May 31, 2013

New Weekly and Monthly Project Templates

It's the end of the month, and that means Liz has new installments in her project template lines.  Both of these digital scrapbook template sets are on sale 20% off through 6/6/2013.

Double Monthly Challenge Templates 5 contains two double page layouts for scrapping monthly summaries, or any other project that you want to return to each month. They coordinate with the previous releases so that at the end of the year you will have two cohesive 24-page albums.

Weekly Project Templates 6 has four weeks of daily photos laid out for your photo-a-day project. Each week and day are numbered (I love the little number tabs), and each picture has a journaling spot. Check out the inspiration layouts below - Emily used these templates for a year in review layout, and Christine used them to scrap a zoo outing.

Here is inspiration from the team.

Thanks for stopping by, and have a great weekend!

May 30, 2013

Week 21

Weekly Project Templates 6 by Scrapping with Liz (These are brand new today and are 20% off!), Capture Life: May by Tracie Stroud Designs, Into the Woodland Alpha by Tinkled Pink Studio and CU Transparent Epoxy Styles {primary} by Chelle's Creations
I'll admit it. It was tough getting last week's page scrapped. After our little vacation I was so behind on everything but I set Monday night aside and got my page done....even though I was thinking of everything else I really needed to do. But I'm glad that I did it.

As you can see from my photos we went on a little mini vacation. We spent a few days in Gatlinburg, TN. My two oldest girls saved their pennies for Dollywood and I had promised them that if they could buy their own tickets I would buy tickets for the rest of the family. So I did! Once we came home I worked on my Bucket List for Summer. I'm joining Kami (from Ziggle Designs) and her Summer Bucket List project. You are going to be hearing more about this throughout the summer as we go through our Bucket List and I scrap my pages. Then it was time to celebrate Memorial Day with remembering those who gave their lives while serving our country. There was also some grilling going on and lots of playing outside. Let's just say that I rock at Badminton....who knew?

Look at these pages Jennifer sent to me! She had decided to use Tracie Stroud's Capture Life Kits before she even saw my Weekly Project Templates to scrap her daily photos through 2013. I'm loving her pages. You can check out her P365 gallery here for more inspiration.

Click on the photo for full credits. 

Click on photo for full credits.
I know the summer months are going to be tough for keeping up with scrapping but I'm setting aside every Monday night to work on my Weekly Instagram Page and maybe I'll even get a little more scrapping in their too.


May 29, 2013

May Page Review Time

I scrapped a few pages during the month of May. Some of these were scrapped late in April but I'm counting them for May since I haven't shared them with you yet.

Most of them, actually all of them except for the first one, are part of Lydia's album. I'm so close to being done with our pictures from China but I still want to scrap some special moments of her first year with us to include in her album. I would really like to finish up this album by the end of this year. I'm afraid to say that my 2012 and 2013 album have fallen to the wayside. I really do love my other children and want to scrap photos of them too but the other girls all have baby scrapbooks and I want Lydia to have one too. So that is on the top of my scrapping priority list right now. Thankfully I'm keeping up with my instagram album so I'll still have a pretty good 2013 family album at the end of the year. I just keep telling myself I'll have lots of time to scrap when my children are older!

Here goes.....

I made this page for my May Template Challenge. I took a really old template and revamped it. I think it turned out really fun! My kids love to "sew" and Emmie made that apron for Lydia. :)
May Template Challenge by Scrapping with Liz  and Hafta Craft by Bella Gypsy Designs
Here are pics of my first Mother's Day with Lydia. I have a lot more pictures to scrap from that day. :)
Yin and Yang Template Collab by Scrapping with Liz and Fiddle Dee Dee Designs and Girl Basics by Bella Gypsy Designs
And here is the start of more pages from China, in no particular order. I just get in the mood to scrap certain parts of our trip. I'm not scrapping them in any particular order. As you can see I used a lot of my Simple Journal Card Templates. They are great for really getting some pages scrapped!

