April 29, 2013

iNSD $1 Sale Sneak Peek & Giveaway

Oh my goodness! I have so much fun stuff planned for you this week. Let me start by showing you a little sneak peek of the new items I'm going to have in my store on Thursday. I have three new products releasing  and they will all be $1.00 along with over 20 other older items! You aren't going to want to miss this. The $1.00 sale starts on 5.2.13 and runs through 5.5.13.

There are also going to be lots of FREE templates (from yours truly), games and prizes at Scrap Orchard!

The fun has already started on my facebook page where you can grab a free template from me. But don't stop there! Follow the links through the facebook pages to grab some more fabulous Techno Geek collab freebies from the Scrap Orchard Designers.

You are also going to want to check out the Scrap Orchard Blog to find out where else you can grab over 60 awesome collab pieces.

Here's the freebie that you'll find on my facebook page.

But wait! Don't stop there, keep going! Make sure you subscribe to my newsletter because I'll be sending out another FREE Techno Geek Template to all of my newsletter subscribers. Wait! There's more! Make sure to come back by the blog on Friday because I'm going to have another Freebie waiting for you.  Plus if you participate in the 3pm Track and Field Challenge over at Scrap Orchard you'll get another Techno Geek Template from me.

One more thing!  Even with all the fun that will be going on at Scrap Orchard on Saturday Tracy will still be hosting my Template MIS. So....if you participate in that you can get another FREE Template. That's 5 FREE Templates....and a whole lot of scrapping.

So, now, back to my new releases. If you want to win them just enter the giveaway below. I'll be announcing the winner early Thursday morning here in the Rafflecopter Widget and on my facebook page.

Hope you are as excited about iNSD....or should we call International Scrap Week!

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April 26, 2013

New Weekly and Monthly Project Templates

Liz has new installments in her weekly and monthly project lines this week.  Both are 20% off through 5/2/2013.

Double Monthly Project Templates 4 has two double page spreads for scrapping monthly summaries or other themes that you can return to each month.  They are also great for scrapping your stories outside of an album concept, and they even work perfectly for single pages. At the end of the year you'll have two complete 24-page albums.  I was even thinking that this would be a great tool for scrapping your older photos, if you feel like you are behind on past years or if you want to scrap stories from before you started digital scrapbooking. Or maybe a past vacation that you keep meaning to scrap.  Do a little each month and I bet you'll be surprised how quickly you can finish an album.

Weekly Project Templates 5 has four new layouts for your daily photo project. Each photo is numbered and has a journaling spot.

Here are some beautiful pages from the team.

Thanks for stopping by!

April 25, 2013

Week 16 & Review

Using Weekly Project Templates 4 and Capture Life: April by Tracie Stroud
Another week done, another month almost accomplished! Woohoo. I'm feeling really good about where I am with this project and there's no stopping me now.

In fact, I have my next set of templates ready. They just released in my store today and they will be 20% off until 5/2/13.

Here are last month's layouts side by side.

Using Weekly Project Templates 4 and Capture Life: April by Tracie Stroud

Using Weekly Project Templates 4 and Capture Life: April by Tracie Stroud
Hoping this encourages you to keep up with whatever projects you've started this year. Also, if you've been using my Weekly Project Templates be sure to email me every month with your newest pages and I'll get you a discounted coupon for the newest set of templates! 


April 24, 2013

Journal Card Templates - Ideas and Inspiration

Let's talk about Journal Cards a little bit. They are all the rage lately and I have to admit I have come to love them....although I have yet to use them on a digital scrapbook page. :o Does that even make sense? Oh wait, I used one on this page....but I do believe that's the only one, ever.

Maybe I love them because I've had so much fun making Journal Card Templates. I have Journal Card Templates 1, Journal Card Templates 2, Simple Photo Journal Card Templates 1 and Simple Photo Journal Card Templates 2 in my store over at Scrap Orchard. I have some plans for more full page templates that will incorporate journal cards as well, in fact, they are already made and will be released next week!

So, with that said I'm going to show you some awesome projects my Creative Team made with the Journal Card Templates that are in my store.

These first two are lunch box notes that Christine made. How excited will her little boy be when he opens his lunch and finds them? They are too cute.

