May 30, 2014

Daily Life Week 21: Free Food, Free Time and Lots of Kids

Daily Life Templates 6 by Scrapping with Liz
Life's a Beautiful Ride by Tickled Pink Studio
Week 21 of 2014, what can I say? It was filled with kids, lots of 'em. It was a busy week that flew by, which I'm glad for. I'm still counting down the weeks until we get our son, and it's nice to have a week that goes by fast. You can read more about Week 21 below in the journaling from my page.

Photography Tip: Be like my husband. Notice the two pictures on the right of my page that are taken from above and show lots of people (kids to be exact) in the picture? My hubby took those with his phone. He always takes pictures from interesting angles, angles I wouldn't necessarily think of trying. I'm more about the close up. It's just easier for me. I don't have to go stand on top of chairs...or tables. I chose to use those two photos this week because it really captured our week. There were kids everywhere...I'm still recovering.

Scrapbook Tip: I've shared these before, but they are good to remember, and I used them this week. Add some journaling to the top of your photos if you want a little more detail, and make sure to include photos of yourself. I'm not sure that that bowling photo is the most flattering, but I know Lydia will enjoy seeing it when she's older.

Daily Life Templates 6 by Scrapping with Liz
Life's a Beautiful Ride by Tickled Pink Studio
Journaling: This week started out great and ended even greater. After church we went out for lunch. When we went to pay we found out that someone had already paid for our meal! We asked our server, and she said it was an elderly couple. We figured it was the couple who stopped by and told us our family was beautiful. What a blessing.    Since we are doing “summer school” we have a little more free time. We’ve been going up to the greenway for a walk/run every morning. We’ve discovered a family of geese. The goslings are so cute. I told the girls we could come up every couple days during the summer and watch them grow. We invited their cousin to come one morning. We’ve also been doing some more baking and of course more rainbow looming! Thursday through Saturday we took on 3 extra kids. Kyla had fun playing with her friend at the park. She enjoyed having a little 2 year old to do everything with.
Daily Life Templates 6 by Scrapping with Liz
Life's a Beautiful Ride by Tickled Pink Studio
Journaling: We invited the cousins over on Friday night. What’s a few more kids, right? We had pizza, played games and watched a movie. On Saturday we took everyone bowling. It was Lydia’s first time bowling. Ashlyn loved having another little girl around. She’s going to make a great mommy one day! It was fun having extra kids in the house (including a couple of boys), but I’m glad to be back to our small family of 6.....although I really can’t wait until we are a family of 7.

And last but not least here is your Daily Life Journal Card for the week. Just click on the image to download.


May 29, 2014

Big Photo & Photo and Strips Templates

Liz has two new products today.  I've been too busy to scrap lately, but I've been drooling over the CT examples for these new templates. Be sure to check out the CT examples at the end.

Big Photo Templates has a mix of single and multi-photo designs, all with a large focus picture spot. You can journal on strips or journal over your photo, or just leave out the journaling all together. Liz often puts date tabs on her templates, and each of these has that. I love that for helping me to remember to date my pages. Big Photo Templates are 20% off through June 5, 2014.

Photo and Strips Templates are full-page blocked designs. These are decorated with paper strips, so they are really fun for using all those papers in your kits. Photo and Strips Templates are 20% off through June 5, 2014.

The winner from Monday's giveway is.....Anna! Congratulations, Anna, you won both of my new template sets, Big Photo Templates and Photo and Strips Templates.

See you all tomorrow for Liz's Daily Life page and her FREE journal card template.

May 28, 2014

May Page Review

Here's a little recap of my May scrapping. First off, I finished my 2012 Album!!! I cranked out the pages, along with a friend's help. I ordered a Blurb book, and I'll be sharing it with you soon. The first pages you'll see here are the 2012 pages I finished up along with my cover page. I also scrapped one last page to put in my 2010 album (finally!), a page for Matthew and a Mother's Day 2014 page. I'm pretty happy with my scrapping this month. Take a look:

Title Page Templates by Scrapping with Liz
Everyday Snippets #3 by Createwings Designs

Journal That Templates by Scrapping with Liz
Family Matters by WMSquared

Remember That Templates 3 by Scrapping with Liz
#soselfie Art Papers by Meredith Cardall
#soselfie Mini-Kit by Meredith Cardall
#soselfie Mini-Kit by Kristin Aagard

Recyclables 30 by Scrapping with Liz
Unconditional Elements by Bella Gypsy
Unconditional Papers by Bella Gypsy

Photo Show Templates by Scrapping with Liz
#soselfie Art Papers by Meredith Cardall
#soselfie Mini-Kit by Meredith Cardall
#soselfie Mini-Kit by Kristin Aagard

Photo Show Templates by Scrapping with Liz
Christmas Jammies by Down This Road Designs

Photo Show Templates by Scrapping with Liz
Christmas Jammies by Down This Road Designs

