Month of Challenges - Week 3 Complete!

I made it through week 3...barely! I was behind by 4 pages, but now I'm caught up (well, except for today's challenge!).

Here's a quick re-cap of each challenge and my pages. *click on pages to get full credits

Day 14 was a Double Layout Challenge. Right up my alley. I scrapped a double pager of photos we took right after meeting Abi and Isaac. Boy have they changed in just a few months. Abi is all smiles and giggles now. Isaac still loves books and cars...but his China haircut is gone and he has a way to communicate now!

Left Page:

Right Page:

Day 15 was a Paper Blending Challenge. The challenge was to blend at least two papers together. I've never really done that before so it was something fun to try, and I'm sure I'll be doing it again.

Day 16 was a Photography Challenge. We were supposed to tell a story through photos. What do you think? Did I do a good job?

Day 17 was an inspiration challenge. We had a vintage type photo to go off of and we were to draw inspiration from that.

Day 18 was a scraplift challenge. We were to scraplift from the gallery of the person posting above us. It was fun browsing the gallery and choosing a layout to lift.

Day 19 was a list challenge. Make a list of 5 accomplishments from the last year. I'll admit, I probably would have never scrapped a page like this on my own. Afterward I was glad for the push. I just chose 5 random things as I went through my photos.

Day 20 was a photography challenge. We were supposed to scrap an imperfect photo. I was glad to do this challenge. I took so many photos of us eating in different restaurants while in China and most of them were not that great because of the poor lighting and moving children. I just decided I wasn't going to scrap them. This challenge gave me some inspiration to try and scrap them anyway, besides, they are moments I want to remember. So, who knows, maybe I'll do a another page with a compilation of all of my bad meal time photos.

That's it for this week. Let's see if I can make it through another one!


Chippi -Christie- said...

Oh I just love looking at your pages each week Liz! But then I forget to come ans comment, lol.
It is so amazing seeing how small the kids were just those few months ago and how much they have grown, both physically and with all the love you guys throw at them!!
Great pages. I especually love the perfectly imperfect page with the paint splat, goes perfectly with the photo.

Liz said...

Thanks! I've especially liked looking at your MOC pages this month.

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