Lucky Me by WMSquared
and Journal Card Templates 1

Bugging Out by Kristin Aagard Designs
and Journal Card Templates 2
These next two are brag book pages that Christine made. You could make a whole brag book album with the Journal Card Templates.
Lookin' Good by Laura Banasiak
and Simple Photo Journal Card Templates 2

Boyhood Collaborative Kit by mle Card and Createwings Designs
and Simple Photo Journal Card Templates 1
 She loved the brag book page so much she made it into a full page. Isn't that a great idea?
Boyhood Collaborative Kit by mle Card and Createwings Designs
and Simple Photo Journal Card Templates 1
 Shari turned one into an invitation. I never even thought of that!
The Carrot Patch by Chelle's Creations and Journal Card Templates 2.
 Judie is going to use this for her title page!
Key to My Heart by Ziggle Designs and Journal Card Templates 2
And of course you can make regular ol' digital scrapbook pages with the Journal Card Templates as well. Jenn is the queen when it comes to making a simple, yet gorgeous, double page layout.
Oh Snap by Chelle's Creations and Simple Photo Journal Card Templates 1
Here's another full page layout that Christine (she's rockin' these isn't she?!?) made with my 12x12 frames. I thought that was so clever!
Using a variety of Memories and Moments kits by SuzyQ Scraps, 12x12 Frames and Simple Photo Journal Card Templates 1.
There are lots of cool things you can do with Journal Card Templates. Keep an eye out because over the next few weeks I'm going to be releasing some other full page templates that will help you with Journal Cards....I can't wait!


April 22, 2013

Another Sneak Peek & Giveaway!

Hope you all had a great weekend. We actually had a weekend with NOTHING to do. It rarely happens and it was fabulous. I browsed a few thrift stores, organized the house a bit, made some yummy food, went to church service, enjoyed a Sunday afternoon run and then enjoyed some time with the parents. I promise that the next weekend I have nothing to do I'll be scrapping!

So, can you guess from the sneak peek above what is coming to my store this week? Enter the giveaway below and you can win both of my new template sets. That's right, 2 new sets! That's 8 new templates to help you scrap your photos! I'll be announcing the winner through the rafflecopter widget and on my facebook page.

Hope you have a wonderful Monday!

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April 19, 2013

Artsy Journal Templates 2

Liz's new Artsy Journal Templates 2 are really fun! They have some big text boxes and text on journal strips.  There are also places to put down doodles and stamps and tape. And they are so versatile.  They're great for scrapping events so that you can tell your story. The playful style of the designs is great for everyday random moments.  And they're also great for art journaling pages where you might share some thoughts and dreams or a favorite quotation.  Artsy Journal Templates 2 are on sale 20% OFF through 4/24.

Here are a ton of examples from the team.  We all LOVED this set!

Thanks for stopping by!

April 18, 2013

Week 15 & a Tip

Weekly Project Templates 4 and Capture Life: April by Tracie Stroud
Week 15 is finished and that means I'm 30% of the way done!

Another thing I do, to make my instagram scrapping to go faster, is make my pages ahead of time. I usually do a double layout that matches. Like this one:
Weekly Project Templates 4 and Capture Life: April by Tracie Stroud
I'll work on both pages at one time even though I don't have all the photos yet. So, although I just finished my Week 15 page I already have my page 16 all decorated with paper and elements. All I have to do next week is add my photos and journaling. :)


April 17, 2013

7 Quick Title Tips for the Digital Scrapbooker

One of my least favorite things to add to my page when I'm making a digital scrapbook page is the title. I love alphas but placing all the letters, arranging, resizing, shadowing, etc...It just seems to take too long. I have a few techniques I use when I'm in a hurry to make a title and I don't feel like fussing with digital scrapbook alphas. I already wrote a tutorial on one of the ways I make my own titles here but that's not the only technique I use. Let me show you a few more.

Here's a page where I didn't really make a title. I thought the little tag that said forever would work perfectly on this page. I also added another tab to include just a little bit of journaling and another one to add the date. That's all this page needs.
Big Photo Fun Templates by Scrapping with Liz and Vintage Sprout by the Scrap Orchard Designers.