Journal That Templates by Scrapping with Liz
Silent Night by Kristin Aagard

Artsy Journal Templates 5 by Scrapping with Liz
Incredible You by Megan Turnidge Designs

Artsy Journal Templates by Scrapping with Liz
I Heart Mom by Dream Big Designs and AH Designs

May 23, 2014

Daily Life Week 20: Not Normal

Daily Life Templates 5 by Scrapping with Liz
#inspiredlife {Kit} by Createwings Designs
Everyday Snippets Issue #3 by Createwings Designs
This week wasn't a normal week. We had family visit so we took a little break from school and enjoyed time with family. Most of the pics on my Week 20 page are of our fun activities with just a few normal things thrown in. Sometimes it's nice to do a little something different. You can read more about it below.

Photography Tip: I think I'll just remind you of a tip I posted before...seeing as how I fall back on this tip each week. Don't feel like you have to add perfect photos. That photo of me up top isn't really that great of a photo, but it shows what I do (the family picture taker). That photo at the bottom of all the girls sleeping in the tent was a pretty bad photo. It was taken with a phone in a dark room. I converted it to black and white and it looks half way decent. It's okay to add not-so-good photos. I promise your kids won't notice.

Scrapbook Tip: The last two weeks you'll notice that I've used the same kits from Creatwings Designs. I've been really drawn to those kits. I think it's because the bright colors always go with my it's a gorgeous kit. I've found that my scrapping goes quicker when I scrap with a kit I've used several times. I know just what is in the kit and I tend to already know what I want to use on the page. It makes my scrapping a breeze. If you've found that perfect kit make sure you use it over and over again. It'll make everything a lot easier.

Daily Life Templates 5 by Scrapping with Liz
#inspiredlife {Kit} by Createwings Designs
Everyday Snippets Issue #3 by Createwings Designs
Journaling: Uncle CJ and Aunt Shannon came for a visit this week. On Sunday we took them on a drive up to Highlands. We saw all the beautiful waterfalls and then hiked Whiteside Mountain in Cashiers.

Daily Life Templates 5 by Scrapping with Liz
#inspiredlife {Kit} by Createwings Designs
Everyday Snippets Issue #3 by Createwings Designs

Journaling: On Monday we went to Cherokee and played in the water and the bamboo forest. Shawn also captured a pic of me with my camera....I thought I should include it in this week’s page because it’s what I do!

I captured this pic of Emmie reading in Matthew’s room. It’s her favorite place to stow away and read. On Friday night we let the girls camp out down stairs under their tent. I don’t know how they all fit in there to sleep! And we had more fun playing in the sprinkler.

And as usual, here's your free Daily Life Journal Card this week. It's perfect for clipping a photo to and adding a little journaling about the photo. Just click on the photo to download.


May 22, 2014

Daily Life 6 and Photo Chop Journal Card Templates

Liz has double page templates and journal card templates for you this week!

Daily Life Templates 6 are new in this product line for scrapping your everyday details. Each spread has about 7-10 photo spots and just a hint of decoration. This set has some diamond clipping masks. If you aren't working on a year long project, these templates are still a great go-to resource. These are 20% off through May 29, 2014. 

If you are pocket scrapping this year, Photo Chop Journal Card Templates are a fun option for making some small photo collages. These have some playful angles and shapes. You can also drop them into a regular page for a unique photo treatment. Each collage pattern comes in 4x6, 3x4 and 4x4 inch sizes. These are 20% off through May 29, 2014.

And the winner of my new releases, from Monday's giveaway, is Rachel S. Congrats!
Make sure to come back tomorrow to check out Liz's Daily Life page and to snag the free journal card template.

May 21, 2014

Guest Book Inspiration

Recently I released a set of Guest Book templates inspired by one of my Creative Team members, Jenn.

You can read about her guest book and see some of her pages over on Chelle's blog. Another one of my team members, Dawn, had a great idea to use these templates and make a guest book for her child's school.

It got me to thinking about some other ways these could be used. I asked my team for some input too.

Here's a list of what we came up with:
-A guest book for your kids: Sleep Over and Play Dates
-Special Birthday Parties
-Retirement Parties
-Moving Away or House Warming
-New Years Resolutions: They have to record a resolution.
-Family Reunions
-Vacation Journal
-Baby Shower
-Wedding Shower
-House Guest Book

Ever since I created these templates I've been wanting to make a Guest Book for our house.  I really need to work on that!

Do you have any other ideas for these templates that I should add to my list?

May 20, 2014

GSO Winner!

Please join me and congratulating Melscrap on winning this month’s GSO!

She competed against some beautiful competition but her Hamster layout was voted best! We love this layout using the Recyclables 31 Templates because of its bright bold colors and because it is a great everyday life page with a funny kid-speak quotation. ADORABLE!

Visit Melscrap's gallery here to leave her some 'love' on this colorful and happy layout.

