June 28, 2013

50% Off Retiring Products

Liz does not have any new products this week because there's a big retiring products sale at Scrap Orchard!  Liz is retiring all of her US State Templates, and she has also picked out some stash essentials like paper clipping masks, faded masks, text paths, Christmas card templates, and a few more. These are all great products (the faded masks are one of my all time favorites) and you can get them at a great price. Retiring products are 50% off June 27 - 30, 2013. After the 30th, they will no longer be available.

Here is an image showing most of the retiring products.

Liz is also retiring some of her collabs. Check out this Professional Photo Book with Tracie. All you have to do is add your photos in and you'll have a complete album. It's 50% OFF too!

And then all of the calendar sets that Liz made with Fiddle-Dee-Dee Designs are retiring too. Grab all of these at 50% off too. These could easily be used for you 2014 calendars.

Have fun shopping!

June 27, 2013

Week 25!

Weekly Project Templates 7 by Scrapping with Liz and Capture Life: June by Tracie Stroud
Another week down! We're almost half way there. This week for the numbers on my page I just decided to keep them the way there were on the template. It made my scrapping go by a little bit faster and I think the numbers look great just clipped to the photo right below them. Did you know you can clip multiple items to a layer? I clipped the photo to the photo layer and then clipped the number to the photo that was clipped to the photo layer. I did that to give the numbers a "cut off" look. It's my newest favorite thing to do. I also did the same thing with my title.

This week was filled with a horseback riding lesson for my daughter's birthday, a summer field trip to the farm, a couple of trips to the park, lots of reading and Lydia's first friend's birthday party (awww).

We are really enjoying our summer over here.

June 26, 2013

Time To Show Off a Few Pages

It's almost the end of the month and it's time to show you pages that I've scrapped during the month. This month was kind of slow as far as scrapping goes. I've only scrapped about 8 pages this month besides my instagram pages.

I just scrapped this one last week after Father's Day. We had so much fun and I wanted to scrap these photos right away. Do you ever have photos you just can't wait to scrap?
Double Monthly Challenge Templates 6 by Scrapping with Liz and I Heart Dad Bundle by Dream Big Designs and AH Designs
Here are the individual pages if you want to see more detail.
Double Monthly Challenge Templates 6 by Scrapping with Liz and I Heart Dad Bundle by Dream Big Designs and AH Designs

Double Monthly Challenge Templates 6 by Scrapping with Liz and I Heart Dad Bundle by Dream Big Designs and AH Designs
I actually scrapped this one awhile ago.  These were some photos from a traditional Chinese home that we toured while in Beijing.
Using a Free With Purchase Template from a special Scrap Orchard Promo (Template will be available soon) and Chinese Takeout by mle Card Designs
Then the next few are with Lydia while we were in China. I hope you aren't getting tired of these photo. I promise I only have a few more to go! My goal is to have them done by her first birthday home which will be in August.

Using the June 24th Template Challenge at Scrap Orchard and You Rock by Kristin Aagard Designs

Using the June Tuesday Template from the Scrap Orchard Blog and Into the Wild by Dream Big Designs

Great Fortune Awaits the Templates by Scrapping with Liz and Great Fortune Awaits by Meredith Cardall

I did scrap a few more but I can't show you those yet because the templates haven't released. July is going to be an exciting month! ;)

How was your scrapping this month?

June 24, 2013

Heads Up - Last Chance Sale

I have no sneak peek or giveaway for you this Monday but I wanted to let you know that I'll be retiring over 50 products during the Scrap Orchard Retiring Sale! While I won't be releasing anything new there will be plenty of goodies you can grab at 50% off!

I also wanted to make sure you check out the June 24th Template Challenge over at Scrap Orchard. In case you didn't know, I sponsor a challenge every month and you can always be sure to grab a free template from me on the 24th! Here's this month's template that was just posted:

Click here to go to challenge forum.

I actually scrapped the page first and then turned it into a template. Love doing it that way every once in awhile to change things up a bit.

