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Typically I scrap my weekly double pages on the weekend, and if I have extra scrapping time I will work on Matthew's adoption album. This weekend I made two pages for Matthew's album, the July page for a 2016 Calendar I'm working on, and an extra (just for fun page) for a challenge over at Scrap Orchard. If you include my weekly double pager, I scrapped a total of 6 pages this past weekend. I'd say that's pretty good.

2016 Calendar Template 7 by Scrapping with Liz
Everyday Life August by Juno Designs
Everyday Life July by Juno Designs

Above is the July page for the 2016 Calendar. I'm loving Juno Design's Everyday Life kits for these calendars. And I just can't wait to print this calendar for my mom...I might even get one for myself.

Clean and Simple Templates by Scrapping with Liz
Best Place to Be by Juno Designs

To get these pages done for Matthew's Album I kept them nice and simple...which I always end up loving anyway. Plus, with these photos, especially the ones on the page at the top, I really wanted the focus to be on the photos themselves.

Clean and Simple Templates by Scrapping with Liz
Best Place to Be
 by Juno Designs

And this page was created for a fun challenge over at Scrap Orchard. We were supposed to scrap the top 5 of 2015 (so far). I thought it might be difficult at first, so many great memories this year, but once I started going through my pictures I knew instantly what I was going to choose.

Daily Life List Templates by Scrapping with Liz
Star Quality by Down this Road Designs

It was a great scrapping weekend. I sort of fit it in between all the normal weekend activities, but I mostly scrapped at night. I'm hoping this weekend will produce as many pages!

So, I'm curious. When do you mostly do your scrapping? Weekends, nights, mornings, in-between?

For me, it's almost always fitting it in around weekend activities. I just can't seem to squeeze it in during the week.



Jenny said...

You've been productive! :) I used to do a lot during my big boys' afternoon quiet time and at night after everyone else had gone to bed, but lately (with a newborn), I'm finding it difficult. It's hard to get it done in small chunks of time when I was accustomed to having a couple of hours uninterrupted. This week, I started making a to do list each morning, and I usually have 3 categories: Laundry, Computer, and Other. I try to have no more than 2 things in each category because I want to actually get them done, and more than that is just not going to happen. I always include a scrapbooking task in my computer time. It has helped me a lot to be focused on one thing (like editing photos for a specific week of Project Life). If I'm not distracted by a bunch of other stuff on my computer, then I can actually get something done in 20 minutes. :)

Chippi -Christie- said...

I am so jealous that you got 6 pages done over the weekend!! Earlier in the month I went to our annual scrapping retreat, and I got almost literally nothing done. All I did was upload photos from cameras to my computer. My little boy did NOT want to cooperate like his sister always did at our scrapping events. I must say I have gotten each of the two weekly challenges done for Iron Scrapper, so that was good.
I just love reading about your family. These pages about Matthew are so wonderful, you journal them so well, straight from your heart!

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