May 30, 2015

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April SO Blog Template by Scrapping with Liz
Beautiful Days Elements by LaBelle Vie Designs
Beautiful Days Papers by LaBelle Vie Designs
Beautiful Days Solids by LaBelle Vie Designs

I took a little time to scrap last weekend. I started 5 pages on Matthew's Album and finished up three of them. I still have two to go. Maybe I'll work on those this weekend. I actually joined in on some challenges over at Scrap Orchard to give me a little creative push to get these done. It was a lot of fun.

In Quotes Templates by Scrapping with Liz
Check it Out by Bella Gypsy

Pajama Party Templates - Previous Freebie that will be released in the store soon!
Imperial Palace by Dream Big Designs
Hopefully I'll be back next week with more pages to show you.

May 29, 2015

Week 20: Go Play Outside

My Life Templates 5 by Scrapping with Liz
Everyday Life May Bundle by Juno Designs
This week was filled with a lot of outdoor adventure...along with the daily grind of school work, music practice and daily chores.

Take a closer look below.
My Life Templates 5 by Scrapping with Liz
Everyday Life May Bundle by Juno Designs

My Life Templates 5 by Scrapping with Liz
Everyday Life May Bundle by Juno Designs
I also scrapped the May page in the 2016 calendar I am making for my mom. I seriously can't wait to print this album and give it to her. If you haven't joined in on the challenge there's still time, and you'll have a 2016 album ready to print at the end of the year!

2016 Calendar Template 5 by Scrapping with Liz
Everyday Life May Bundle by Juno Designs

May 28, 2015

May in Review and My Life Templates 6

Today Liz has two new installments in some of her monthly product lines: weekly and monthly summaries. These new products are on sale, 20% off, through June 4, 2015.

May in Review Templates has two options for scrapping a double page monthly review. But you can also use them to scrap any large collection of photos from an event or holiday.

My Life Templates 6 is a new set of digital pocket style templates for scrapping your daily life.

And the winner from Monday's Giveaway is...Robin S. Congratulations!

May 25, 2015

Sneak Peek & Giveaway: Win 2 Sets!

I took a little break last week, but I'm back and at 'em this week. I'll be releasing two new template sets for you on Thursday. These are some of my faves since they are great for recording a BUNCH those everyday photos. If you want a chance to win them enter the giveaway below. I'll be announcing the winner on Thursday's blog post.

Hope you have a happy Monday.
-Liz a Rafflecopter giveaway

May 22, 2015

2015 Week 19: THE Week

My Life Templates 5 by Scrapping with Liz
Everyday Life May Bundle by Juno Designs
Week 19 might have just been one of the most exciting weeks of 2015 so far. We've anxiously waited since last November, when we decided to go the cochlear implant route with Matthew, for his activation day. That came this past week. While activation day might have been a little confusing for him (you can view it on the QR code), he has made HUGE strides this past week with it. It's amazing. I feel like I'm watching a miracle unfold right in front of my eyes. God is good. I'll be sharing more, I'm sure, with my weekly pages and blog posts on how things are going if you are interested.

Not only did Matthew have his CI activation, but we also watched the crew pour the foundation for our new house, there was a piano recital and the hubby and I got to go to a concert ALL BY OURSELVES! It was definitely memorable week.

Take a closer look if you want to. 

My Life Templates 5 by Scrapping with Liz
Everyday Life May Bundle by Juno Designs

My Life Templates 5 by Scrapping with Liz
Everyday Life May Bundle by Juno Designs


May 20, 2015

Don' Forget These 3 Things {FREEBIE to Help YOU!}

I'm no expert, but these are three things you probably will regret not including on your digital scrapbook page: date, people and place. And obviously pictures. Unless, of course, you're going for a photo-less page, and then that's just a whole new ball game. But we aren't talking about a ball game here, so let's get back to this list.

Always stick the date on there. Just type it up in the corner, doodle it around a picture, add it in with the journaling. Just somewhere. If you don't you'll be guessing what month or year that piano recital was. Believe me, I know!

Don't forget the names of people (I'm bad about this one).  You might know the person's name, but maybe your kids will want to know who it is, and you might not be around to tell them. Maybe you are scrapping their childhood friends or teachers, and you want them to remember those names through the years.

You probably also want to include the place. Where were you? Was it a special place, a favorite park, a friend's house? You'll especially want to include the specific place if you are on a road trip or vacation. It's amazing how many names of people and places you can forget over the years...or is that just me?

Here are a few freebies to help you make sure you can easily add the date, people and place to your page. Download and enjoy!


May 19, 2015

GSO - Winner!

Please join me and congratulating MsCarolina on winning this month’s GSO!

She competed against some lovely layouts but her Minnie layout was Hot Diggety Dog! We love this layout using the Recyclables 37 for its blacks and pinks with the pop of green from the leaves; plus those great photos.

Visit MsCarolina's gallery to leave her some 'love' on this adorable layout.

Thank you to all you voters! Random-dot-org selected number 18, gwtwred, as the winner of $5 to Liz's store in the Vote and Win drawing!

