Adoramapix 12x18 Top Hanging Calendar Review

As you all know, I finished the 2016 Calendar I was making for my mom. I ordered a 12x18 Calendar from Adoramapix and I promised you all a review.

This was the photo you may have seen on my Instagram or SwL Facebook group the day I got it (taken with my phone). I was in the middle of cooking dinner when it arrived. I forced myself to wait until dinner was done before I opened it. I wanted to take my time looking at it. It was totally worth the wait.

Before I really start the print review I wanted to share how easy the upload and purchase was from Adoramapix. All you have to do is go to the website, scroll down where it says Customized Photo Calendars, and click on Create a Calendar. For the 12x18 size, you click on top hanging. Then click on Blank - Build Your Own and then click on Make Your Calendar. From there you just upload your pages and order. The top hanging fully customizable calendar comes with 12 pages plus a cover for $29.95. Shipping was $5.95. The total cost was $35.90. I'm sure I could have waited for a coupon, but I was on a time crunch. I ordered it on December 9th and received it on December 22nd as promised.

Here's the cover. I love it. I could just print it and frame it. On the front page, there is a white border all around the edge. There is no border on the inside pages.

One of the inside pages.

Here's the digi-page so you can compare colors. It prints true to color. You'll notice at the top you do have to watch for bleed. My heart is quite close to the top of the calendar and almost got chopped off. With my Calendar Templates you do not need to worry about bleed. They were all created with print cut-off in mind, just be careful how big your elements are at the top of the page. (BTW - my 2016 calendar set is retiring, but I have a brand new set planned for 2017!)

A close-up. I love how real digi can look.

My favorite page.

Another close-up.

The hanging part. It's spiral bound and hangs just like a typical calendar.

The pages were a little flimsy, and I think that was only because it was a full 12x18 page. It's quite big! It's not something you would want your small children flipping through, but it's perfect for hanging on the wall.

13 pages with a pretty heavy black back page.

And here it is hanging on my mom's wall.

A few other notes.

*My mom has not written on it yet. I think a fine tip black sharpie will work well, I'll keep you posted.
*Include QR codes. They are so fun. I put them on a few of my pages, and we had so much fun scanning them to find out what they were.
*On one of my pages I did a black calendar grid. It's going to be hard to write on that. Maybe a silver sharpie will work. I might avoid black next time.
*Oh and you have two paper choices (Canon HD Luster or Canon HD Glossy). I chose Luster because I wanted it to be not so glossy. I think it was perfect, with a little bit of shine, but I think you'll still be able to write on it.

I hope that helps anyone who is thinking of making a 12x18 calendar. What's great about these is you don't have to start it at the beginning of the year. Make one that starts in July if you want to. Make one for a gift for someone in the middle of the year!

Let me know if you have any other questions about this particular calendar and print and I'll try to answer them.



Jenny said...

What a wonderful gift for your mom! It looks great! :)

Robin said...

Now I can't wait for mine to come! I'm also so excited that you'll be doing a 2017 set. These really kept me up to date through the year and I actually got my calendar done.

DixieDoesPSP said...

Wow great job on the calendar and thanks so much for the review. I am sure your mother loves it!

Liz said...

Robin-I'm glad it helped you!

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