Simple Journal Card Inspired Templates 2 by Scrapping with Liz and I Heart Mom Bundle by Amanda Heimann and Dream Big Designs
Simple Journal Card Inspired Templates 1 by Scrapping with Liz and My Happy Place by Sugary Fancy Designs

Simple Journal Card Inspired Templates 1 by Scrapping with Liz and My Happy Place by Sugary Fancy Designs

Simple Journal Card Inspired Templates 1 by Scrapping with Liz and Because He Lives Bundle by Tracie Stroud and mle Card Designs.

Simple Journal Card Inspired Templates 1 by Scrapping with Liz and  My Happy Place by Sugary Fancy Designs

Simple Journal Card Inspired Templates 1 by Scrapping with Liz and  My Happy Place by Sugary Fancy Designs

Simple Journal Card Inspired Templates 1 by Scrapping with Liz and Chinese Takeout by mle Card Designs

Simple Journal Card Inspired Templates 2 by Scrapping with Liz and Capture Life June by Tracie Stroud Designs

Simple Journal Card Inspired Templates 2 by Scrapping with Liz and Love Grows by Chelle's Creations

Journal Card Inspired Templates 1 by Scrapping with Liz and You Rock by Kristin Aagard Designs

Double Monthly Challenge Templates 4 by Scrapping with Liz and Big Sibling Adoption Add-on and Word Bits by mle Card Designs.

That's it for this month! Come back tomorrow and I'll show you my Week 21 Instagram Page.

May 27, 2013

Sneak Peek & Double Giveaway!

I hope you all are having a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend. We just got back from a mini family vacation. I unplugged and really enjoyed some time with my family. I'm sure I'll be scrapping some pages of it soon and showing you all. I never got a chance to do my giveaway from last week so I'm going to be giving away last week's products plus my brand new releases from this week!

If you take a look at the sneak peek above you might be able to guess what I'm releasing next week. These are probably one of my favorite sets yet from this series of templates that I'm releasing.

Enter the giveaway below and you could win the two new sets featured in the sneak peek above and you could also win my two new releases from last week! Here they are, just in case you didn't see them.

There's still a Free With Purchase going on with them too! Purchase Bunch of Photo Templates 2 and get Remember That Templates 2 for FREE! Just place Bunch of Photo Templates 2 in your cart and Remember That will automatically be added for FREE.

Hope you all have a wonderful week!

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May 24, 2013

Multi Photo Templates & Free with Purchase Offer

Liz has two new sets of multi-photo templates, and they come with a limited time Free with Purchase offer:  Purchase Bunch of Photo Templates 2, and get Remember That Templates 2 for free!  It will be added to your cart automatically. Besides the Free with Purchase, the Fresh Fruit 20% discount applies as well.  Discount and Free with Purchase are available through 5/30/2013.

Both of these sets are great for scrapping things like monthly summaries, special events, vacations and travels, or your daily memories.  The images are linked for you.

And here are some lovely pages by the team.

Thanks for stopping by!

May 23, 2013

Week 20!

Weekly Project Templates 5 by Scrapping with Liz, Capture Life: May by Tracie Stroud Designs and Krafty Papers by Happy Scrap Girl Designs
Week 20 is done! And I didn't have any problems like last week. Thank Goodness!

Last week was a busy week. We had field day with our homeschool co-op, finishing up school, early (and very late) bed times, my daughter's first Cirque performance (that took up 3 long days) and then finally some rest!

Lots of fun things last week but I'm glad we are through it!

How are you doing with your weekly or monthly challenges....or at this point are you just glad to get some scrapping in?!

I know summer time will be difficult but I can't quit now. I'm almost half way there.


May 21, 2013

GSO Winner!

Please join me and congratulating Grace (zanthia122) on winning this month’s GSO with her bright and beautiful layout, SMILE. Using Recyclable 13 Templates, you voter's loved her layout with its combination of the creamy black and white photos with the mix of bright colors and soft pastels of the paper and elements. Grace's layout makes us SMILE big -- its a definite STANDOUT!

Grace told us a little about herself and this is what she said...

