Week 12: Walks, Birthday, Debate & More

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You know what I think I love most about having 7 kids ages 2-14? I get a variety of everything. From seeing the excitement of a 2 year old use the potty for the first time, watching a 7 and 9 year old develop a plan for a yarn maze and observing a 14 year old develop her debating skills. When I look at my page this week that is what I see. So many ages, so many exciting things happening for each one of them...and I get to watch it all happen. #soblessed

Here's the journaling on my pages. It's a little all over the place.
Left Page:
What a fun week. The top left photo is from a grocery store trip. I had 3 of my girls with me. We took lots of walks. It's been so nice outside. They always have to have their walking sticks. The kids made a yarn maze on the front porch. On Saturday we celebrated Matthew's 8th birthday with a baseball game with cousins & Oreo ice cream cake. The top right photo is from movie night. They are so cute on the couch all close together with their popcorn. Lydia, Abi and Isaac helped me make the cake for Matthew. They love to stir! 

Journaling on right page:
1. Ashlyn had her debate this week. She did so great. Much improved from the fall. I think she's getting the hang of it.
2.Lydia's been taking lessons for a couple months now. She's the first to practice every day.
3.Waiting at the orthodontist. Isaac enjoyed playing with the checker pieces while I did school work with Lydia.

That's it for this week!

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