've read them all againbefore I placed the order, but by the time I'm done, I'm DONE looking at them! Thanks for embracing the lack of perfection. Four errors on 60 pages isn't bad, it's human! :) Thank you for giving me perspective... and a break!

Liz said...

Helen-I'm pretty sure I made more than 4 errors in Lydia's album. I would say that is pretty good!

Heather-I'm always tired when I journal too. I guess that's our problem!

mnJenL-When I let my sister look at my book I warn her ahead of time that I know there are errors and to not remind me of them! I need to be more careful about tucking my journaling under elements too.

Dolores said...

Yep, I've been there, too! Actually posted a calendar layout and missed that it was a 31-day month, but only had 30 days. The printed errors bug me, but oh well I have to get over it. :)

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