1. How long have you been digi-scrapping?
Almost 2 years. I started scrapping when my son was born in August 2011.

2. What is your favorite thing to scrap?
Is it cliche to say my kids? 90% of my layouts are of my kids; I'm slightly obsessed with them. Sometimes I scrap multiple layouts with the same photos

3. What is your favorite Liz product?
I love the photo journal card templates, as well as the bunch of photo templates. I love layouts that have a lot of photos on them.

4. What element is a kit incomplete without?
Flowers and leaves. I need them for every layout.

5. What layout are you working on now or plan to start?
I plan on making a book for each kid each year. As my son's birthday is coming up, I'm working on his 1yo-2yo photo book, which is an all-digital PL style book.

Thank you to all you voters! Random-dot-org selected number 20, amycoffeypt, as the winner of $5 to Liz's store in the Vote and Win drawing!

Click HERE to leave some love for Grace!

May 20, 2013

Sneak Peek - These Are Going to Help A Lot!

This Monday is a little different. I have a sneak peek for you but no giveaway...not yet anyway. You'll have to keep your eye out to see when and where I post the giveaway. Oh the suspense!

But for now you have a peek of what is coming this Thursday. I have two new packs releasing and these templates are going to help you scrap LOTS of photos and even help you with some journaling too. There is going to be a SWEET free with purchase as well.

Hope I didn't ruin your Monday by changing things up. Here's a hint....I'll probably be posting the giveaway after they release in the same forum of a store that I sell at....hmmmm?!? Here's the reason you see, I may have no internet connection for a few days (oh the shame!) and I won't be able to choose a winner and I don't want to leave you all hanging until I know for sure that I can choose a winner. Does that make sense? In the mean time do some scrapping, enjoy your Monday and I'll see you long as I have an internet connection.


May 17, 2013

Journal Card Inspired Templates & Free with Purchase Offer

Liz has two new sets of journal card inspired templates for digital scrapbook layouts.  These templates all have multiple 4x6 and 4x3 inch clipping masks - so you just drop in photos and some lovely journal cards that are in kits nowadays, add a couple embellishments ... and you've got a beautiful page!  The name says they're simple, and they are, but the results are stunning!  They have an introductory 20% discount, but for a limited time you can get both sets for the price of one! Add Simple Journal Card Inspired Templates 1 to your cart, and Simple Journal Card Inspired Templates 2 will be added automatically for free. The 20% discount and Free with Purchase offer are available through 5/23/2013.  The images below are linked for you.

Also new in the Market are Techno Geek Templates. These are some fun templates with technology inspired designs.  They were previously given out as freebies during iNSD, so check your stash before you buy!

And here are some inspiring pages from Liz and the team.

Have a great weekend!

May 16, 2013

Week 19 - 2nd Time's a Charm?

Weekly Project Templates 5 by Scrapping with Liz, Capture Life: May by Tracie Stroud Designs and Krafty Papers by Happy Scrap Girl.

I made my Week 19 page....twice! My computer crashed just as I was finishing up this page. My heart skipped a beat, but I'm pretty good at saving while I scrap so I was hoping I didn't lose too much. After I got my computer back up and running I opened up my .psd and it was a flattened .jpg that was completely black. Is it okay to cry over a lost digital scrapbook page? I hope so.

I waited until the next day and remade my page. I have to admit that it just wasn't as fun recreating it the 2nd time around. I'm glad it's done though.

This week consisted of getting summer clothes out (yay), lots of  late nights working, dentist appointments, friends over for dinner, a 5k, Mother's Day fun and dinner with the whole fam to celebrate a wonderful Mom and grandma...and of course you gotta throw all the normal stuff in there like homeschooling, cooking, laundry, etc...Oh and a crashed computer!

Hopefully next week's page will go much smoother.

May 15, 2013

Mini My Publisher


A while ago I made a photo album with My Publisher and I also ordered one of these mini-books (finally getting around to sharing it). I really loved the cute little size....and the price! They are a perfect size for carrying around in my purse. It was super easy to upload my pictures and just have them placed right into the pages.