May 15, 2015

2015 Week 18

My Life Templates 5 by Scrapping with Liz
Everyday Life May Bundle by Juno Designs
It was an exhausting week so instead of chattering today I'm just going to share my pages from Week 18. Hope that's okay!

My Life Templates 5 by Scrapping with Liz
Everyday Life May Bundle by Juno Designs

My Life Templates 5 by Scrapping with Liz
Everyday Life May Bundle by Juno Designs

May 14, 2015

On the Road and Traveling the US Templates

Liz has some fun new travel templates in The Market! These new designs are perfect for road trips or plane trips, but I can also see them used for long distance love, moving to a new home, or for scrapping about you favorite places. You will find travel themed custom shapes in all of these templates. On the Road Templates and Traveling the US Templates are 20% off through May 21, 2015.

The winner from Monday's Giveaway is....Cindy J. Congratulations!

May 13, 2015

GSO - Vote and Win!

Tracy here and it's time for the April GSO! We have three fun layouts this month for you to choose from, so scroll on down and tell us the best!  Make sure to vote by Friday, May 15th, 11:59 pm ET for your favorite HERE. Just for voting you will receive a 30% off coupon to Liz's store and you will be entered into a drawing, where one lucky voter will win $5 to Liz's store! Drum roll please, the three nominees are...

Layout: On The Hunt by Happiness Is
Template: Remember That Templates 4
Reason CTM Loves: I love the block style and bright colors; the element placements are perfect!

Layout: Minnie by MsCarolina
Template: Recyclables 37
Reason CTM Loves: I love the blacks and pink with the pop of green from the leaves. Plus I like that it focuses on those great photos.

Layout: St Louis Zoo by Heatherdw
Template: Template Revisited #34
Reason CTM Loves: There is great flow across the page. The colors are beautiful - the blues and greens perfect for wildlife photography, but the softness of the colors is a bit unexpected for a Zoo page. I love the effect! And finally, the photos of the animals are amazing!

May 11, 2015

Sneak Peek & Giveaway: It's Travel Time!

If you are need of some travel type templates then search no further. I'm releasing two new sets that will surely help you with some of those road trips or vacations....or maybe they'll help you with those upcoming trips you might be taking this summer.

These are by far some of my favorite templates this year. They are just so fun. Maybe they are fun because I'm thinking of scrapping upcoming vacation pics with them (even though we have no vacation plans at all, but I can dream!).

If they look like something you could use enter the giveaway below. I'll be announcing the winner on Thursday's blog post.

Happy Monday!
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May 9, 2015

Just a Couple More Pages

In Quotes Templates by Scrapping with Liz
Imperial Palace by Dream Big Designs

Like I said, I participated in a couple of challenges this weekend. One page was for a fun challenge that Tiff hosted (the page above) and the other challenge was the MIS that Kimberley hosted. Both were a ton of fun, and thy helped me get a few more pages done for Matthew's album. If you haven't tried doing a scrapping challenge yet you should try it. It gets the creative juice flowing. You can find them in the Scrap Orchard forum, in my SwL Facebook Group and here on the blog every month.

In Quotes Templates by Scrapping with Liz
Imperial Palace by Dream Big Designs
Hoping to have some more pages to share with you next week.

May 8, 2015

Week 17: It almost didn't get done.

My Life Templates 4 by Scrapping with Liz
Everyday Life April Bundle by Juno Designs
Everyday Life March Alpha by Juno Designs
So, I always set aside Saturday night to do my weekly pages. Since it was iNSD this past weekend I decided to participate in some challenges going on at Scrap Orchard, and then I joined in on a chat at 10:00 to play Pictionary with my digi-friends. Before you knew it I was falling asleep at my computer. No problem. I'll scrap it on Sunday afternoon (my back up plan when I can't scrap on Saturday nights). Sunday afternoon rolls around, and It was so beautiful outside we just couldn't stay inside so we went on a family hike.  Got on my computer Sunday night and managed to place my pictures in my template, but I was so tired I had to go to bed  as soon as that was done (no more falling asleep at my computer). I got on my computer Monday night to finish up my page, and I realized I used some pictures from the wrong week. How does that even happen? Sleep deprivation. That's how. I managed to replace my pictures, add minimal elements and journaling and call it a page.

The page is done. But barely, I almost gave up.

My Life Templates 4 by Scrapping with Liz
Everyday Life April Bundle by Juno Designs
Everyday Life March Alpha by Juno Designs

My Life Templates 4 by Scrapping with Liz
Everyday Life April Bundle by Juno Designs
Everyday Life March Alpha by Juno Designs

May 7, 2015

Pregnancy and Wacky Templates

After an amazing iNSD, Liz is back with two new products for us. These are really fun sets, and they are 20% off through May 14, 2015.

My Pregnancy Templates is the perfect set to scrap your pregnancy journey: from your positive pregnancy test to your ultrasound pictures to you monthly or weekly baby bump photos.