Using You Rock by Kristin Aagard

June 21, 2013

New Weekly and Monthly Project Templates

Liz has new installments in her weekly and monthly digital scrapbook project lines. These are great for building an album a little bit each month or week. And at the end of the year, your album is done! Both of these new sets are 20% Off through 6/27/2013.

Double Monthly Challenge Templates 6 are for scrapping monthly summaries or for any other ongoing project. Each set in the line has two double-page spreads, to create two separate 24-page albums by the end of the year.

Weekly Project Templates 7 are for your photo-a-day album.

And here are some beautiful pages by Liz and the team.

Have a great weekend!

June 20, 2013

Week 24 & Some Prints!

I ordered my page for my Insta Wall Art from Persnickety Prints. Since I wanted to order that page I decided I would go ahead and order the Instagram Pages that I have done so far. I thought it would get me excited to finish out the year! I think I'm hitting a slump.

It worked! I got so excited when I saw all my pages and so did my daughter. Just another reminder to get your pages printed! Now I'm ready to finish out the year. I'm almost half way there.

Weekly Project Templates 6 by Scrapping with Liz, Capture Life: June by Tracie Stroud, and CU Transparent Epoxy  Styles by Chelle's Creations.
Here's my Week 24 page. This was the first week I failed to take a picture at all on one of the days. There's been weeks where I used my camera and not my phone but I've never completely forgot to take a picture. So I snagged a picture from the internet of the new shower curtain I hung in the bathroom. I spent the afternoon painting the bathroom and redecorating it. I think that works! It's going to have to work.


June 19, 2013

Insta Wall Art - FREE Template

I had a black frame hanging out that I had purchased from IKEA several years ago. I had made a digital scrapbook page with photos of three of my girls and it had been happily hanging on my wall. Then we brought home Lydia back in September and it just didn't seem right! She was missing from the picture. It's been on my "to do" list for 8 months now to update that frame.

I'll be honest here, I didn't feel like going through my pictures and finding the "perfect" pictures for my frame....basically because I knew it would take me hours. I wanted something simple and easy. So I decided to use my instagram pictures. I went straight to my instagram folder on my computer, selected my fave photos and dropped them into photoshop. Then I arranged them and just added a few papers and in a few minutes I was ready to get my page printed!

I used paper from Amanda Heimann's Kit Good Morning Love and I printed my page from Persnickety Prints (LOVE them!).

I turned my page into a simple and easy template for you! Use it for wall art or use it to scrap a bunch of photos (instagram or not!). Picture is linked.


June 18, 2013

GSO Winner!

Please join me and congratulating Carrie (wxgirl) on winning this month’s GSO with her wonderful layout, The Story. Using Photo Journal Templates 1, you voter's loved her layout with its combination of pink and orange with beautifully paired photo treatment that draws you in to read all the journaling! Carrie's layout captured our hearts -- its a definite STANDOUT!

Carrie told us a little about herself and this is what she said...

1. How long have you been digi-scrapping?
I started digiscrapping in October 2011, but I was a paper scrapper long before that.

2. What is your favorite thing to scrap?
My most scrapped subject is probably my kids, but I also like to scrap about the weather and the awesome clouds we see along the Front Range [Carrie was an Air Force meteorologist; wx=weather]. I also try to make an album for each summer vacation, but sadly I have a poor track record with actually finishing those albums before the next summer.

3. What is your favorite Liz product?
My favorite Liz product.....a tough descision....I do love those photo journal templates, but also the state-shaped templates.

4. What element is a kit incomplete without?
I love long as it is clean...and staples. I have this almost obsessive need for my pages to feel realistic, and to mean that means that things are obviously anchored. And brackets. And recently I've fallen in love with paint splatters.

5. What layout are you working on now or plan to start?
I always have a new project that I'm either planning or working on! I have summer bucket list that I did hybrid cards for, along with a really cool distressed frame that I made from an estate sale find....we're dutifully working our way through that bucket list. I'm also doing a variation on photo-a-day where you take a photo at the same time each day and then do something with them. I'm still working on the "something" but they'll probably end up printed out as 4x4" blocks. And I'm trying to finish my Summer Vacation 2012 album so that I can start on 2013 as soon as we get back!