Sometimes I just use the included text title layer (always included on my templates) and type in my title and change the font to fit the page. On this particular page I blended the text in with the paper just a bit to make it looked like it was stamped. Check out this tutorial for an easy way to blend your text into your paper.
March Blog Template by Scrapping with Liz (available in my store soon) and Leavin' On a Jet Plane by Laura Banasiak and Jenn Barrette

On this page I used a purchased layer style. Layer styles are great because you can add cool effects text and clipping masks that are already on your page. I like Mommyish for layer styles. I usually tweak them a little to get just the look I want.

Weekly Project Templates 4 by Scrapping with Liz and Capture Life: April by Tracie Stroud
If you need help installing layer styles check out this video tutorial from SuzyQ Scraps and while you are at it be sure to download the free kit. It comes with a set of drop shadow styles (which would be similar to how you would use other styles) and you can practice installing them and using them.

On this page I just simply added a title to the tab on the top.
Template coming to my store soon! Helping Hand by Designs by Kat (retired)

Here I just added another title with a simple font on a tag that came with the kit.
Double Monthly Challenge Templates 3 by Scrapping with Liz and Little Miss Sunshine by Megan Turnidge and Tickled Pink Studio

Here I used a word art that was included in the kit.
Freebie Template on my Facebook Page and  Best Day Ever by Amanda Heimann and Word Art from Great Escape by WMSquared.

And I think it's safe to say that sometimes you just don't need a title. Sometimes the photos speak for themselves. In this case I just added a bit of journaling.
Fancy Templates by Scrapping with Liz and Beauty from Within by Megan Turnidge.
So here's a recap of ways to add quick titles to your pages (in no particular order):

1. Type your title and use it as a clipping mask. Add some extra detail by adding inner shadows or a stroke. Tutorial Here: Making Your Own Title
2. Use journal bits that are included in kits.
3. Use a font and blend it in with the background. Check out this tutorial by SuzyQ Scraps: Fonts Don't Float
4. Use Layer styles on a font. Check out this video tutorial by SuzyQ.
5. Add a title to a tag.
6. Use already made word art.
7. Let the photo speak for themselves.

If you look through my pages you'll see that I use these techniques a lot.

Hope that will help you speed up your scrapping a little bit.

April 16, 2013

GSO Winner!

Please join me and congratulating Kimberly (enjoyyourpix) on winning this month’s GSO with her fun and family layout, Fishy Tales. Using the Simply Square Templates, you voter's loved her layout with its colors and paper choices that took advantage of the templates blocking design along with her well placed clusters. We love the acrylic elements. Kimberly "caught the big one" with her beautiful layout -- its a definite STANDOUT! 

Kimberly told us a little about herself and this is what she said...

1. How long have you been digi-scrapping?

I started Digi-Scrapping in 2007 when Creative Memories released their Storybook Creator Plus (2.0). I moved onto their 3.0 version and then went over to SBC Studio until the software was discontinued. I began using PSE Elements on my Mac in 2012. 

2. What is your favorite thing to scrap? 

EVERYTHING!! I love scrapping all the things my family does. From random pictures of the kids doing silly things (like taping the sister to the counter) to all the milestone events and holidays. People, clouds, plants, trees, dogs, cooking, repair projects, vacations ... they all find their way into my albums. It's all fair game. LOL I do especially love my Christmas album. I have family pictures from every year, and each year is a two page spread. CM discontinued the album size, but I have the book filled with blank pages for the next 10 years!

3. What is your favorite Liz product? 

All of them! Liz is so generous with her templates and all the freebies. I really enjoy making new and interesting pages with them. Here are some of my favorites: Bunch of Photos, Remember That, Simple Square, and Time Table.

4. What element is a kit incomplete without? 

I need flowers and leaves for sure!! I really appreciate some paint or graffiti that I can layer below my flowers and mats.

5. What layout are you working on now or plan to start? 

Most likely a page from 2012. I have lots of random pictures and am going back through all the pictures and picking through the ones I've missed so far. I will probably look at the challenges over at Scrap Orchard and see what inspires me.

Thank you to all you voters! Random-dot-org selected number 19, Amy Owens, as the winner of $5 to Liz's store in the Vote and Win drawing!

Click HERE to leave some love for Kimberly!

April 15, 2013

Sneak Peek and Giveaway Time!

