Arms Wide Open

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Across the Miles by Tracie Stroud and Amber Shaw

How can I miss a little boy I have never met? How can I long to hold a little boy I have never touched? Your smile melts my heart. My heart aches for aches for our family. We are not complete until you are home.

I had a little time to scrap on Christmas night after the festivities had died down. Everyone was playing with their new toys, and I decided to hop on the computer and scrap. I scrapped what was on my heart. Matthew. How I longed for him to be with us this Christmas, even though I knew it was impossible. I longed for him to open his presents, for him to be playing new games with his sisters, for him to be playing with his cousins at Grandma and Grandpa's sit on Grandpa's lap while Grandpa read him a story. 

Next year he'll be here. Next year he'll know the love of a family. Next year he'll be in my arms. I'm welcoming 2014 with arms wide open!


P.S. His pictures are blurry because I can't quite share them with you yet!


Chippi -Christie- said...

This just made my heart ache for you. I have never been in the same situation, but I have just spent more than 3 weeks away from my husband (he had to stay home to work while I flew up to stay with my parents for the holidays) and it was our first Christmas apart. It has been tearing my heart out!!
I love that you already feel so much love for this little boy that you have never met! You are such a kind soul!! I hope you had a wonderful Christmas with (almost) all of your family!

Liz said...

I would definitely be heartbroken if my husband and I couldn't be together for Christmas!

We did have a good Christmas, considering one was half way across the world.

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