Thank you to all you voters! Random-dot-org selected number 5, snipinfool, as the winner of $5 to Liz's store in the Vote and Win drawing!

Click HERE to leave some love for Carrie!

June 17, 2013

Sneak Peek & Giveaway - PLUS More!

Woohoo, It's Monday! That means it is time for another sneak peek and giveaway. At least we can be happy about that, right?

If you've been following me this year you probably can figure out what my two new releases are going to be this coming Thursday. Can you tell what they are? Even if you can't, these are sure to help you scrap those photos quickly and get your memories down on a page. If you want a chance to win both of the new template sets just enter the giveaway form below. I'll be picking the winner at midnight on Wednesday night right before the release.

Here are a couple of other things you might want to know about! I have a free template and challenge going on over at Mouse Scrappers.  Go on over there to grab the template and play along.

I also just updated my facebook freebie with a new template. It coordinates with a set of free templates you'll be able to grab through the Scrap Orchard Newsletter. I'm a featured designer for the next couple of weeks. Make sure you subscribe to their newsletter, you'll get a couple of more free templates and you'll get to know a little bit more about me. Just click on the link to be taken to the freebie page.

Here's an extra little sneak peek of what I'm releasing on Thursday. We had a great weekend celebrating Father's Day and I've already scrapped about it using my up and coming templates!

I used the I Heart Dad collab by Amanda Heimann and Dream Big Designs

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June 14, 2013

Great Fortune Awaits Collab + 2 More

Liz has three new releases this week! A collab with Meredith Cardall, some stencils, and a Recyclable collection.  All of these new releases are 20% OFF through 6/20/2013

First up is Great Fortune Awaits - The Templates. These are China inspired designs with lanterns, fans, blossoms, and architectural silhouettes.

Here is Meredith's coordinating kit Good Fortune Awaits, which is perfect for scrapping with these templates.

Next are Chopped Masks. These are stencil style clipping masks for adding texture and dimension to your pages or for creating a cutout look to your papers. They would be great used with paint splatters!

Finally, Recyclables 22 is a great assortment of templates with designs ranging from very traditional blocked placement to more playful geometric arrangements. This set contains past freebies and challenge prizes.

Here are some lovely examples from the team.

Thanks for stopping by, and have a great weekend!

June 13, 2013

Week 23 - My Instagram Project

Weekly Project Templates 6 by Scrapping with Liz, Capture Life: June by Tracie Stroud, and CU Transparent Epoxy  Styles by Chelle's Creations.
You know what I love about this project? I love that I'm getting pictures scrapped every week. I've been a little bummed that I haven't scrapped any of my other photos for awhile (there just hasn't been time) but I'm so glad that at least I'm getting a glimpse of our life down on a page each week, even if it is the only page. The other photos will have to come later.

This week consisted of teaching my 5 year old to ride her bike, a camping trip and some around the house stuff. So glad I have a bit of our camping trip scrapped already!

So, let's think positive. What are you happy that you've done when it comes to memory keeping? Is it organizing your photos, printing, scrapping a page...or maybe it's just that you've taken photos. There's always something to be positive about!


June 12, 2013

Layer Styles for Titles

In case you haven't noticed I am a fan of using quick tricks to add titles to my digital scrapbook pages and one of those tricks is using custom layer styles. All you have to do is find a font you want to use, type your title and apply the layer style. You can always tweak the layer style to fit your page and your font.

I was so excited when Chelle released some layer styles in her store. I snagged them up immediately.

I've already used them on my latest instagram page.

Here are my tips on using Styles for titles:

1. Pick a thicker font. Most likely the style will look more realistic and need less tweaking. I've recently started a Fonts Board on Pinterest, be sure to follow it to find some free fonts!

2. Complete your page (or at least have your scrapbook paper behind the title) so that you know what the style will look like over the paper and elements.

