1 Photo - Multiple Photo Spots

There are so many tricks to using a template. Today I'm going to show you how to use one photo in multiple photo spots. I have a tutorial here showing you how to combine photo layers to make one big photo mat. That works most of the time, but sometimes you want to use one photo, have the freedom to move it around, and re-size each photo layer around individually. When you combine the layers you can't do that. So...here's another way to easily use one photo on multiple layers (using Photoshop CS3). Oh, and you'll also get a quick tip on how to flip a template!

 Here's my finished page.
Wavy Templates 1
Storytime by Kristin Aagard Designs

Since I also have a lot of SBC Creative Memories, Leslie and Lori (thanks girls!) are going to share a quick tip on how to accomplish this same technique in the Creative Memories software:
Easy way: insert the photo into each of the spots and eyeball it for zoom and location.
More precise but more difficult way: 1) Flatten the photo spots you want to put your photo into across multiple photo spots. 2) Insert a new photo spot and size it to match the grouped photo spots by using the SBC resizing tools. 3) Insert your picture into the empty photo frame that you just made. 4) Manipulate and zoom the photo as desired. 5) Save the photo using Right Mouse - Save Selection - Export to Image File as a jpg and highest quality. Save the photo into a location you can find easily in the next step. 6) Now go to Photos - Get Photos and navigate to the location new photo was saved. 7) Select the photo spots you flattened in step #1. Fill this with your photo by going to Photos - Right Mouse - Fill the Selected Element with this Photo. 8)Delete or hide the photo spot you made in step #2.
Here is some inspiration from my team on how to use multiple photo spots for one photo. They have used both techniques (combining layers and copying photos).

Double Monthly Challenge Templates 3
Mother is a Verb by Krystal Hartley
Lions, Tigers and Bears Alpha - Sugarplum Paperie

Recyclables 25 by Scrapping with Liz
Great Escape: Alaska - The Kit by WM Squared

A Piece of Me Templates
Good Morning Love by Amanda Heimann

I hope that helps a bit and you get a little bit of inspiration from the pages.


Robin R said...

Thank you so much for including the Storybook method too! I'm going to try this tonight :)

Unknown said...
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Anne said...

Thanks to you & Jean for linking me to this tutorial so I could figure out how to do it in Artisan/Storybook. Great technique!!!

Liz said...

Glad it helped you!

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