You Get Me-Hybrid Layout Tutorial on Filling Shapes

It's Katrina from Paper, Scissors and Glue here today to show you a tutorial on how to use the Scrapping with Liz templates in your Silhouette Studio software.  You will need the Designer Edition version software, because you need the ability to trace PNG files, which is what we will be working with.   Edited:  The original version of software will trace PNG files, but you do need the Designer Edition to do the fill patterns that is talked about!

Here's the layout I am going to show you how I put together completely in the software.  There are several different ways to use Liz's templates with actual paper products, not just digital ones!

Amber LaBau-My Tribe Kit
A Flair for Buttons-Flair Button
Enamel Dots-Freckled Fawn
Doily-American Crafts
Epson-Premium Presentation Paper
Adhesive-Therm O Web
Silhouette Cameo

Start by opening your PNGs in your Silhouette Studio software.  When I did this each PNG opened up in a new mat preview.  Which actually makes it easier to trace.  Then I copied them all over to one mat view, so that I could put my layout together.  Here is a screen shot of all of them moved over to one mat view.  Note, I had not traced these yet, just had them open.  But they are easier to trace when they are individual.
Place your PNG on your mat.  Then you are going to want to select the "TRACE" feature.  It is the sixth button from the top right edge of your software, it's highlighted in blue here.  The trace options will open up and you will want to click on "Select Trace Area".  This will allow  you to draw a box around your shape.  The box will be grey and you will be able to adjust the size to fit your shape. 

The "High Pass Filter" box will be checked, you need to uncheck it and moved the "Threshold" up to 100%.  When you do this it will fill in the shaped of the PNG a bright yellow.  You want to make sure the shape is completely filled in and then you will hit the "Trace Outer Edge" option.

Once you click the "trace outer edge" there will be red lines (or whatever color your cut lines are set to) appear around the edge of the shape.  If you look below, you will see once I moved my PNG shape out of the way I am left with the same shape with cut lines.  Woot, now the fun begins!!
Now, you can either cut the shape out of pattern paper, or you can fill it with patterns that are loaded into your software.  Don't worry, my next post will be on how to get those patterns into your software!  There are preset patterns in the software that you can play around with to get an idea of what to do.

If you select your shape and then select a pattern, your shape will fill with the chosen pattern.  You can just pick and choose until you find one that you like!  

I did the pattern filling with every shape that I traced, since I was using a digital kit.  This allows me to see if I like what I have created before printing.  I print each piece individually and then put the layout together by hand.  I place as many pieces on a 12x12 sheet as I can, to save on paper.  Or you can just cut the shapes out of actual paper that you have on hand!  I wanted to play with these patterns though, since I splurged and got a wide format printer.  

Now, you can print and cut these all in the Silhouette software, but I actually just printed and then used my trimmer and scissors to cut them. These were easy, straight lines, some of the other shapes it would be better to print and cut if you are using digital papers.  

Now the fun part for hybrid scrapping is actually putting the layout together with all the little details that you can add!  I did use the Print and Cut feature for elements of the digital kit I was playing with, but that's for another post!

I will be going into more details on how to incorporate Liz's templates into your own scrapping and hopefully maybe making you pull some paper out of your stash OR nudging you to step your toes into digital if you are a paper scrapper.  It's combining the best of both worlds for me!!  Thanks for stopping by the blog today!!!


Gemma* said...

Just a note, you can trace PNG files in the free edition of studio, but you need the designer edition for SVG files

Katrina Hunt said...

Thank Gemma for letting me know! I have only had the Designer Edition since I got my Cameo! I updated my post!

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