3. Tweak your style after it's applied to your title by double clicking on the layer. Your layers palette will open and you can tweak all the different styles: Drop Shadow, Inner Shadow, Bevel and Emboss, etc... Just play around with it until you like it. (I'm using CS3, not sure if this works in Elements) 

If you need to know how to install them I found this great tutorial over on Tutorial 9. They even have some tips on tweaking custom styles and there are some free downloads if you just want to get the hang of using custom styles before you purchase anything.

I guess I should mention that custom layer styles aren't only for titles. They can be used on paper layers as well. I've used them to make little epoxy buttons on my pages too. So many possibilities!


June 10, 2013

GSO - Vote and Win!

It's Tracy here and its time for the May GSO!  I don't know what type of showers bring about scrap kit flowers but this month's nominees have some beautiful flowers that are only out shined by the layouts themselves!  Make sure to vote for your favorite, HERE, by this Friday the 14th. You will receive a 30% off coupon to Liz's store* and you will be entered into a drawing, where one lucky voter will win $5 to Liz's store! Drum roll please, the nominees are...

Layout: La Gonzalo by roxanamdm

Template: Label Templates 

Reasons CTM Loves: "Loving all the layers in this beautiful spring layout that shouts fresh, happy and boy! The grass "splatter" is a wonderful add and it just makes me smile and want to garden."

Layout: The Story by Carrie (wxgirl)

Template: Photo Journal Templates 1

Reasons CTM Loves: "The combination of pink and orange is very pretty and the photo treatment pairs beautifully with the colors.  A wonderful use of the template that draws you in to read all the journaling!" 

Layout: Boys Will Be Boys by Sharon (shazzabess)

Template: Fun with Chevrons Templates

Reasons CTM Loves: "The black and white photo on the right and the color photo on the left with the chevrons pointing to them really made this page stand out. The depth of her shadows make you want to reach out and touch the page."

Layout: Untitled by Jen (momof2greatcats)

Template: Recyclables 9

Reasons CTM Loves: "I love the photography and the small photos layered on top of the large photo. Plus, it's about chocolate!"

Sneak Peek & Giveaway x 3!

I don't know if you all noticed but last week I didn't release anything. Summer has been catching up with me! We went on a family camping trip this weekend and I was still catching up from our trip to Dollywood. Now I'm catching up from a weekend of camping with 4 kids!

Thankfully I had some goodies ready for you before I went camping. I have 3 new products that will release this Thursday. I think there's a little something for everyone. So be sure to enter the giveaway below and come back Thursday to check out the new stuff.

Since I haven't had time to scrap any of our summertime activities I thought I would share one of my fave camping trip photos. It's not the best when it comes to composition or sharpness....BUT there are so many memories in this one little photo and I can't wait to scrap it.

All 4 of my girls trying to get a drink from the water fountain at one time! They thought it was so fun.
Hope you all are having a wonderful summer!

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June 6, 2013

Week 22 & Capture Life: June Giveaway!

Weekly Project Templates 6 by Scrapping with Liz, Capture Life: May by Tracie Stroud Designs, Into the Woodland Alpha by Tinkled Pink Studio and CU Transparent Epoxy Styles {primary} by Chelle's Creations
I love this week's page because it pretty much says that Summer has started at our house. Picnics, parks, pool time, gardens, cousins and bike riding! Love it! I do have a confession to make this week. Two of my pictures were taken with my camera, not my phone. Can you guess which ones they are? I had my camera on me and ended up not taking a photo with my phone those days (mainly because I knew I had already capture the day with my camera). I think that's okay long as I get a photo a day.

Now on to this month's giveaway. It's time to start scrapping those June pictures so I'm on to using Tracie Stroud's Capture Life: June kit. Isn't it so much fun? She's been so generous this year and is giving away one of her kits each month and giving my readers a 25% off coupon!

If you want a chance to win this kit just enter the giveaway below. I'll be announcing the winner Saturday night.

Here's a code to grab it at 25% off just in case you are not the winner.


Expires June 30, 2013

Hope you all have a lovely week. Don't forget to capture all those summer memories!

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