I pretty much got what I expected for $2.99. It's not super amazing quality but it's just fine for that price.

Here's a side shot.

I wasn't expecting the back page to have their logo on it but for $2.99 I'm okay with that.

My book sits in my purse and my two year old loves pulling it out and flipping through it and naming everyone in her family. :)


May 14, 2013

GSO -- Vote and Win!

It's Tracy here and we have a special edition of GSO -- iNSD GSO!  iNSD had some amazing deals, freebies and contests; and with so little time and so many contests, we were amazed at all the gorgeousness in the gallery.  With everything I purchased this iNSD, I'm glad to have these beautiful GSO nominations as scrapping inspiration.  Tell us which of these iNSD beauties is your favorite, HERE, by this Friday the 17th. You will receive a 30% off coupon to Liz's store* and you will be entered into a drawing, where one lucky voter will win $5 to Liz's store! Drum roll please, the nominees are...

Layout: Climb by AmandaJ

Template: Recyclables 13 

Reasons CTM Loves: "So many things to love about this layout...the rainbow to mat the journal card, the happy colors, the motion reflected in the angles of the photos and title letters, and the ink splatters that shout active little boy! "

Layout: Tato by nela

Template: Recyclables 5

Reasons CTM Loves: "I like how she added a bit of orange into the page to go with the pictures. I love the simple layering of photos to really help you focus on those great photos." 

Layout: Mystery Kitty by AmandaJ

Template: March 2013 Blog Challenge

Reasons CTM Loves: "The colors pop with this layout between the bright photos and soft kit colors. It's so fresh and appealing after a cold winter that wouldn't end!"

Layout: You Are My Sunshine by billvarmint

Template: Photo Blend Templates

Reasons CTM Loves: "This layout struck out at me from the challenge thread for multiple reasons - the difficult subject matter involving a heartbreaking loss, the bold black bordered pictures and floral clusterwork spilling across the bottom of her layout."

Layout: Smile by zanthia122

Template: Recyclables 13 

Reasons CTM Loves: "Love the combination of the creamy black and white photos with the mix of bright colors and soft pastels of the kit. Love all the strips of ribbon and papers as well as the cute little clusters. This LO absolutely makes me smile every time I see it. "

Layout: Nature by browneyedsusan

Template: Optical Templates 

Reasons CTM Loves: "I love the nature photography. The colors in the layout are bold and vibrant and draw you in immediately."

May 13, 2013

Sneak Peek & Giveaway: It Looks Simple?

It looks simple doesn't it? It is! But let me tell you that these templates are super easy to use and will get you scrapping fast! I made 8 pages in two nights and I love every single one of my pages. There are a total of 12 templates and there's going to be an awesome free with purchase. You'll definitely want to check these goodies out. I'll also be releasing my Techno Geek Templates that were given away during iNSD so you can snag those up if you missed them.

If you want a chance to win all of these templates (that would be 16!) then just enter the giveaway below. Before I leave I'll give you  peek of one of the pages I made with my new templates that will be released on the 16th.

My Happy Place by Sugary Fancy Designs

Have a happy Monday!

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May 9, 2013

Week 18

Weekly Project Templates 5 by Scrapping wtih Liz, Capture Life: May by Tracie Stroud and Capture Life: Mega Alpha Pack by Tracie Stroud Designs.

Moving right along with Week 18. I love the mix of photos this week, it pretty much captures my life in a nutshell: Kids, school and food (I love food)!

Krista shared a couple of her Instagram pages with me and I just loved them. I love the colors in these pages. I love the crisp photos and easy to read journaling. Thanks for letting me share these Krista! Remember, you can email me your pages and you'll get a coupon to receive my next set of Weekly Project Templates at a discount.

Garden Party Mini Kit (ReDeux) by Wishing Well Creations
Garden Party Mini Kit by Just Jaimee
Weekly Project Templates 4 by Scrappin With Liz 
I'll be back next Thursday with my Week 19 page. There's no stopping me now!

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