Thank you to all you voters! Random-dot-org selected number 4, Danka_Doo, as the winner of $5 to Liz's store in the Vote and Win drawing!

May 17, 2014

My Mother's Day and a Look Back

Artsy Journal Templates by Scrapping with Liz
I Heart Mom by Big Dream Designs and AH Designs

It seems to be tradition for me to scrap about my Mother's Day almost immediately after it happens. I'm not sure why that is since there are many photos that wait years to be scrapped. Maybe because on Mother's Day I'm reminded of how blessed I am, and I want to remember that always.

This year was like most others except that we had company from out of town. I still got a hole handful of homemade cards, and we still went on a family hike. You can read about it in the page above.

We hiked a trail we've hiked many times before, Whiteside Mountain in Cashiers, NC. It's a 2 mile, beautiful round trip hike that is totally doable with our kids' ages. I'll admit that some of the cliff edges make me nervous, but there is a rope fence near the really steep sides. I'm pretty sure I said stay away from the edge a gazillion times.

We took a picture of  the girls on the same rock they stood on 2 years ago. I vividly remember hiking this trail in 2012 and thinking about how we would have to come back when Lydia was home so that she could hike it with us. Two years and we finally got back! And this time I said, "Next time we come, Matthew will be in the picture!"

And here's a picture of the girls and I. I love to see how the girls have grown over the last two years. We've had lots of growth spurts around here. I also thought it was funny that I was wearing the same blue tank top. What can I say? That blue tank top has been with me everywhere. I still like my 2012 hair better than my 2014 hair...but it's slowly growing back. Enough about me. I also can't wait to see a little boy in with all of those girls! By the way both of the pictures on the left were taken with my phone. It looked like rain, and I didn't want to chance taking my dslr.

And just for fun I found some of my older Mother's Day pages.


Hey Girl by Laura Banasiak
Recyclables 10


Read more about these pages here.
Next year will be even better!

May 16, 2014

Week 19: A Lot of Fun

Daily Life Templates 5 by Scrapping with Liz
#inspiredlife {Kit} by Createwings Designs
Everyday Snippets Issue #3 by Createwings Designs
Week 19 was a lot of fun. We had some fun homeschool events, lots of playing outside, reading (always reading), and fort making. I'll let you read more below.

Scrapping Tip: We had family come to visit this week, and that means I'm running a little behind on my scrapping work. In order to get this page done I had to scrap it really fast. So, I just have one tip for you this week. Just do it! Sit down for 30 minutes at your computer and scrap your page. Don't worry about playing with the shadows or adding a bunch of fancy elements. Put your photos on the template, add your paper, add a couple elements and some journaling and you are done. I'm so happy to say, that even after a super busy week, that I have Week 19 done! There will be a time to sit down, relax and scrap, but that was not this week.

Daily Life Templates 5 by Scrapping with Liz
#inspiredlife {Kit} by Createwings Designs
Everyday Snippets Issue #3 by Createwings Designs
 Journaling: We’ll start with the picture to the left. Kyla wrote a book, and Daddy read it one night to the girls. It got a lot of laughs! I love these people. To the top left you’ll see a tent the girls made in the dining room on a very rainy Saturday afternoon. At the top you’ll see the girls and Katie dancing to addition songs. To the right you’ll see pics from co-op activities. We had our first spelling bee and all the kids did great. Ashlyn got 1st place! She’d been studying very hard. We were all proud of her. Then we ran a 5K to support our local Pregnancy Care Center. We had been practicing for the last couple of months. The kids worked hard and they did great. Ashlyn beat her last 5K time by 4 minutes, and it was Kyla’s first 5K.  I love my runners. 

Daily Life Templates 5 by Scrapping with Liz
#inspiredlife {Kit} by Createwings Designs
Everyday Snippets Issue #3 by Createwings Designs
 Journaling: This was the first week we got the sprinkler out. The girls played for hours outside. Emmie has been reading to Lydia at night. It’s so sweet. I had to capture it!

Don't forget your Daily Life Journal Card 19!

Here's to hoping next week is a little more relaxing...although I really enjoyed having family here.

May 15, 2014

Blocks of Fun Templates and Journal Cards

Liz has two new releases, both focusing on photo collages. First, Blocks of Fun Templates have photo collages in the background with a single focus photo on top. They would be perfect for scrapping a special event, scrapping your travels, or even for making an album cover. Blocks of Fun Templates are 20% off through May 22, 2014. 

For those of you creating pocket albums, Blocks of Fun Journal Card Templates are perfect for making little photo collages to slip into your pockets. This set comes with three sizes: 4x4, 4x6 and 4x3 inches. Blocks of Fun Journal Card Templates are 20% off through May 22, 2014.

The winner from Monday's giveaway is Sidorova. Congratulations!

Make sure to check back tomorrow because I'll have a free journal card template on my blog and always come back on Monday because there will be another sneak peek and giveaway.


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