Matthew's Blurb Book

I finished up Matthew's Adoption Album a couple of months ago and ordered it through Blurb last month. After a little fiasco in shipping it finally made it here a month later. The fault wasn't Blurb's fault or really my fault. I think it was Paypal's. We recently moved and it seems like my address gets mixed up all the time now when I check out through Paypal. It shipped to my old house, went to the post office, and then got mailed back to Blurb and then finally back to us. I must say that Blurb's Customer Service was awesome. They helped me find out where my package was and immediately sent it back when they received it.

Matthew was over the moon excited to have a book all about him. He loved showing it to his sisters, and it was the first thing he showed Daddy when he got off work.

I've ordered Blurb books before. You can read about my first book hereLydia's Adoption Album here and my 2013 book here.

I was once again very happy with the book. Colors look great and quality is the same as before. I purchased a 12x12, 86 page, imagewrap (Matte casewrap with cover design printed directly on the cover)album with premium, lustre paper.

I always do the white border with the blurb book. That way I don't have to worry about anything getting cut off in the printing process. When you start working on putting together your book in Blurb you'll have to download BookWright, upload your pages and then start putting together your album. To get the white border I chose the full bleed option and then zoomed my page out to 70% to add the white border. I'm not sure if this is the best way to do it, but it worked for me. I seem to remember doing it a different way last time, but I couldn't figure it out.

The front page of the book is always grey. Not sure if I shared that in my other reviews. You can pay an extra $3 or so to get a different color.

86 pages.

Here's a side by side layout. With the white border you don't have to worry about anything missing in the seems.

How it lays.

Another side by side layout. I personally love the ones that "match".

I really loved this block style. And that glitter star looks so real close up! BTW - if you haven't started adding  QR codes to your pages you totally should. It was so fun going back and scanning the QR code and watching the videos.

Here's a side by side layout that doesn't match. It still looks great.

And I love that the bright colors look just like they did on my computer.

And this big photo, even though it was dark, still looks great. One thing I love about digi is that you can easily make your photos big on a page.

As far as cost goes this book cost me $66. The original price $101, I waited for a coupon and got 35% OFF! I recommend getting your book all uploaded and ready to print and then waiting for a good deal. I actually only waited 2 days for a coupon!



Diane said...

Your book looks awesome, Liz! I'm sure Matthew will treasure it always! One question--what is the QR code? I never heard of that.

Liz said...

I wrote a blog post about them last year.

I upload videos to youtube, make a QR code (explained in the blog post) and put them on my pages. Then you can use a QR scanner app on your smart phone, scan the video and watch it! It's pretty cool.

Unknown said...

That is sooooo amazing!! And what a great price for that many pages I think!

Julie B. said...

What program are you using to create the actual pages with the embellishments?

Liz said...

I use photoshop!

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