January 16, 2015

2015: Week 1 is Done!

My Life Templates by Scrapping with Liz
Life's Little Moments by Hat of Bunny
I love the style of my 2014 Album, and I debated using those templates again. I decided I needed to try something fresh and new for 2015. Plus, according to a lot of you, you wanted more Project Life style templates. You asked, I my own SwL Style, and I decided I should try scrapping with them too.

After scrapping this week's page I'm so glad that I'm embracing this new style (did I mention I also had a lot of fun making these templates?!). These templates were super quick and easy to use, I can fit a lot more photos on these pages, there's a handy QR code spot, it could look great with a lot or a little bit of elements, and I can easily use those fun journal cards that are out there. Oh, and I love that it's easy to add little bits of journaling all over the page.

I honestly love it.

I did have to change up one spot on the template because the photo didn't fit quite right. See that food photo on the top left? I use the move tool to squeeze that clipping mask to make it landscape and then I duplicated it to make a second clipping mask. I took that second spot and sort of made my own journal card looking spot with paper and word art. Easy-peasy.

To sum it up: I love the templates and I love my 1st 2015 weekly page.

My Life Templates by Scrapping with Liz
Life's Little Moments by Hat of Bunny

My Life Templates by Scrapping with Liz
Life's Little Moments by Hat of Bunny
What are your plans for 2015 album?



Jenny said...

Looks good! :) I wrote a blog post about my plans for 2015. I said I was probably not going to be sharing my pages (in an effort to stay caught up), but I think I might do one post a month and share 4 weeks at a time. We'll see... :) Here's the post:

Jenny said...

Sorry, forgot to make it a link. :) Here it is again: Project Life | Finishing 2014 and Plans for 2015

Liz said...

Jenny - I read your post the other day. I do hope you share your pages every month! I love them.

Jenny said...

Thanks! :)

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