I'm back from a week off....well, it was sort of a week off. I still did all the normal mom stuff, homeschool stuff and house stuff but I took a break from the scrapbook stuff. Well, just the work part of the scrapbook stuff. I did spend some time scrapping! And we did have a little family getaway this past wekend that was a lot of fun. I'm sure you'll see some digital scrapbook pages of that soon.

But I'm back at it and ready to give you a sneak peek and to give you a chance to win these new goodies that will release on the 18th.  I made these templates for myself because I was wanting to scrap some super special pages and I've actually used all 4 templates already and I can't wait to show you my pages.

If you want a chance to win them just enter the giveaway below.
Hope you all have a happy Monday!

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April 11, 2013

Week 14 is Done!

Weekly Project Template 4 by Scrapping with Liz and Capture Life: April by Tracie Stroud Designs
Another week is done! I don't know about you all but I'm getting faster with scrapping these pages as the weeks go on.

A tip for this week is to go into your instagram account or facebook account (if you upload your instagram to your facebook acount) and copy the text from your daily picture and paste it right on your digital scrapbook page. It makes for quick and easy journaling!

That's it for this week.
I'm taking the weekend off but I'll be back Monday with a sneak peek of next week's new releases. They are awesome!


April 10, 2013

Making Your Own Clipping Mask

I've had a few people ask me how to make their own clipping masks to fit certain types of frames or outlines.  So here's a video tutorial showing you a simple way to make your own clipping masks for your photos or papers. I'm using Photoshop CS3 but it should also work in Photoshop Elements.

Here are the products I used in the tutorial:

And here's another product that would work well for making your own clipping masks:

Hope it helps!

April 9, 2013

GSO -- Vote and Win!

It's Tracy here and March was a busy month with St Patrick's Day, Easter and Spring Break.  The gallery was busy too, busy with beautiful layouts!  We struggled with our selections for GSO and we expect voting to be close.  So make sure your opinion counts and vote, HERE, by this Friday the 12th. You will receive a 30% off coupon to Liz's store* and you will be entered into a drawing, where one lucky voter will win $5 to Liz's store! Without further adieu, here are our top four from March!

(and don't forget to leave the nominees some love, the titles are linked back to their gallery posts)

Layout: Can Sleep Anywhere by Chippi

Template: Recyclables 19 by Scrapping with Liz

Reasons CTM Loves: "The repetition of three and the minimal number of elements keeps your eye focused on the photos AND those awesome word frames!" 

Layout: P52 Week 12 by meejay

Template: Simple Photo Journal Card Templates 1 and 2

Reasons CTM Loves: "I love how the photos are in groupings, and the page is very bright and sunny."

Layout: Untitled by Heide (heidec)

Template: March 2012 Blog Challenge Template

Reasons CTM Loves: "I am a softie for dogs and this pup is adorable! The patterned paper and pops of red are perfect."

Layout: Fishy Tales by Kimberly (enjoyyourpix)

Template: Simple Square Templates 

Reasons CTM Loves: "Colors and paper choices work really nicely with the blocking of the templates. Small clusters add to the layout."

April 6, 2013

Week 13 & Capture Life: April Giveaway!

Sorry this post is a little late! I've been running a little behind on almost everything this week but it certainly doesn't mean I stop or give up, right? Just keep going, one day at a time.

I'm really loving my Week 13 Instagram Page. I think it's the combo of Tracie Stroud's Capture Life: April Kit and my new Weekly Project Templates 4. I just love the Capture Life: April kit with all the spring colors and elements. I'm soooo ready for spring!

Another thing I'm running behind on is the April giveaway. Better late than never! So, here's your chance to win the Capture Life: April kit from Tracie Stroud. Just enter the giveaway below and I'll be announcing the winner on Monday morning.

And here's a coupon to grab Capture Life: April at 25% off just in case you missed the giveaway or just have to have the kit right now!


Have a happy Saturday!

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April 5, 2013

Roots and Leaves Templates

Roots and Leaves Templates is a beautiful set of digital scrapbook templates full of pretty paper clipping masks to frame your photos, and arranged in a gallery wall style design. Before you buy, check your files - this set was part of the retired Scrap Orchard Roots and Leaves collab kit. Roots and Leaves Templates are 20% off through 4/11/2013.

Have a great weekend. Don't forget our monthly MIS over in the Scrap Orchard Buzz Forum on Saturday April 6th at 7pm eastern time!

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