Pages Scrapped in 2014

Last year I shared how many page I had scrapped in 2013. I thought it might be fun to look back and see how 2014 compared to 2013.

Before I put together my graphic I thought I had 2014 in the bag. I figured since I scrapped a double pager each week and scrapped an extra 20 page vacation album that I would have far surpassed 2014. Boy was I wrong.

Take a look.

That's a difference of 37 pages. What happened? I think I know. It's called adding a 5th child to the mix (a boy to be exact - I have a lot to learn!), learning a new language, homeschooling and running a business. But it's all good. I wouldn't change any of those things just to scrap a few more pages.

Like I said last year, it's not about what I didn't accomplish but what I did accomplish. I finished my 2014 Daily Life Album, an extra vacation album and many other pages to other albums. I actually feel pretty good about that.

What DID you accomplish last year?


meagan43 said...

It is awesome that you know precisely how many pages that you scrapped. Mine are not so easy to count. However, that being said, I was able to print 2 Disney albums and give them as presents. That being said, in my "export" file, I have 305 items. Those are usually things that I have created (some cards, some siggys, mostly pages) to share on-line. I don't share everything that I create, but I think that is a good jumping off number. I think that I averaged 15 layouts a month.

Unknown said...

That's cool, I just started digiscrapping last February, so all the layouts I have are from 2014. My folder has 130 in it right now. I know there are a few strays that probably didn't make it there yet, but I'm sort of excited about that number. Especially since I haven't gotten any traditional scrapping done since my middle son was born almost 6 years ago. The digital is so much easier than getting out all the paper and supplies for traditional scrapping. I have actually done a couple traditional pages as well this year too, just because the digital has sparked my creativity enough to occasionally attempt a traditional page. The problem is when I pull all that out, my boys always want to join me - and of course they like my good, expensive supplies over their dollar stuff. :) I thought I would aim big this year and try for a page a day - we shall see how it goes. I have so many photos to catch up on I would have enough material to scrap about - it's finding the time that's a challenge. :)

Chippi -Christie- said...

Nice job on the pages Liz! Just curious, how many have you gotten printed? I know you have tended to get whole books printed in the past. I got a grand total of 2 (yes, two!) printed by my mum on her snazzy new printer. But I just found out that I won the SO Challenge Persnickety Prints prize, so I can add a few more to that total soon!

My numbers are pretty sad this for 2014 compared to 2013... my totals are:
2014 - 42 pages
2013 - 125 pages
Not sure what happened in 2014, I had almost 3 months off in the middle for whatever reasons, and I also had my trip to the US for a month, but I would have thought that would really make me want to scrap.
Oh well, it is a new year, and I will have a new baby soon, so I'm sure while he is sleeping I will get some scrapping done, because let's face it, newborns are the most fun to scrap about, lol!

Liz said...

Meagan - Wow! That's a great number.

Hannah - I know I didn't scrapbook that many my first year of digital scrapbooking. That is so great. And I agree digital is so much easier....and finding time is the biggest challenge

Chippi - I just ordered my 2014 book which had a total of 105 pages. Then I ordered my Chattanooga Album earlier this year which was 20 pages. I haven't printed any of the other pages yet. My next album to be printed (hopefully) will be Matthew's.
This year's album I will be printing out the pages throughout the year instead of ordering one whole album at the end. Little baby faces are the best!

LBickford said...

I like how you have those listed out! I keep an excel spreadsheet. I am thrilled to report I scrapped 437 pages in 2014! I'll be printing (and have already printed many) of them, as they are all ongoing projects, including my chronological books. For 2015 I have already scrapped 28 layouts!

Liz said...

That's an amazing way to start the year, Lori!

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