Wacky Templates is a smaller set of two templates with a full-page mosaic design. These are perfect for scrapping a single photo with a lot of visual impact. There is a lot of fun paper play with all those little geometric shapes.

The winner from Monday's Giveaway is.....Sharon B. Congratulations!

May 6, 2015

Template-Trim-In-Half Technique

During iNSD one of my very creative team members, Tiff, came up with an awesome challenge that she hosted in my SwL Facebook group (you might want to join the group!). In fact, I thought it was so fun and unique that I wanted to share it with you here. It's a fun thing you can try any time.

She took a template and moved the background layer up somewhere into the middle of the template. You can see the template examples above. The left side is the whole template and the right side is with the background layer moved to a different spot. See how it just changes the whole template, but it still looks great.

Here's Tiffany's example. She used that bottom template on the example page above.
Recyclables 30 (the third example for the Template-Trim-In-Half)
Other digital products from Creashens (including Ombre Papers, Bloomers No. 3, Bare Necessities Stitches, Pillow Talk Kit, Early Morning Kit) and Karla Dudley (Giddy Cut Files 1)
Here's what I made with the same technique:
In Quotes Templates by Scrapping with Liz
Imperial Palace by Dream Big Designs

I used the template on the top left.

I love how this technique can really stretch your stash and make it go even further.
Give it a try and share your page with me here or join the facebook group and share there.

May 5, 2015

May Blog Challenge

Happy Cinco de Mayo!  Here in the desert southwest, Cinco de Mayo is a big deal with parades, mariachi music, parties, folk dancing, Mexican food and margaritas being common.  Many mistakenly believe that May 5th is Mexico's Independence Day, but it actually commemorates the Mexican army's unlikely victory over French forces at the Battle of Puebla in 1862.

Are you ready to celebrate digi-style?  Of course you are!  This month's challenge template is the perfect way to start.  So grab some chips and salsa and your favorite kit and scrap to your heart's content because this template is fun.


by Kimberley
using On The Road by Kristin Aagard + A Day Out - Road Trip by Bella Gypsy.  Font is Janda Scrapgirl Dots. 

by Donna
using Into The Woods by LJS Designs

I love the way Donna flipped it to make room for her portrait oriented photo.  Versatility really is one of the things I love about templates.  Flipping this way or that gives you a completely different look.  

Don't forget to enter the Rafflecopter drawing after you've left us a link for your layout in the comments.  You could be our lucky winner and find yourself shopping for free!  

Curious who won the April challenge?  Was it you?  It was if your name is Heather (heather_dw)!  Congratulations!  Thanks to everyone who played along.  

Happy Scrapping!


  • Use the featured template (above) to create a layout or hybrid project.  Feel free to modify the template but make certain we can still recognize it as a version of the original.  
  • Upload your completed layout to a gallery or  photo sharing site of your choice. 
  • If uploading to the ScrapPin gallery at Scrap Orchard please include the following in addition to your other hashtags:  #swlblogmay2015   (feel free to copy and past this hashtag)
  • Come back to this blog post and leave a comment with a link to your completed layout by May 31, 2015 and ENTER the Rafflecopter giveaway for your chance to win. Winners must provide a layout link in the comments section AND enter supply an email address in the Rafflecopter survey.  We never share your information.  
  • Winner of the $5 coupon will be chosen and announced the first Tuesday in June2015!  Non-winning participants will receive a participation prize so remember to leave us a way to reach you when you link your layouts.  Don't forget to watch your coupon expiration dates!

May 4, 2015

iNSD Might Be Over but.....

International Scrapbook Day is over and the $1.00 sale at Scrap Orchard is over, but that doesn't mean I have something fun coming for you this week! Take a peak and if it looks like something you might want to add to your digital scrapbook template stash than enter the giveaway below. And as usual I'll announce the winner on Thursday's blog post!

Hope you all had a fun weekend and have a new stash of digi-goodness to prove it.


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May 2, 2015

Finally Scrapping Matthew's Album Again!

Is this page too girly for a boy album? I don't know, but I like it.

Photo Mat Full Templates by Scrapping with Liz
 I Was Here by La Belle Vie Designs

It's been way too long. Between selling the house, moving into the rental house, and Matthew's surgery I've had to put scrapping Matthew's album aside. But now that we are settled into the rental and Matthew's surgery is behind us I feel like I'm getting back to normal. Sort of. I set aside some time this past weekend just to scrap. I found that I had already started these three pages. Remember my scrapping fast tips? Well, I had already placed all my photos on the pages. All I needed to do was add some paper, elements and journaling. They came together pretty quickly. I'm hoping to get back into the swing of things and get his album done soon.

I flipped this template on the side since my pictures were all vertical. It was perfect.

Photo Mat Full Templates by Scrapping with Liz
Alpha From 
 I Was Here by La Belle Vie Designs
Medic by Dream Big Designs
I started this pages with just my Photo Mats and felt like I needed a little something more so I added my Edge Templates and it was perfect.

Photo Mats by Scrapping with Liz
Edge Templates by Scrapping with Liz
At the Park by Chelle's Creations

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