Week 40: Sparklers, Tea Time & Food

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Are we really already through Week 40 of 2014? That means we only have about 12 weeks to go! How are you doing on your scrapping challenges? I think maybe I've gotten over the hump and now I can finish strong. Don't worry if you are behind, just keep going. That's my motto.

Take a closer look at my Week 40 page (if you want to), and be sure to grab the free journal card template below.

Journaling: We found a stash of sparklers. Matthew wasn’t too sure about them, but we convinced him that it was safe....and then he loved it!
   Ashlyn and Emmie signed up to cook dinner for Wednesday night church. They picked the meal (chili) and cooked it all by themselves. It was a big hit. 
   I walked by Lydia and Emmie’s room one night and saw this happening. A tea party with all the kids. Definitely photo worthy. I don’t ever want to forget moments like this.

Journaling: The picture on the couch was taken one day right after we went to the library. The kids love to browse through all of their ‘new’ books when we get home. I just love this picture of Matthew and Lydia ‘reading’. 
   We eat around the dinner table every night (except Wednesdays at church). It’s one of my favorite times of the day. We get to sit down together, go over our day....and usually we have a lot of good laughs.
   I snapped this picture of Kyla climbing the ropes at NVG. Our co-op held a gym day for all the homeschoolers.

And here's your freebie:

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